Friday 19 February 2010

Collective nouns

Weekend diversion

Collectivism is in the air.
So a collective noun theme this weekend.

What is the correct term for a group of politicians? A stab of politicians? A trough? A Chump? A weasel?

Test your skill and ingenuity at finding the collective terms
for the following..

  • Politicians
  • G-20 members
  • Economists
  • Bankers
  • Environmentalists
  • Journalists
  • Quango members..

Your entries into the comments.

Note* All entries judged on a fair and equal basis by an independent and regulated body. We are an equal entry competition. Comments cost Op at peak rate and Op at all other times. Comments left from a mobile may be charged at the operators excessive rate. All prizes are non refundable and non exchangeable. Humor and information content may go down as well as up.

Its Bafta night so here are the winners of the Collective noun awards for the following categories.

Politicians - A Flush {Demetrius}
G-20 members - A Deficit{CU}
Economists - An Assumption {HG}
Bankers - A Wunch {Graeme + SL+ 007 1/2}
Environmentalists - A Hoax -Budgie {late entry}
Journalists - A Column {Janet Strugnel+ David}
Quango members - a Surplus { anon@9.30}

C@W would appreciate suitable Oscar winning style acceptance speeches from the deserved winners in the comments..


Old BE said...

A conspiracy of politicians
A calamity of G20 members
A hysteria of economists
A confusion of bankers
A self-righteousness of environmentalists
A fiction of journalists
An outrage of quango members

Steven_L said...

A Plague of Politicans
A Magnum of G-20 members
A Textbook of Economists
A Wunch of Bankers
A Cave of Environmentalists
A Culture of Journalists
A Revolving Door of Quango Members

View from the Solent said...

Just the one.

A wail of enviromentalists

Janet Strugnel said...

A waffle of Politicians
An indulgence of G-20 members
An augury of Economists
A bonus of Bankers
A welly of Environmentalists
A column of Journalists
A plethora Quango members..

CityUnslicker said...

here are a few, good post BQ;

A collection of economists; an apology (courtesy of Sandy Tosvig)

A collection of Quango members; Labour party alumni

An orgy of Journalists

an anorexia of enviromentalists or perhaps a limp of enviromentalists

A sham of bankers

A tautology of politicians

A deficit of G20 members

Unknown said...

A trough of Politicians
A cabal of G-20 members
A crystal ball of Economists
A wunch of Bankers
A greenhouse of Environmentalists
A cackle of Journalists
A robbery of Quango members

Ms S-J said...

An owl of Politicians
A deceit of Journalists
A hedge of Bankers
A tango of Quangos
A failure of economists
A melt of environmentalists
A troubling of G-20s

Steven_L said...

Maybe that should be a Colony of Journalists instead of a Culture.

Biology never was my strong point.

007and a half said...

Definitely a wunch of bankers.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

A dissemble of politicans
A trough of G20 members
A division of economists
A illusion of bankers
A congregation of environmentalists
A lickspittle of journalists
And finally... an adhesion of Quango members (since they leech of the rest of us)

Bill Quango MP said...

A Cabal of Bankers
A church of environmentalists
An Intrusion of journalist
A porcine of politicos
A viginti of G-20's
A bubble of economists
A surfeit of Quangos

Demetrius said...

A flush of politicians.
A gurgle of G-20 members.
An erection of economists
A rookery of bankers.
A wormery of environmentalists.
A jugful of journalists.
A quagmire of guango members.

hatfield girl said...

A Rogue of politicians

An Assumption of economists

A Resort of central bankers

A Retread of environmentalists

A Scoop of journalists

A Nomenclature of quango members

hatfield girl said...


A Gordon of G20 members

CityUnslicker said...

love the nomenclature of Quango members.

David said...

A lie of politicians
A summit of G-20 members
A basket of economists
A bail of bankers
A globe of environmentalists
A column of journalists
A fund of quangos

Bill Quango MP said...

A very high standard indeed. Some real gems.

I would judge the leading contenders so far as ....
{Try and imagine Jerry Hall hosting and all the fine entrants in a line,looking excitedly nervous, as the camera pans unnecessarily along, pausing for a few seconds at each one. Dramatic,tension 'Millionaire' style music dumdum s as each spotlight lit contestant bites a lip or wishes a hurried and insincere 'good-luck' to their neighbour.
The utterly fabricated tension has now reached an electric pitch...}

ITS Down to...!

* Politicians - A flush {Demetrius} + A conspiracy {BE}
* G-20 members - A deficit{CU} + A Magnum {steven L}
* Economists - Assumption {HG} + Augury {Janet S}
* Bankers - A Wunch {Graeme + SL+ 007 1/2} A bail {David}
* Environmentalists - A wail {VFTS} + limp {CU}
* Journalists - A column {Janet Strugnel}+ A deceit - {Ms S-J}
* Quango members..
A Nomenclature - HG A surfeit {BQ}

But lines are still open.
Keep sending in your texts...

Budgie said...

Slightly OT but there is the well known one:
Whats the difference between a non-exec director and a shopping trolley with a bent wheel? You fill them both with food and drink, but the shopping trolley has a mind of its own.

A Vacancy of non-execs
A Hoax of environmentalists
A Sleaze of politicians
A Plagiary of journalists
An Opinion of economists
A Bloat of quango members

Anonymous said...

There is only one word to describe them.

Anonymous said...

A hidden agenda of politicians
A conspiracy of G-20 members
A disagreement of economists
A stench of bankers
A warming of environmentalists
An exaggeration of journalists
A surfeit of quango members

anon@9.30 said...

* Politicians
an expense account of

* G-20 members
an irrelevance of

* Economists
since economics is not really a coherent science, there is no collective for this term.

* Bankers
a bonus of

* Environmentalists
a porridge of

* Journalists
lunch of

* Quango members..
a surplus of

James Higham said...

A Tyburn Hill swinging with ...

Sara said...

A lie of Politicians
An importance of G-20 members
A recession of Economists
A poverty of Bankers
A litter of Environmentalists/ A protection of Environmentalists
A sneak of Journalists
a half-and-half of quango members