Thursday 4 February 2010

Question Time. With Galloway and Short.

Question Time, the BBC's premier political debate programme comes from Coventry on Thursday 4 February.

The panel are the former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer, the shadow secretary of state for work and pensions Theresa May MP, the former Labour and now Independent MP Clare Short, the Respect MP George Galloway and the Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips.

BQ guess q's

1.Blair/Claire Chilcot special for posturing Galloway and Ms Short

2. Climategate emails and faulty data for melanie to froth over

3. Expenses for MPs

4.Toyota should recall all cars.

5. Defence budget cuts by the former Chancellor

John Terry if there is time.

Miss C.D.

1. Claire Short's testimony
2. Dementia care
3. MP expenses
4. Gilts/QE = end of recession
5. GP out of hours cover -

Pope's visit.

Your best 3 guesses in the comments.


Miss S-J said...

1* Chilcot
2* Expenses
3* AV conversion
4* Gilts
5* Body scanners

Nick Drew said...

hoping to break my duck, I reckon they'll go with:

1. is Cameron a lady freemason ?
2. will England whup Wales at Twickers on Saturday ?
3. is Trevor Eve worth £700 k ?
4. the bloke who built a castle hidden behind bales of straw

if time, something flippant like how come the lights will be going out in 2015?

James Higham said...

How about the lack of gold reserves currently in London but trading still goes on against them?

Anonymous said...

1. Does the panel agree that no one, apart from Melanie Philips, should ever be sent to prison?

2. Is it high time that the government stopped pandering to the right and spent another £200B on QE before May 6th.

3. Are US missionaries who traffic Haitian chldren racist paedophiles?

4. Is it time for us to stop persecuting our MP's and draw a line under the expenses story.

5. Should the government pass emergency legislation to put a stop to climate change denial.

Anonymous said...

Quantative Easing
Anglo French Army
Social Services
Bonus Comedy Question: Burkas

Bill Quango MP said...

1- Mps expenses. Galloway says too many MPs and hold an election-
Lord Faulconer thinks confidence is damaged but parliament is essentially uncorrupt- He deployed all the arguments in favour of ending investigations into MPs that BQ MP uses himself. "A small number of bad mps - all parties tarnished -long history of uncorrupted government in this country - flawed system - learned the lessons - reform - restore confidence - move on - draw a line..." glad to see that whips spin sheet still doing the rounds.

2- Was Cabinet misled on Iraq?
Claire says she was. Melanie Phillips says the people weren't.

3.John Terry! Hooray!

4.Right to die. Terry Pratchett.

No mention of Trevor Eve though.

Nick Drew said...

nul points again, I must try harder

Philipa said...

I thought Galloway was impressive. And Clare Short held her own though Lord Falconer was formiddable. He's quite a beastie.

Philipa said...

PS: Melanie Phillips is barking.

Botogol said...

On MPs expenses I found it quite surreal to be in violent agreement with George Galloway and Melanie Phillips at the same time.
The others still don't get it.

Galloway was excellent on Iraq when he pointed out that it was only because we knew they *didn't* have WMD that we were brave enough to invade them.

You can hardly blame Saddam for wanting WMD. He knew they were ultimately his only defence against the US.

hatfield girl said...

Botogol, you are right. We must have an independent nuclear deterrent as soon as possible.

Botogol said...

To protect ourselves against the Americans ?
I agree

Bill Quango MP said...

JH - you must add your guesses next week. I want to do a weekly league!
A tip is never guess a difficult economic question. QT never do them.

John East 1. Yes
2. No
3. I thought that myself but who knows...
4. No {except me..then yes}
5. You know, if they could..they would. That is kind of happening. BBC commissioned a poll to see if public thought climate change was real. Why did they do that suddenly?

Bill Quango MP said...

Miss S-J {is that you Sarah-Jane?}
2 hits. Body scanners and AV. Good guesses.

Anon: 2 hits . Well done. Its not as easy it looks.

Bill Quango MP said...

オテモヤン : really? I had no idea. Year of the goblin?

ND. I like the freemason story. Guido is doing his own Telegraph on that data. Tim Yeo didn't enjoy it much. Cameron won't like Mr F. on the outside of the tent.

Philipa: All were good really, except Phillips who is exactly as you say. The Mail is the last paper I choose from the news-stand.
If the NOTW was the other choice, NOTW wins.

Botogol: Know what you mean. But Galloway is a half-truth man {If that}

HG: What's the betting Trident is 'extended' rather than replaced?
Poor old RN having to sail in those subs until 2040.

This weeks winner. It was me.

Nick Drew said...

fix !

we know you have influence at the beeb

Unknown said...

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