Thursday 18 March 2010

BBC Question Time guesses..

This week, Question Time travels to Wythenshawe, Manchester where the panel includes Margaret Beckett, Andrew Lansley, Charles Kennedy, Caroline Lucas and David Starkey

From the 650 MPs the BBC seem to have a pool of about 12 that they use.
Has John Prescott or Dennis Skinner ever, ever been on?

1* BA / Unite should Charlie be allowed to fly the plane ?
2* Hostages. Should HMG pay up for the Chandler's?
3* As defence spending hasn't actually risen should GB go back for more questioning?
4* HMG borrowing may be lower than expected. Should the government continue spending up to its forecast ?
5* Pope visit. Should he be banned under the paedo laws?
6* Should all garden phosphates be banned?

Guess the questions. 6 guesses, bonus points for phrases used.


Botogol said...

- Unite and the BA strike - are we being terrorised by our unions. Summer of discontent.
- public sector: jobs and wages up, private sector down - how long can we go on like this?
- catholic church paedophiles (bonus for mentioning the facebook panic button. CRB checks for priests. Chuch above the law)
- Ashcroft again (even though done to death) Is it right for non-doms to be in house of lords?
- electric cars ... why doesn't govt should spend more on money on infrastructure and stuff
- should mephedrone be banned?

Miss CD said...

1- Unite and BA strike, Unite's power
2 - Ashcroft and Hague.
3- Drugs policy and Dr Nutt.
4- Electric cars, an investment opportunity
5 - deficit should be ignored.
6- Schools first aid procedures.No more regulation, more sense!

Nick Drew said...

OK this time I am trying to be scientific about it, let's look at the panel


an ugly spectacle


1) should Scotch whisky be taxed heavily in the Budget ? (or better still, the Scots ?)
2) should caravans be taxed heavily in the Budget ?
3) should the monasteries be heavily taxed in the Budget ? or even go the whole hog - dissolution!
4) should we really be trying to get 50% of school leavers into "uni" ?
5) should the PM be invited to 'clarify' every utterance he has made over the past 13 years ?

Bonus predictions
- Lansley to drop one of his celebrated gaffes
- Beckett's teeth to fall out
- Lucas to be wearing a seal fur wrap

Malcolm Tucker said...

Should Labour move closer to unions?
Public sector pay.
Cuts to MP numbers now many standing down.
Leaders wives.
Crime figures

Bill Quango MP said...

ND. I know they look like a set of comedy gnashers from the joke shop, but those are the Cheltenham faced one's own set of pearlies.

hatfield girl said...

Shouldn't be difficult to beat last week's mark, so:

Is Unite a proper recipient of tax money?

Abolish Ashcroft and all the rest of the Lords, but will this leave the Queen feeling isolated?

Should the clergy become more normal, marry, and stop wearing skirts?

Is the Pope avoiding the great marian shrines of England because he's currying favour?

Should universities charge the full cost of an undergraduate degree if they wish?

Are millions really withdrawn from the labour market or has the country grown a grey economy?

Miss SJ said...

1. BA strike
2. Sam Cam - Fair Sarh - Mrs Clegg
3. RBS bonuses + Stuart Rose pay cut
4. Borrowing figures mean a tax give away in the budget.
5. Dodgy statistics - war - economy
6. Mephedrone ban

Nick Drew said...

Mr Q - ah, those *late night sittings*, I guess you have got to know her very well ...

Amy Lyons said...

There is no question of HMG paying for the Chandler's release as it is illegal under UK law to pay ransoms - for public policy reasons....this is presumably why the Dad disappeared off to Paris for a bit in the little boy's case.

1. Should political parties be state funded? This will bring in both the Lord A non-dom question and also Labour's over-reliance on Unite.

2. Would Methadrone have been banned by now were it not for the sacking of Professor Nutt? (This sacking caused the consequent resignation of several other members of the committee that advises HMG on the harm caused, which is the only current lawful basis on which drugs can be banned).

3. Is the Pope truly infallible?

4. University funding - should the Government remove the cap on fees chargeable?

5. School food: was it bleach all along that made it taste so bad?

Nick Drew said...

Amy if your (3) comes up I will pay my License Fee !

(only kidding)

PS for an in-depth and spiritually uplifting theological debate on this issue, see the works of the great Father Ted, passim: as I recall he concluded in the negative

Father Jack said...


That would be an ecumenical matter.

CityUnslicker said...

Caroline Lucas - aren't you a bit porky for a nut muncher?

Charlie Whelan/Unite - Does this mark the Brown bottom?

David Dimbleby - Vote Labour, Vote Often

Charles Kennedy - Is all the electioneering enough to drive a man to drink?

Note to BQ - Gordon Brown not been on QT since before Labour were elected, not that he hides from the public though, eh?

Anonymous said...

great it's a bunch of failed leaders, and that loony from brighton

Bill Quango MP said...

First up - Unite puts the nail into Labour. Not really. May move the polls a point Beckett mucked her response. Didn't work in Ashcroft! Peter M won't be pleased.
Kennedy tells the tale of Unite's post Brown civil war manoeuvrings.

2} PM on Chilcot letter.Should he go back. Zing!Interesting that this was Q2. If it has awoken the public to defence spending then Gordon is very vulnerable during the election and censoring Afghanistan news won't help him. Audience not buying Maggs dodgy defence at all.

3} Criminal responsibility. Knew there was a story I had missed! Good QT sort of question.
Multi opinion,non party sort of question.
O/T but I see cash generators, BE's fav buy, sell and loan shop has 34% in group sales to £30 million.

4}Unemployed figures down show government policy is working.
Why did I put that in then take it out! Beckett finally gets some applause. On this question what seems to have been missed is that many, many employers had already cut all spare jobs from the workforce. Public sector excepted.
The lady who mentions Part time workers is correct. For employment regulations reasons mostly.
In my firm only 10% of the workforce is not part-time.
In 2002 that would have been 90%.

5}Female Porn film director for the Lib Dems.
Would certainly like to see more of her in the house.

BQ scores 2
Botogol 1 {yet good guesses}
Miss CD - 2
ND - 1 {Beckett's teeth didn't drop but her already minuscule popularity rating did}
Malcolm - 1 {leader's wives. There's a filthy post idea going through my head now}
HG - 2 {odd that the university didn't come up. Dave could make a lot of middle class ground bashing Brown on the u-turn of the decade on education}
Amy Lyons - 1 for state funding parties and 1 for your spot on financing of Unite.
Miss SJ 2 1/2 and looking like a Fulham striker.BA/Borrowing unemployment, dodgy statistics from the leader.
CU - 1 for unite but -1 for mentioning Brown Bottom.

This weeks star and winner of free Unite membership and a safe seat in North Wales is Miss SJ

Derek Hatton! He goes out of his way on his radio show to never mention militant tendency. " It was all a long time ago"
Tonight he's back as someone slightly more statist than Castro.