Monday 1 March 2010

Is it early too early to think about Christmas?

Cassandra was cursed with gift of prophecy. No one believed her predictions even though they were always true. Cassandra was fated to know the future but to be powerless to alter it.
A bit like Alistair Darling.

Meanwhile outside of mythology you may have noticed USA sizes on your box of trainers or top recently. Shoes are a size down and clothes several sizes different. There is loads on Ebay too.
UK fashion retailers and online shops have been buying stock in the USA for a good few months now. This is more unusual than it seems as the clothes are usually bought in $ in China or the far east and made for Europe and UK specifically.
The USA stock was cheap bargain priced canceled orders, bankrupt stock and liquidators specials as US outlets went bust and others cut back inventory.
Expect all that to end if the £ keeps tanking. Xmas orders need to be bought about now for everyone who put off doing it in Oct/November hoping to pick up bargains. The shipping time is usually 'FROM' 6 months. Leaving it late means a premium to pay for shipping.
Either way, unless the £ picks up quickly, prices will rise. Not just fashion of course. Almost everything comes from overseas and is traded in dollars. Casandra might just conceivably be seeing the inflation genie heading this way for the festive season.


lilith said...

I am going to buy all my friends Labour Party Membership. It will serve them right.

Mark Wadsworth said...

My kids and I start thinking about next Xmas about five minutes after we've packed away the last bauble and put the boxes back in the shed.

Mark Wadsworth said...

And you have to make up your mind whether to spell it "Cassandra" or "Casandra".

James Higham said...

It's a very good point because there is also the double dip coming and the 3rd quarter ain't looking too good. Don't forget the double election too.

By the way, you have inspired a new fictional series of mine, Bill and the first episode is up.

Letters From A Tory said...

"Is it early too early to think about Christmas?"

If you're a Labour Party member, Xmas could easily come on May 6th this year if the Conservatives don't sort themselves out.

Budgie said...

It's bit late for the Tories to "sort themselves out" unfortunately. But the party faithful would not be told. Anyway, if Cameron suddenly sprouted real Tory policies who would believe him now?

The only salvation for the Tories is to ditch him and boy George sharpish, and the EU and AGW with them . Then the Tories might (re?)gain their credibility.

Bill Quango MP said...

Lilith: good idea. might get that for Mrs Q for anniversary present if she doesn't stop going on about recycling.

MW:Christmas. Ahh. Going to be an expensive one this year. I do advise people to buy presents as they see them from about now. And yes - two 's' is the usual.
I once read that 'Freya' meant far seeing. She could see so far she actually saw into the future.
Any intelligent classical or Norse mythology people know this fact?

JH. What an excellent story, with a great lead character.Hope BBC commission this Romeroesque zombie horror.

LFAT: Give Brown hope. its more fun. Like stopping for a hitchhiker and then speeding off as he touches the door handle, only to stop a hundred yards sown. waiting to see if he tries again or gives up or throws a wobbly.

Budgie. bit late to ditch anyone now, as labour discovered a year ago. If Cameron wins, he's safe. if he loses he's gone. That's how the tory party works.
I doubt Brown will quit unless he is beaten by 40+ or more seats.
They will have to drag him out.