Tuesday 2 March 2010

Prospect of Labour Government sinks Football

This is an unlikley title, but nonetheless has some truth to it. Yesterday saw a huge fall in the pound for a single days trading, on the back of that we can expect further medium term weakness; partly cause by the Pru's need for dollars to make the huge AIG acuiqsition and partly by the markets wilting at the thought of 5 more year of Gordon Brown.

However, somewhat aligned to this is the Deloitte Annual Football money survey which was released today. Real Madrid come top and Barclenon second, the days of Man U. being top have been over for 5 years now.(how long ago was the last election?)  Although the big English clubs dominate the top ten of the table, they are no longer top of the tree and it shows on the pitch in that the really world class players like Ronaldo leave the Premier League for Spain. None of the top 3 players in the world plays in the Premier League.

In sterling terms though, the clubs have been powering ahead generating more income. In fact if the Pound was more like .80 to the Euro than .90 then the UK clubs would still be top.

 A weak Government has given us a weak currency and bequeathed a weakened premier leauge. Labour, they can even ruin your football!


roym said...

i wish i could blame labour for the failings at liverpool but theres only one madman involved there.

isnt the comparison confounded by the fact that the middling spanish clubs have fallen away big time over the last few years leaving just a big two a la scotland?

CityUnslicker said...

I think if anythig it is a better parralel for the UK economy, a couple of months ago we were discussing here the failure of leverage finance and how it had hamstrung liverpool and man u ; just like the UK itself!

Some of the Spanish clubs have blown themselves up though - they don't have the london attraction as a base for billionaires to come and rescue the clubs. Marbella just does'nt have the same pull!

lilith said...

We had a delicious Saturday afternoon with City beating Chelsea :-) The only slight drawback was that it helped United :-(

I don't support City officially
because that would mean relegation. Like a woman on a ship, or Gordon Brown opening an investment bank, it just would be unlucky.

Anonymous said...

Oh please God bankrupt Premiership Soccer completely! It is so boring - a soap opera which makes Brookside seem cheerful.
I might even vote Labour if this could be a guaranteed result.