Thursday 6 May 2010

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How is business affected by the election ? And what is business saying about the election ?

Post C@W-style stories, reactions, comments etc in the comments below, and I may be able to give you your 15 seconds of glory !



Bill Quango MP said...

Markets are not happy. - on our links

If the UK goes middle NOM with say a 35-29-26 then the current panic may turn to hysteria. Very dangerous.
But much too late to do anything about it now..

Nick Drew said...

Politicos don't seem to believe it - even if Arnie the Terminator does !

chaingangcharlie said...

historic day :

greece on fire
trichet says everythings cool
GB election tenterhooks / brown out / hung parliament
MASSIVE glitch / panic on NYSE / dow off 3.2 % .. ( party like it's sept 2008 ) ( latest says it was NOT a fat finger )
oil in the gulf
gold hits new all time highs...
& to cap it all ..esther rantzen in with a chance

talk about these things