Thursday 16 December 2010

33k Public sector jobs go in three months

This represents ' diversity'
according to Local Councils
Well it is a start. Yet the papers are making this out to be a bloodbath. In reality the UK needs at least a million less people on the public payroll to balance they public finances, currently there are over 5.5 million on the taxpayer take.

At 33k per quarter it is going to take 7.5 years to get rid of a million. I am hopeful the coalition can push the numbers reduction for more like 50k per quarter.

Even this is only a 15% reduction in public service workers, I can't see how this affect the precious frontline services too much - some will go because the Unions will insist on it and the managers will cut others before themselves. But an organisation can plan for 15% cuts over a 5 year period.

If only Government were that simple.


Electro-Kevin said...

Cameron is playing both sides against the middle.

Making out to the money lenders that he's tough whilst being munificent with the public sector.

There is the possibility of a general election soon. He has to tread a fine line.

We're still fighting an election battle and have yet to start mending the economy.

Besides. I think Cameron is a bit of a lefty.

Richard Manns said...

Of course it represents "diversity"; underneath the irrelevant distinctions of skin colour, they're all the same, faceless, pointless drones.

Sounds like a local council's work-force.

John Thomas said...

"the managers will cut others before themselves", it was always the same CU, I remember 1980 working for a small private steel and manufacturing company as a technician, the company workforce was about 1800/2000 the first time round, 600 went, second timeround 200 went, the next round 200 went, I was one of these, a few managers had been made redundant, not many. In the technical departments a good example, prior to the 3rd round there were 6 technical managers and 14 technicians after there were 6 technical managers and 6 technicians, that company no longer excists, well, well.

Budgie said...

I can echo that, John Thomas. I left a company that persisted in putting up notices of another batch of redundancies on the shop floor together with a another notice of more directors appointed.

This is why it is so crucial to the well being of a nation to encourage entrepreneurs to establish new businesses. Otherwise the human condition appears to tend towards people idling on their backsides in positions of backwater power without doing anything useful. This occurs in public companies as well as government departments.

chaingangcharlie said...

"the UK needs at least a million less people on the public payroll to balance they public finances"

yes a million more on the dole pretty much guarantees national salvation , doesn't it ?

after all, pretty soon they will all be entrepreneurialsing themselves into highly lucrative jobs in the vastly expanding ... um... in that great growth sector ... er... well anyway MUST get that budget deficit down NOW because those bond vigilantes are... um... well.. they WILL be.. er... one day ... I bet they will ... and pacifying wholly hallucinatory /non existent 'bond vigilantes ' is really CRUCIAL to our ongoing economic recovery whereas a million ( a MILLION ! ) jobs lost is OBVIOUSLY a small step in very much the right direction. Keep up the good work.