Monday 28 February 2011

Timing Is Everything

This, just arrived at my in-tray

The first long wheelbase versions of the Audi A8, including exclusive 6.3-litre W12 version, are now available in the UK with prices starting from £60,010.

And that would be oil at, errr, $112 / bbl ... Still, I expect its a very efficient 6.3 litre engine. As engines go.



Timbo614 said...

Hmm, yes - Pump prices are climbing towards £1.30 a litre - £5.87 a Gallon.

Although I just spent £700 on the old girl (Jaguar 3.2 sport) I'm seriously considering "modernising" away from 32p per mile for jag-juice :(

Steven_L said...

All those fleeing middle eastern dictators and cronies might want one?

Anonymous said...

Must be a diesel, a petrol engine would not do any mileage on that capacity, but if you are forking out £60,000 for one you are not short of the readies, going back to the old Rollers and Lagondas remember them, soup plate headlights and brass exhausts on their coupes.