Thursday 29 September 2011

Question Time early bird.

David Dimbleby is joined in Liverpool by Birmingham by Grant Shapps, Tim Farron, Caroline Flint, Janet Street-Porter and Peter Oborne.
Oborne annoyed a eurocrat so much that the poor man fled the studio.
There's even a good rumour going around that Mz Flint is about to lose her Shadow cabinet seat. If that could happen live on air it would make the show very X factor..{she deserves it the The HIPS idiot. }

BQs early guesses, subject to change etc.

1. Why is Red Ed "Anti-business as usual?" Miliband's speech of a lunchtime.
2. Blair - booed by party - exposed by Oborne. Does no one like 3 times PM Tony?
3. Euro bailout. Merkel and ECB say This is the final loan. Why does no-one believe them?
4. EU/Tobin tax - {unlikely two EU q's but one will morph into the other}
Rihanna strips off shock horror.

Update 30th Sept

September leader board.

{no change at the top..trailing pack closes up a furlong}

Botogol - 12½
BQ - 12½

Hatfield Girl - 11
Timbo614 - 11
Budgie - 11
Measured - 10½
CU - 9½
Miss CD - 9½
Nick Drew - 9½
Hopper - 9
Philipa - 8½
Hovis - 8
Malcolm Tucker - 8
Appointmetotheboard - 8
Sebastian Weetabix - 7½
Dick the Prick -7½
GSD - 7
Mark Wadsworth - 7
Miss S-J -7
Jan - 6
Woman on a raft - 4½
Andrew - 4½
Alex - 1½
Electro-Kevin - ½


Mark Wadsworth said...

To my eternal annoyance, I missed last week, so I'd better get my retaliation in first today:

1. Euro-zone Greece bail out, should UK contribute, is the Tobin tax a good thing (bashing evil bankers) or a bad thing (bashing our lads, the nation's wealth creators in the City of London).

2. NHS, longer waiting lists and worse maternity care under the heartless Tories.

3. That Alessio Rastani - was he just saying what theses cockroaches really think. Doesn't the BBC vet their guests properly any more (possibly reference to the taxi driver asked to comment on Apple/Beatles trademark infringement tomfoolery).

4. Will David Cameron fly out to NZ to see the Rugby Union final if England get through? Possibly: what if Wales or Scotland manage to scrap through? Even more left field: if Wales end up playing England in the final and DC flies out, whom will he support?

5. I assume that there will be something to do with Ed Miliband, Labour etc. If it were me, I'd ask how on earth do they think they can escape responsibility for ridiculously high house prices and the ensuing financial crisis? Blinky was Brown's right hand man, for crying out loud.

Timbo614 said...

Lets see if this works, been out of touch deliberately this week.
1) Euro crisis (crises). 2) Labour's credibility 3) Hit the fast cart u speech 4) NHS again. I) why can't I enter line feeds! II) why is this so painfully slow :(

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I think Caroline Flint is quite yummy myself. I must be getting perverted in my old age; I can even forgive her for HIPS. Anyhoo... here goes.

1. Is Ed Millitwat red or dead?
2. Is the German approval of the larger EFSF (or whatever it's called) going to save the Euro?/Tobin tax = economic warfare against us by the beastly Hun?
3. Was the judge right, not to allow the brain-damaged woman to die by having feeding tubes removed?
4. Civil servant cashing in on planning laws - string 'im up?

Jan said...

Fast carts are good Timbo!
1) Dale Farm--will it all end in tears?
2) Euro--will it all end in tears?
3) What's wrong with a Tobin Tax?
4) Is red Ed just too weird?
5) Will Teflon Tony continue to get away with it? (millions in the bank; thousands dead in Iraq etc)

hovis said...

Blatantly plagarising everyone else:

1. Are labour on course to win after Red Ed's speach - Back in business (politically) or arbitrary anti business nonsense

2. Euro - will she wont she (Will Merkel get approval for the the latest Geithner style plan.)

3. NHS Waiting times rise - ot safe with tories

4. Somthing about the oddly hot weather

5. Rastiani - saying what evryone thinks or a psychopath?

Hopper said...

1. Eurozone - is this the death of the Euro and what should we be doing?
2. Financial txns tax - what's wrong with getting our money back from the bankers? (I give Flint and JSP no more than 90 seconds speaking on this topic before they deliberately mention 'bankers' for an audience cheer)
3. Labour conference - does anyone care?
4. Local angle - is it understandable that parents lie about where they live to get a good school?

Botogol said...

Ok I'll tell you where I am.
I think it's going to be principally an economics edition.. where's the growth, and everyone in liverpool talks fast, which is catching so time for five questions.

1 Has angela merkel saved the euro?
2 should we have a tobin tax on the nasty bankers?
3 How can can Ed Milliband tell the producers from the predators? Or is he really just against them all.
4 Should we cut VAT to go for growth.

The liverpool question is
- why won't the government release the Hillsborough files? Is there something to hide?

Lurking in the background will be that 'idiot from brussels' After his entertaining appearance on Newsnight, I don't imagine Oborne will be able to resist the temptation to invoke the idiot again tonight.

Bill Quango MP said...

'The Muscles from Brussels' is Jean-Claude Van-Damme's nickname.
A reporter once asked him if he minded it.

"Its better than being called the Idiot from Brussels."

Well quite.

Miss CD said...

Agree its a euro heavy edition.

- Ed Miliband's amazing lurch to the ever so slightly left of centre. Will it cost him the next election?

- The growth is gone.The Euro must be saved. Labour voted against the last IMF contribution from the UK. Will they now vote with their natural instincts and pledge to bailout the entire EU?

- Lynnie Hinnigan, Liverpool Lib-Dem defects to labour. Is this the end of the Libs in Labour heartlands

- Adoption service is a joke. Why do 53 times more children go into care than to Hard Working Families?

- Tony Blair was booed by labour. is Tony now as much of a liability for Labour as Gordon?

Budgie said...

1. It's got to be the eurozone crises: sovereign debts; dodgy banks; bailouts; Merkel's vote win; lack of confidence; evil Thatcherite Anglo-Saxon markets; eurocrat idiots; is €440 billion enough? cont. p94.

2. Tobin tax - why should the eurozone thieve money from British financial businesses to prop up the euro?

3. Rio Ferdinand shock horror crisis tabloid courtcase privatematters lovecheat familyman relationship fellpregnant kiss'n'tell invasionofmyprivacy publicinterest image thong on'n'offthepitch costs omg publicrole freedomofspeech wife trousersroundankleswhogivesadamn?

4. Labore conference: does anyone care? Who is David Balls? How many millions do Ed, David and a grotty little boy's father really have? Is Harperson a robot? Have they apologised enough?

5. Space: should we worry that China has put a space lab in orbit and looks set to land a man on the moon in the next decade?

hatfield girl said...

How can social housing be released from its ghetto-producing needs-based allocations?

Was the Labour Conference a triumph for the Coalition Government?

Does anyone care who Ed Miliband appoints to the shadow cabinet, or relieves of their post?

When will the UK media accept that the Euro isn't going to go away?

Is it really true that the poor are not stupid they are all just badly taught? Why should allowances be made for them at university entrance when the criteria for entry are supposed to be examination and interview performance, not parental income levels?

Nick Drew said...

1. Tobin tax, populist nonsense or what ?

2. regional qn: is it true that Lancashire is about to become the new Texas / should nasty shale gas be allowed? (ans: try & stop it, if it's as big as they say)

3. should former PMs of dubious integrity be allowed to make £££s? (ans: try & stop him ...)

4. euro meltdown to provoke Oborne: should the Gairmans pay for everything ? (ans: try & stop him ...)

5. Rihanna, when can she get here? can we make her keep her kit on? (ans: try & stop her ...)

PS do the scallies care much abt Rio Ferdinand ?

Malcolm Tucker said...

- Why weren't Gordon Brown or Tony Blair at the conference? Was the party unsure how to spin that heady mix of riches and incompetence?

- George has no euros. If Hans lends Geroge 5 euros at 9.5% interest, how long must George not work for in order for Hans to give him another, 5 euros to avoid losing the first 5?

- If Europe imposes a Tobin tax and America tax, what happens?

- The producers and the predators.
What the hell was Ned talking about? I mean seriously, what? What was he on about? How could he measure whatever it was he was droning on about? Who chooses ?


Nick Drew said...

hmm - the early evening news is all 80 m.p.h. limit

remind me to vote at 19:05 next time ...

GSD said...

Hmm. Missed last week & am totally clueless this! Not a good start.

Anyhow, my guesses are:

1) Will the latest EU fix work... and having won the vote by a large margin, is Merkel safe, making future "bailouts" more likely?

2) BAE/MoD redundancies - time to reverse defense cuts and save jobs/skills in both?

3) Latest Anti-Terror arrests (UK & USA) - is the strategy against radicalization working?

4) Labour Conf. - Rd Ed's move to the left will give the electorate a wider spectrum of choice, but is it good for labour?

5) Tony Bliar. Lots of stories about him (Gaddifi dealings, his company cleaning up in the mid. east & him being png with the Palestinians), so hopefully one will come up & lead on to the others!

Hopper said...

Gah, Liverpool, not Birmingham. I loathe you jet lag. Right, change my number 4: is the Liverpool LibDem defection what the whole Lib Dem party should have done?

measured said...

What a showcase of misfits.

1. Why should we, who rejected the euro, help bail out, not Greece, but those that decided to lend to Greece and then stump up more on this ridiculous tobin tax? I bet no one dares mention how French banks must be hemorrhaging. Of course this new fund doesn't sort out the structural problems. Pending SNCF crash.

2. Isn't it good BAE cut all those jobs? Let us build houses all over the place to help the economy and people. Oh yes, a growth plan A - ZZZZ.

4. Oh Ed. Ed. Ed. Ed. What is a good business and what is a bad business?

5. Should you die for your religion or die driving your car faster? Being a woman*, I can't decide BQ, but at least I am allowed to drive. Maybe I'll die while driving my car faster. Not until 2013 though. Can't wheels of progress move faster?

*Why does Saudi spend so much money on ballistic missiles when they could let some women drive? They are missing a trick.

Miss S-J said...

1. Miliband and is he leadership material -{no}

2. Congratulations to big winner Merkel. Has she saved the Euro? {no}

3. 80mph is the new 70. Should the 30mph limit now become 20 mph? {no}

4. Should canal boats become the new place to put social housing desirers. {no}

5. Janet Street Porter and Cameron's everybody be happy website.

appointmetotheboard said...

1. Minimum wage goes up today, so is it time to abolish it?!

2. Does the Government's stance against the Tobin tax prove that if there's one thing it hates more than bankers, its bloody (idiot) foreigners? Possibly moving into a more general discussion on Europe...

3. Does Comrade Milliband hate business / can we trust Labour with the economy?

4. If we increase the speed limit to 80mph, shall we just forget HS2 and give everyone a tax rebate to buy Morgans instead? Are there any fast UK built cars..?

Mark Wadsworth said...

If the 80 mph thing had been on the news yesterday, it would be a sure fire question, it's the sort of topic on which everybody can trot out their stupid prejudices without listening to a word the other side says or applying logic or common sense to the debate*.

But I'll pencil it in as a possible for next week (a QT very, very early bird, if you will).

* See also, death penalty, legalising drugs, land value tax, in or out of EU, gay marriage etc.

Dick the Prick said...

Dear fellow flight engineers.

1) Bailout

2) Labour conference straight down the throat - why hasn't Labour said sorry?

3) Milipede - is it a pisstake?

4) Something esoteric like regional economic development - BAE systems and Brough getting fucked up the arse

5) Tevez - is that a picture of cunt in the dictionary?

Philipa said...

1. Ed's speech/Lab conf

2. Euro/bailouts

3. unemployment/manufacturing decline

4. conferences not in Bham but in Liverpool! Oh well back in Bham next yr - if Tony Bliar comes will it be at the Conservative conf?

5. Boundary changes?

CityUnslicker said...

Horrible euro - love transaction tax
Ed the great
Rory weal the weasel
Cuts, dun non what, in Spain, but must be something this week.

Bill Quango MP said...

Missed the start. From Twitter

Should the speed limit on motorways be increased to 80mph or scrapped altogether? - I'll allow that late entry MW.{can't believe its 1st question}

Janet Street-Porter says that looking to change the speed limit is a "crowd-pleasing, cheap thing to do - mass applause. Then it degenerates into save the planet eco blubber. Clarkson must have just kicked his set in. Daft audience women says you're more likely to die if you crash and aren't wearing a seatbelt. Then..wear a seatbelt, surely? Its the law.
Then it moves onto hunting ban and high speed rail? Strange show tonight. Another woman banging on about speeding lorries. They are currently restricted to 60mph. That won't change to 80.

Q2 - "Did the euro set it [the economy] on fire? Oborne attacking he about to plug his new book...yes he is!
Big applause for leaving the EU. All polls says no one cares about the EU. Yet on these sorts of shows its usual for audience to be against. Even in Liverpool.
Mention for the Merkel plan for those who picked that Q.
Audience woman asks Is it possible to be pro eu and euro sceptic at the same time.? .. ermm...No.
Flint copies Balls' speech ..have a summit.
Another question..people's savings will vanish from their savings accounts.. I think she thinks someone is going to take the money out. She hasn't heard of inflation then. Savings rate 2%. Inflation 5%. GS doesn't totally reassure on this. He should have mentioned bank ownership and cash guarantees. Still..

Anti - eu audience. Why don't UKIP do very much better?

A BBC piece from 2007 explaining how the EU spends its money is here - #bbcqt
just put that in to look at later.

Dimby gets a divorce joke in. Quite good, except I'd already forgotten Farron's speech.
Oborne rages against the brutality of the EU.
Mention of 'Thatcher' turns audience against Oborne. Big time heckling.
What was he thinking? Tim makes some point that is lost on me.

Q: Should families who are in paid employment be given priority over the unemployed on social housing lists? {mention of Ed millibar speech}
Audience picks holes in miliband's speech of a thousand soundbites. One or two are fine.. but a whole speech of focus group phrases is bound to fall to bits under the lightest scrutiny. And it does.Flint just spent 5 minutes explaining what she thought Miliband has said as opposed to what others thought.
TF talks about culture of the deserving poor. He's not a fan.
Audience woman can't save a 5k deposit? Now she earns a low wage. But her low wage will buy a 100k house. Are there many 100k houses in the SE? She's actually lucky, but will never realise it.
Alos doesn't see the difference between a starter home and a final, family home. Such is youth.

Q: Is Ed Miliband's attack on business practices a clear indication that the Labour Party is moving further to the left?

JSp again rips into Milibands' placard speech. He's not moving to the left he's lurching about looking for daylight.
Dimby mentions Flint's imminent dumping by Ed. Sweet! I'll take a satisfactory ½ for that.

TF gets a pre prepared line about Labour behaving like trots.
PO has been very complimentary about Miliband's speech. He's pretty much on his own though.

GS has been good. CF usual lightweight self. PO - fair - TF -good - JSP barmy, but good.

Bill Quango MP said...

Mark Wadsworth: 3 {including the late 80mph}
for those who care the Rastani guess is here..

Timbo614 -2+½ for those rich fast carts.+ ½ for 4q's = 3.

Sebastian Weetabix -2 + 1 for the red ed wording but -½ for your Flint tendencies. She looked rough tonight.{but ½ for 4qs} - 3

Jan - Good effort. No Tony? I thought that was in the bank. -2

Hovis - 1½ for the red buisness + 1 for euro = 2½

Hopper -2 + a generous ½ for at least mentioning housing = 2½

Botogol Another success! - 2½ + the 4q rule = 3 {I think Oborne had been warned. He attacked Farron but left the idiot phrase in the green room.} -3

Miss CD - 2½. Good punt on adoption. It didn't come off though. -2½

Budgie - 2 + ½ for shoe-horning in Thatcher. That took up about 5 mins of the show.- 2½

Hatfield Girl - outstanding!- double points for social housing - 4½ {out of 4! Thats the new economic world we live in for you.} -4½

Nick Drew - Lucky on that 80mph. It saved you - 2½

GSD - fair -2

Measured - 2 for the 1st and 1 for the ED and 1 for 80mph - a great 4

Miss S-J [all the latecomers doing well..must be a lesson there}excellent -4

appointmetotheboard 2½ + 4 qs = 3

Dick the Prick - 2½ + ½ for the Tevez lol.{you a city fan?} - 3

Philipa - credible 2.

CU -2 + ½ for 4qs. -2½ {spain doing ok?}

Malcolm Tucker - good lines - 2½ + ½ =3

BQ - 2½ + ½ for Flints imminent departure -3

Winner is Hatfield Girl with amazing 4½

Tories go next week From Manchester. Maybe the Tevez question will come up then.. something for something for nothing question?

Bill Quango MP said...

Judges ruling tweet from grantshapps.

grantshapps Grant Shapps MP
#bbcqt Fact 4: There's one additional question asked & answered, but never aired. Tonight it was about Rio Ferdinand injunction case.

Extra point to Budgie!

Botogol said...

gosh -- people are tweeting from the QT recording ??? BQ - you're going to have to think about imposing a deadline for entries..!

Sebastian Weetabix said...

BQ, I do like a rough bird. But bloody hell she had some Rabbit, didn't she? I was suprised no-one said shut t.f. up to her. It put me right off. And I lost half a point.

No more sympathy for shaggable socialists from this quarter, let me tell you.

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