Monday 9 January 2012

Its that {Question} Time again.

Question Time in 2012.
The next program on Thursday 12 January will be from London.

Propose some FIA/NBA/NFL/FIFA unexpected and game changing rules alterations.

1} Maximum of 5 questions
2} If only two OR fewer people gets the question. {Being the only person was very difficult.} 2 EXTRA points each.
3} No more ½. Full points or nowt.

Optional .. We'd better decide now..Damn prog is on again this Thursday!
A} Teams as well as individual scores. So if you {inexplicably!} miss a turn, your team will carry on without you. Players will be assigned a random team.
B} Teams instead of individual scores.
C} One 'joker' / season / person. All answers score double
D} 3 points for a bang on correct guess. 1 point for a partial.

Or move onto something else instead? PM questions? This Week? Closing price of the FT on a Friday?

Or just leave it as was and get on with it?


Hopper said...

I vote for 1,2,3,C,D. Teams I'm not so sure about, but might work if randomly drawn together in, say, groups of 3.

This assumes it's a democracy and not a technocracy (c.f. Greece, Italy)

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Change??? Good God, are things not bad enough as it is?

Steven_L said...

You should get more points if you are the first person to guess a question maybe?

I mean if I play I just wait until everyone else has guessed then pick my favourites from the answers everyone else has given.

Jan said...

It's a good quiz but please no teams.

Agree with proposed rule changes and also idea raised by Steven L also D of optional

I will try harder this term.....

Botogol said...

BQ - happy for yopu to set the rules, FWIW my tuppenyworth would be..

1,2 3 bring it on!

A thought: OR 2 points if you are the only one, 1 point each if two of you?
And I'm assuming you'll still be free to award the occasional peremptory bonus 1/2 mark when you feel like it? (the spice of the competition!)

A&B teams don't grab me,
C - go for it
D - I like it a lot.

Budgie said...

No teams, it's the personal elbows in the mush scramble that makes it fun (provided it is my elbow)!

Timbo614 said...

Elbows his way in...
{1} what happens when Dimby squeezes in 6? (Unlikely too often but happens) So I would say max 6 Qs

{2} Yup Go for that one and {3} saves you all that 6 digits to a half business!

{A} I'm a terrible team player :(
{B} ditto
{C} Like that - could add spice at the end of the season
{D} Like that too (3 points + 2 for only guess = 10 points with Joker :) might provide some surprise changes in ranking.

Bring it on. - Just to say I don't only come for the compo have been waaaay too busy to have time to digest the twists and turns in the news lately, or attempt to think and comment intelligently? But the compo does give me that extra little push :)

Bill Quango MP said...

So teams are out {shame really - I quite fancied Con-Lab-lib teams.}
Jokers are in.
Points will be
3pts for a nailed on "these strikes are wrong -it started in America - The last government's mess " on message, soundbite perfect, spinner's crib sheet answer.
1pt for a partial .
{lets face it we all knew how to get a partial. - cuts/strikes/unemployment/pensions/racism- 2 of those are bound to be in there.}
Dick The Prick made his early gains by inserting "NHS CUTS" in every week. Worked for about 6 weeks, until it was replaced by pensions.

Jan & Steven_L: trouble with a 'first' is people come in and out at different times. some enter by email, some by twitter. Its difficult enough remembering to enter at all, let alone a race to type the answers up too.
Plus... A study of all data by the office of data study concluded that the early birds actually do worse as many a juicy news story or even a war or a currency collapse takes place on a Thursday teatime.

Timbo- If someone lists 6 they have 6 out of 5 chances. Those who list 5 just 5 out of five.
It prevents the hard choices about whether "Whitey wants to keep me down" or "HS2 is a waste of sleepers."

With 6 you could pitch both.
If dawdler Dimbleby does actually ask 6 ..we all gain an extra free guess.

measured said...

Jokers!? As if there aren't enough...

This game had better not become like tax with so many vested interests.

Nick Drew said...

I say everyone with name beginning 'B' gets a 5-point handicap

(based on official data-study studies)

Bo614 said...


hatfield girl said...

'or move onto something else instead'

Anne Swithinbank, Bob Flowerdew and Matthew Wilson join gardeners in Birmingham ....

Gardeners' Question Time! Just the thing for political innuendo.