Thursday 2 February 2012

Question Time - Shred edition

No time for preamble - Lets go. David Dimbleby is joined in Southport by Alan Duncan{Tory wet}, Sadiq Khan,{Labour communist} Digby Jones,{industrialist} Emma Boon {TPA}and Phil Redmond.{CBE} - producer and beeb insider. BQ says - 1. knighthoods and bonuses. 2. Compensation for criminals 3.Gay footballers. Are they frightened of John Terry? 4. TPA gets teeth into civil servants tax avoidance. Mention for 'Ari. Emma probably not rude enough to ask Dimby about the 'talent's' penchant of forming production companies in TVland 5. Falling university numbers signals end of civilisation.

Cityunslicker - 22
Nick Drew 22

Miss S-J - 19
Dick the Prick - 19
Timbo614 -18
Botogol - 17
Sebastian Weetabix - 17
appointmetotheboard - 17

Bill Quango MP - 16
Malcolm Tucker - 16
Measured -15
Philipa - 15

Hopper - 13
Budgie - 13
Andrew - 12
GSD - 11
Jan - 11
Miss CD - 11
Amy 10
Measured -9
Hovis - 8

Mark Wadsworth -1
Dearieme - 1


CityUnslicker said...

First in....

Evil Tories smash are being horrible to nice bankers...

Evil Tories are letting rich people get away with tax avoidance
(nice labour are winning with their 'fairness' agenda.

How can you lead when under criminal invesigation ( um...Blair did..)

Astrazeneca jobs cuts...evil tories hate jobs, work, babies etc.

Hopper said...

1. Never mind taking knighthoods away, why are we giving them to bankers in the first place?
2. Cash in hand: would the panel pay a builder cash if it was cheaper, and is this stealing from the Govt? (perhaps people just view it as returning the favour...)
3. Tax-free pay and NW Rail bonuses: is this one rule for the Civil Service and another for us?
4. Is the Govt right to send Wills + Dauntless to the Falklands?
5. Why doesn't Britain produce firms like Facebook?

Botogol said...

1 - should members of the house of lords, convicted of stealing expenses should lose their peerages?

2 - Should criminals be entitled to compensation when they are victims

3 - Is it actually worth 9000 pa to go to university

4 -Is facebook worth 28 gazzillion?

5 - Top Totty beer – what does it actually taste like?

Sebastian Weetabix said...

1. Huhne: Does the panel think it would take 6 months to decide whether to charge an ordinary member of the public with avoiding their speeding points?
2. Should John Terry be stripped of the England captaincy?
3. Student loans... fees up/numbers down & the senior civil servant is engaging in tax avoidance. Wtf is going on?
4. Fred the shred - stripped of his knighthood without being convicted of a crime. What about the members of the House of Lords who fiddled their expenses?
5. Who should be the next DG of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation?

Miss CD said...

1. Fred Goodwin and the baying of the mob. Is this the way to conduct our affairs now, X-factor style?

2.Vocational courses being downgraded. Is this a return to the grammar school by the backdoor?

3. Facebook. now the owners are cashing out is it about to become yesterday's next big thing?

4. Benefits cap {again}

5. John Terry and the captaincy. Is he guilty because he's going to be tried? Waffle about fairness, justice, prejudge, for the integrity of the game and so on.

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. John Terry will not resign as captain.When did anyone last resign for anything? Not that Terry must, but the media are going to do a back page number all over his face if England play down to their tournament standard.

2. William and the Falklands. Is the UK just taunting the Argies?

3. Fred's shred.

4. Civil service tax loopholes. Who signed that off? See JT - head's won't roll.

5. Cameron's U-turn over Europe. Looked a bit happier with Merkel. A second date face.

measured said...

1. Is Lord Archer looking over his shoulder? He’ll care more than many and some will care not at all.

2. What about all these offshore companies hiding the filthy rich while the reform of the system hit the poor working classes….. remember C2s decide elections and pay their taxes. Ed M always remembers this.

3. How do you solve Afghanistan? Ensuring elections are fair comes to mind…. as well as Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and those we aren’t told about.

4. Top Totty Beer. Has to be. Sex sells.

5. How do you get a job here?

Miss S-J said...

1. Tax evasion in the civil service, secret offshore companies and Harry 'what's a bank?' Redknapp.

2. Government sets up a minimum immigration standard 15 years too late and without any influence of EU migrants. Could it be more pointless?

3. Should removal of an honour now become automatic for any criminal behaviour from a Sir?

4. Arab spring collapses after football match. Is there nothing that football can't do?

5. The Miliband's fraternal squabbling. When Ed has just seen off his assassins, along comes brother Dave.
How helpful.

Nick Drew said...

1) whose honour would the panel remove ? (if you see what I mean): leave that Fred alone, e's not wurf it!

2) Hester - was 'e wurf it ?

3) the Falklands - are they wurf it ?

4) that Facebook - is it wurf it ?

5) them 'vocational qualifications' - are they wurf it ?

Jan said...

1. Were we all a bit premature in celebrating the Arab Spring given the deaths at yesterday's football match in Egypt?

2. Can we afford to keep the Falklands?

3. Will the panel be buying shares in Facebook when it floats?

4. Is it right that undercover cops can be hung out to dry?

5. Which event are the panel looking forward to most..the Olympics or the Diamond Jubilee?

dick the prick said...

Evening folks

1) Fred the Shred & Hester ...natch

2) Bankers in general receiving bags of cash whilst regional development - esp Liverpool so perennially blighted. TBF to Phil Redmond he has worn his heart on his sleeve and done good work for the place.

3) Justice - not sure what angle - probably go for reduction in coppers and legal aid reduction

4) Elected Mayors & Police Chiefs

5) Facebook and the changing manufacturing outlook

(Hmm.....may as well go for a few googlies to attempt to make headway)

Philipa said...

I'm so tired I cann't watch toight, so:

1. Agree with knighthoods and bonuses. If we paid bankers less would the sky fall in?

2. Compensation for criminals

3. Civil servants tax avoidance.

4. Removal of criminal penalty declaration to get freed criminals into employment. Would removing the current requirement to declare prosecution for a severe offence (over X yrs) put the public at risk?

5. Reduction in vocational training. A bad thing eg: Does the panel think hairdressing less useful in finding a job than learning dead languages?

andrew said...

1 fred the shred who is next

2 chris huhne - should he resign before being charged or after being found guilty

3 face book bubble or basic right

4 tax avoidance ok for some redknapp - vodaphone - ...

5 btecs - damaging modern apprenticeships or stopping league table shennanigans

Bill Quango MP said...

Sebastian Weetabix

everyone gets a point just for showing up.

Both get a point from last week sitting on the subs bench.

Timbo614 said...

not sure this week to much to choose from...

1) Fred has been shredded - what about the banksters that got away?

2) When are we in the UK going to mount our white horse and save our Greek friends? Someone needs to and soon.

3) University numbers down - is that 'coz the fees are up or is there just no hope of getting a job at the end of it pay them back?

4) Shouldn't football managers provide a role model? Not just the players they permanently expect to?

5) Top Totty Just what is the fuss about? A "TOT" is also a measure of drink! Doh!

Budgie said...

1. Mister Fred the first of many? Is there any knighthood Cameron would not remove to entertain the titterati?

2. The big freeze in Europe - more evidence of global warming for the climate change deniers? Should Cameron hug a Pole?

3. Will I am: ready for Cameron's handover of Falklands to Argentina. Riots in Buenos Aires as girl fans swoon (is this right? Ed).

4. Football: FA to rule on Terry and 74 dead in riots on the pitch in Cairo - are they connected? FIFA demands report - this is serious you know: Cameron to intervene.

5. Should Ed hand over to big bro' Dave? Have Labour got a Plan? Will Cameron soon lead Labour out of the wilderness? Would Dave'n'Ed be better than Dave'n'George? Who can tell the difference? Who cares?

Bill Quango MP said...

first question: Are Mr Goodwin and Mr Hester victims of a lynch mob mentality?

Mr Khan thinks not. Mr Duncan thinks so, but also believes that the knighthood strip was deserved.Digby echoes same. Emma thinks he should have lost his knighthood but will it matter to him? He keeps the money. Phil thinks the problem was demonisation by a popular news storm. Fair point.

Q: Why does India need our foreign aid when it has several billion pounds to spend on French fighter jets? - did not even see that story. big win for the Rafale then. Another loss for the Typhoon. Never mind aid funding. Its a 1p in £1. Save the money on not ordering and developing hi-tech dogfighting jets that we can't afford and end up being so expensive we can't even sell.

The Qt debate rumbles on about aid saves lives.SK and AD are very pro aid. But the public are angry that India is buying jets and not immunising its own people. Digby says as much. AD and Pr defend aid quite well.

Q: The Health Service Journal [& others say] changes to NHS in England will create an "unholy mess". Should Coalition reconsider?
Digby says there's a lot more important things to do.Its a very difficult task. Don't do it 1st term.
I'm so with Digby. Drop it. Healthcare takes an entire parliament even when there is nothing else going on. There's so much going on. Drop it. water it down. Boot it down the road. but leave Mr drew says "Leave it Dave. It ain't wurf it"

Q: Does the fall in university applications this year suggest that the government were wrong to raise tuition fees?
This straight away turns into vocational devaluation and the teachers bugbear -league tables., so we'll include that. SK has some good figs on universities. And rightly mentions risk averse sectors. He's been very good.
PR has even better stats and has taken the time to evaluate. He spotted its mature students doing a second degree that caused the drop in numbers. Not first degree.
Wasn't Claire Solomon, leader of the ULU rioters, 40 odd?

Thats the lot

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores - Just points TT

BQ - 6
CU - 4
Hopper - 3
Botogol -6
Seb W -7
Miss CD -6
Malc -3
measured - 3
Miss S-J - 3
Nick Drew - 7
Jan - 2
dick the prick - 5
Philipa - 7
andrew - 6
appointmetotheboard - 8
Hovis -1 {no show}
Timbo614 - 6
Budgie - 4

appointmetotheboard winner - 8

Nick Drew said...


the usual envelope will be in your pigeon-hole ...

hovis said...

Missed again - this work stuff gets in the way of things ...

but a point for turning up - even late - great - not sure I'm in contention for the title any longer, (is this a short season?)

Jan said...

Hmm, I'm sinking down the league table....

I'm a bit fed up with QT and turned over to see the C4 prog about the underground...

Budgie said...

I'm losing so this Thatcherite competition has got to be rigged by the bosses. The People's self esteem can be seriously damaged in this sort of Capitalist free for all.

We demand that everyone should be equal winners. We demand that you send a new progressive scheme for vetting to me at: Budgie Spart, Beria St, Engelsville. When do we want it? - NOW!!