Friday 27 April 2012


Using your BBC's Question Time knowledge, who would be the BBC's  choice for the members of the QT BBC World UN security panel.

There are 5 permanent members and 10 rotating members.

You need only do just the 5 perms

I offer

1. Caroline Lucas
2. Sarah Teather
3. Dianne Abbott
4. Janet Street Porter
5. Germaine Greer

And the 10 rotating members
  1. - Kelvin McKenzie
  2. - David Starkey
  3. - Owen Jones
  4. - Melanie Philips
  5. - Vince Cable
  6. - Yasmin Aliblah-blah
  7. -  Alastair Campbell
  8. - Baroness Warsi
  9. -  Will Self
  10. - Bonnie Greer


Nick Drew said...

Monstrous regiment, Mr Q !

Timbo614 said...

@BQ: Your panel is err... sexist! they are all wimmin' and you put CL at the top because she is the most attractive :)

Malcolm Tucker said...

Hmm - top 5

Has to be the one that dresses up in a curtain and wears a fruitbowl on her head.

And that artist bloke who dresses in woman's clothes.

That lesbian poet, wasshername. Doing a show about something now on BBC3 or BBC4 or BBC 2

And Marcus Brigstocke

And Kevin Bishop. Just because he's on everything that the BBC does at the moment.

Hopper said...
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andrew said...

george bush
rush limbaugh
marine le pen
hugo chavez
bo xilai

john in cheshire said...

I can't watch the gadawful programme, it brings me out in hives.

But if we're suggesting guests we'd like, I'd propose these deceased and probably never were alives :
- Mr Ed, the talking horse
- Kenny Everett
- Pol Pot
- Steve Biko
- Alexander Kerensky, the losing leader in the Bolshevik revolution

James Higham said...

Presuming they're all negatives, what's Melanie doing in there?