Thursday 26 April 2012

Question Time: Hunt the email edition

David Dimbleby is in Romford, where he chairs a debate on the big stories of the week.
 Not very helpful BBC - do pull the finger out!
{Waiting for Jeremey Hunt to get back to them probably. Leave it lads, he's  not coming on.}

BQ thinks - 
-Should Hunt resign for collusion or for incompetence?
- Does Marine Le Biro's rise mean a tenuous BNp/EDF question is coming?
- Madeline McCann - really? Again?
- Should paupers on 60K housing benefit equivalent be shipped out to Stoke? What has Stoke done to deserve this?
- was Mad Nads right when she said Cameron and Osborne were Millionaire Toff Bullingdon, rich boys. Eton lords and masters. Duke and duchess, better than the rest of us billionaires, millionaires, hundreds and thousandaires..super tax payers..landed gentry, horsey set, hunting with dogs..badminton..rowing club, cricket blazers, croquet hoopers, coming out balls. Silver spoon..high society, elitist, private prep school, champers swilling, porcelain plate, cucumber sandwich stuffing, foie gras eating, pate spreading, trust fund enjoying, better than you, Mansion house, family crest, Rolls Royce, duck house, moat cleaning, Chipping Norton, cream tea, Barbour coated, Hunter wellie wearing, stock owning, banker friending, footsie 100, private box, night at the opera, yacht possessing, smug bastards?
Current Leaders

Measured -88
Dick the Prick - 87
Bill Quango MP - 81
Timbo614 -80
Nick Drew - 79
Philipa - 77
Miss CD - 74
Miss S-J - 73
Budgie - 72

Malcolm Tucker - 69
- 69

appointmetotheboard - 65
Sebastian Weetabix - 63
Botogol - 59
Hopper - 59

GSD - 52
Andrew - 50
Jan - 48
Hovis - 42

lilith - 25
Mark Wadsworth -18
Amy 10

Anonymous - 7
Kynon - 4
James Higham - 5
Blue Eyes - 2
John in Cheshire - 2
EK -1
Dearieme - 1


appointmetotheboard said...

Heh. Give yourself an extra point for Q5 BQ.

gsd said...

not my guess-list, but a list of the talking heads (via bbc qt web site):
"David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Romford in East London. On the panel: Employment Minister Chris Grayling MP, Shadow Health Minister Diane Abbott MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats Simon Hughes MP, UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage MEP and Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee."

Miss S-J said...

Agree with those.

1. Arrogant rich boys.
2. BskyB merger and Spads. Should Hunt go? Why is he still there?
3. Murdoch - Gordon spat. Somewhat belatedly after the break up Brown says "I never loved you and I faked all my orgasms."
4. Madeleine McCann. Did Rupert tell Dave to get an inquiry going just to sell some pages?
5. Tube drivers and maintenance workers out on strike again. Should TFL just give them all 100k to make them happy?

Miss CD said...

BQ- look over at Guido Fawkes. Dianne Abbott's questions have been found in the photocopier.

1. Phone hacking, Sky, Hunt. A long question with lots of faux integrity.
2. Double dip recession. Is Ed Balls right that spending is the answer?
3. Social cleansing from Newham. A political stunt or a genuine worry?
4. Maddy. The cold case reopens.
5. Must be an EU question for Farage - Le Penn blames the Euro on France's woes. Why does French UKIP poll 15% higher than UK-UKIP?

gsd said...

Hi all,

link for the above talking-head list:

1) Charles Taylor - finally convicted, but why British prison? Will he be let out after 1/2 of is sentence & then sent home? Whats the plan here?

2) Leveson : The Met, Hunt etc. Is Dave really, really sorry he started this whole ball rolling yet, or is still a useful distraction from the day-to-day cock-ups he presides over?

3) Is it all over for the LibDems? - will the new third party be UKIP or Respect?

4) Is the fall in teacher numbers (down 10,000 this year apparently) a good thing given that so many parents take kids out of school to go on holiday?

5) EU: Is it right to right for the EU to increase its budget when so many members are in financial trouble? Leading onto: Should the UK have a EU membership referendum?

6) Should normal taxis (as well as Black Cabs) be allowed to use bus lanes in London?

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Ho hum. Can't imagine there will be many surprises this week; also can't imagine anyone in Romford being interested in the French Presidential Elections, either.

1. Jeremy Hunt - fall guy for Cameron/Osborne, wheels coming off the bus, fish rots from the head and so on
2. Tax dodging rich bastards (cue Right-minded wailing about Ken Leninspart & the London Mayoral Elections)
3. More blood needed during the Olympics, tube drivers striking... it's going to be a catastrophe isn't it?
4. Are the water companies taking the piss? Ever since they announced a hosepipe ban it's never stopped raining. We must be the only country with a drought & flooding at the same time.
5. Children viewing porn on the interweb. Where are the parents? Going Dogging?
6. Britain in recession, tory cuts (hah! fat chance), austerity.

appointmetotheboard said...

Feisty looking panel...

1. Are politicians too snuggly with cuddly Uncle Rupert? This (according to Newsnight anyway) is the big story of the week.

2. Recession. You may have missed it under all the News Corp noise.

3. Will the fall of Sarkozy and/or the Dutch govt take Europe's obsession with austerity with it? Or something about how we don't like forriners, anyway.

4. Gentrification. Anyone hear the interview with the widow on the Today programme yesterday? I was properly appalled.

5. Lords reform. Now? Really? I despair of the Lib Dems.

Nick Drew said...

oh all right then

1) Should JH go ? segueing into ...
2) Are politicians in thrall to the media & RMurdoch in particular (& do bears s**t in the woods) ?
3) meanwhile, back in the real world ... is it all up for the € ?
4) and should the EC get a budget increase ?
5)meanwhile, back in Essex ... should the Olympics have generated more jobs for local people ?

Timbo614 said...

evening, need a good week if I am to have a shot left at the top spot, so can't leave out the obvious...

1) Should Jeremy Hunt resign? Does "I did nothing wrong(technically)" cut it under these circumstances. leading to...
2) Murdock BSkyB broadcasting License and general phone hacking cover up stuff.

3) We are in recession again - did anyone notice. The FTSE didn't. What Now Boy George, Spend a little?

4) Relocating people where they can afford to live better on our largesse, What's your problem? Social cleansing - that's bollocks!

5) Couples tax returns re child benefit row - Our tax affairs are guaranteed private by HMRC - Now we have a rule that demands revealing details to a third party, cock up as per usual or beginning of the privacy rot?

Hopper said...

1. Double-dip recession: what would the panel do to get us out of it?
2. Diamond bonus, shareholder protest, bankers DNGAFF. Should banks be afraid of the FSA (per Sants rants)?
3. BSkyB, Hunt, Brown - is this Murdoch having his revenge?
4. EC budget increase - with Nigel Farage on the panel this must be a hole in one, surely?
5. Internet porn, won't somebody please think of the children?

measured said...

BQ, excellent fifth question. The only words you left out were ‘Sloane’ and ‘Ranger’. History repeats itself.

Right, a clear head this week:

1. Do we believe Rupert? What should happen to Hunt? It won’t be put so bluntly, of course … is Murdoch a fit and proper person to run a newspaper empire? Should he be allowed to buy BSkyB? Did he really canoodle with Brown? He would always vote Conservative and yet one of his son’s godfathers is Blair? All wrong, of course.

2. Are we a banana republic? Can we house the unemployed in our cities? Postal voting is so open to abuse …. what to do? Relocate them. Gerrymandering. Might not solve the problem though.

3. The EU wants an additional £900m off us next year. That’ll scupper the recovery when France and Germany start bickering. I love Francois’s Hollande’s plans. Farage must be saying “Bring it on.”.

4. Go on I’ll indulge Farage even more. How are we going to get out of the ECHR when it’s part of the EU? We have our own SUPREME Court. He’ll be desperate to get this one in.

5. Blimey, it is all going wrong. Omnidisastrous. Is it a dip or a double dip? What should the Coalition do?

Shame Abbott doesn’t read your posts and our comments, BQ. These are be far more constructive than her adviser’s notes.

Where’s Dick the Prick? Buck up boy! ;-)

Dick the Prick said...

Evenin' all.

Leveson/Hunt - collusion, BBC piety in full regalia. OT watched Panorama the other day and it had degenerated to an episode of local news -pathetic.

2) Recession - unemployment probably a posh boy out of touch segue,

3) Housing - social cleansing, holocaust and the shoa

4) EU budget as young Nigel's on apparently.

Just 4 methinks.

Philipa said...

Yes an extra reward for u for Q5?
Here's mine:

1. Hunt, Cam and corruption between govt+Murdoch empire. Can ANY govt be trusted?
2. Barclays
3. Tanker driver strike
4. London issues/3rd runway/HSR
5. Child Benefit snooping

measured said...

I knew you wouldn't be far behind, Dick.

lilith said...

1. Hunt, should he go?

2. ECHR and deporting maniacs.

3. "Social Cleansing"

4. Should internet be regulated to protect the children?

5. How does the BBC expect audiences to cope with Simon Hughes and Diane Abbott in the same show?

andrew said...

1 should hunt resign - can murdoch jr really be that useless

2 is it a real recession or an error

3 ethnic cleansing of posh areas or a reluctance to pay for someone else to stay in a nicer house than most can afford

4 charles taylor - a new era of internationalism

5 something to do with unemployment cars and industry

Budgie said...

1. Was Nadine right about the public school toffs at the top of the greasy pole: "two arrogant posh boys who show no remorse"?

2. Is evil Thatcherist Rupert really in the dark as he Hunts the email in the steaming pile of Leveson hacking BSkyB political codswallop cont p94? I have lost the will to listen to the BBC anymore.

3. Should the pill be dished out to dim 13 year old girls, just so teenage boys can learn at an earlier age that their actions have no costly consequences (for them)?

4. Recession caused by evil Thatcherist Tory-led government, Balls was right, bankers are to blame, no parking in the red zone, wirrr dumed ah tell ye, fiat money banker scum, let's form a collective NOW? (Is that a question? - Ed).

5. EU not defeated by evil Thatcherist Tory-led government, Balls was right, bankers are to blame, no parking in the red zone, wirrr dumed ah tell ye, fiat money banker scum, let's form a collective NOW? (See me in my office immediately - Ed).

Jan said...

Better be quick....

1) Should we be worried about China?

2) Should we be worried about being in recession/(depression??)?

3) Should we still worry about Al Quaeida/terrorist plots?

4) Should we all worry about inflation and unemployment?

5) Is the Leveson enquiry and all the political shenanigans just to take our minds off all the above?

Malcolm Tucker said...

green energy
housing cap
something about the Olympics. Probably blood.

CityUnslicker said...

1. HUNT-ing
2. GDP/Recession
3. Evil Boris for Mayor - hated due to threat of estuary airport
4. French Election - BNP, fascists etc (Romford being the capital of this!)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Emails schemails, that's yesterday's news!

My five questions:

1. that spy in a suitcase, do you think he was involved in kinky sex games?

2. That spy in a suitcase, do you think he was gay/a transvestite/drug addict?

3. That spy in a suitcase, was he murdered by some dark nameless force (Islamists, CIA, take your pick)?

4. Or was that spy in a suitcase genuinely training up to be an escapologist? Having skim read a couple of articles, it strikes me that this rather mundane explanation is the most likely one.

5. When will Farage stop doing that weird thing where he pushes his lips together and blows air into his upper lip?

Mark Wadsworth said...

4. Forgot to add: probably the most incompetent student of escapology ever. He should have tried the beginner's course where you're given a flashlight and a compass and asked to find your way out of a telephone booth in broad daylight without a blind fold.

Bill Quango MP said...

feisty panel. Polly Toynbee is having a 60's kick. She might have a vote Hubert Humphrey under her lapel.

First Q: How can we have confidence in the government’s economic policy when we are in recession again?
Abbott says Tories came into office to damage the economy because that's they how they have fun..or some approximation.

"We're being run a bunch of college kids," says @Nigel_Farage

Q2: In light of recent evidence heard at the Leveson inquiry, should Jeremy Hunt resign as culture secretary?

Q3: Is moving low-income families from Newham to Stoke-on-Trent a form of social cleansing?

Q4: Should the contraceptive pill be available to girls as young as 13 without prescription as suggested by an NHS report?

Timbo614 said...

@BQ: Polly Toynbee is having a 60's kick.

my first thought was "she borrowed that from Hendrix" :)

Bill Quango MP said...

This s a double season. {Forget to end at Easter} - Keep on trucking.


BQ - 7
Miss S-J -4
GSD - thanks for the update - 4
Miss CD - 10
Dianne Abbott - 15, but you had 15 questions so.. zero.
Sebastian Weetabix - 6
appointmetotheboard - 6
Nick Drew - 5
Timbo614 - 10 {your answer 5 = cock up}
Hopper - 7
measured - 7
lilith - 6 {hughes and abbott and farage and toynbee- not enough ego room}
Dick the Prick 9 + 1 for 4qs = 10+1 for last week = 11
Philipa = 3 + 5 for last week = 8
andrew - good - 9
Budgie - 9 + only one to go on the pill - 11
Jan - 6
Malcolm Tucker - 6
CU - 6
Mark Wadsworth - you know, that never came up. But 2 points.

winners are DP and Budgie

Dick the Prick said...

Hurray - don't Diane Abbot's got the hang of this game! Cheers Bill. Contraceptives, pah, curve ball.

hovis said...

I thought it had ended? ah well ...

Bill Quango MP said...

Hovis - yet you still got a pint for last week.

And will again for this week.

We'll end it at Oldham I think.

Bill Quango MP said...

Point not pint.

This apple ipad word vaccination is a real plughole isn't him*

Nick Drew said...

the real world doesn't get much of a look-in on QT, does it ?

James Higham said...

Should the criterion for resignation be lack of Bullingdon membership?

Is the one thing which saves Hunt the grief over the subsequent fate of iDave's old flame?