Saturday 5 May 2012

Boris wins - what took so long?

Still waiting for the London election results.
This is going on forever.
Finally at midnight SKY call it for Boris with 51%-49% which is far narrower than expected. 
The big news, that wasn't even on the poll quiz, was the hopeless Jenny Jones of the Green party is in 3rd place with 4.5%. Ahead of Brian Paddick, who seemed much more credible than last time. Boris gave a good victory speech. Ken's was very sour. Tired and bitter. I'm glad he lost.

We'll have an Opinion piece later. But now the all important compo.

1 - Boris 51.5% - 48.5%% win. 3%+ {why did that take so long?}
2 - UKIP got ?{don't know on seats but votes for mayor below 2% - very poor.}   . Siobhan Benita did well with 3.8%.
3 - Labour did fantastically. 854 gain. Well beyond their top end expectations
4 - 9 cities voted against a mayor . One for and one ,Doncaster,  comfortably against expectations, keep their mayor.{62%-38%} 
5 - Glasgow. SNP had very limited gains and Labour remain comfortably in control.
6 - Liberals had a nightmare and lost over 50%. - 71 remain.

Hopper - 4
Hovis- 2
Measured - 5
Gsd - 1 {ouch!}
Bill Quango MP - 4
Sebastian Weetabix - 6
  Nick Drew - 3
Lilith - 2
Appointmetotheboard - 3
Andrew - 2
Dick the Prick - 5
Miss CD - 7
Timbo614 - 8
Budgie - 4
Jan - 1 {ohhh!}
Mark Wadsworth - 2 {we read all your posts to.}
Malcolm Tucker - 5
Cityunslicker - 7
Philipa - 6

As the returning officer I now pronounce that Timbo614 is the mayor of London.


Hopper said...

Congratulations Mayor Timbo614! I hope you can deliver as foreigner-offending a speech as Boris for the Olympics opening.
(And props to BQ for coming up with quite the interesting compo).

Philipa said...

Congrats Timbo. Speech, speech!!

gsd said...

well done Timbo614 - enjoy your mayorship! And much good karma to BQ for taking the time to run the whole thing.

As for my score, well they don't call me George "finger-on-the-pulse" D.......... At all, Ever.

Anonymous said...

Just one more batch of postal votes returned from Maipur would have swung it. Next time, eh!

Timbo614 said...

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen; and serfs,

I gives me great pleasure to don this funny hat and ancient gold chain, I like dressing up - just like that lumberjack fellow. This year sees some highlights in Londinium. Dave & Seb are organising a sports day on the east games field, apparently they have invited a few mates from other domiciles and we wish them luck and hope they can get the rather large burger van through the city streets without too much trouble. Captain Mainwarning and Sgt. Dixon (of the Dock green station) have agreed to police the area. Please do not feel unsettled by the Captain's installation of the archery groups (long bow divisions) on roof tops these are merely a precaution against incoming ICBMs, we would have used missiles but we used them all on our lust junket abroad. Pvt. Pike will be checking tickets at the gate and is well aware of those ones supplied by that spiv walker.

The other event is a bit of a shindig for her Majesty on a nautical theme on the river. Dixon is going to be rather busy so despite stationing 2 bicycles at each end of the city (we thank the IOC for the spare) he has been empowered to commandeer any blue and white Boris bike on demand - so please give up your cycle willingly if asked to speed him on his way.

After the parties and events life will probably turn back to the same shit it was last year in the city, I will get extremely rich by mysterious means, the serfs will be asked (errm instructed) to help pay for all my wonderful new ideas, which will benefit and affect about 1% of you (possibly the already rich) and more puzzlingly cost every one else 10%.

Ithankyou, Ithankyou.

Bill Quango MP said...

Are you sue you aren't the real Boris?

measured said...


Congratulations, Sir!

Btw do you need a new set of clothes?

{never fail to spot an opportunity.}

Budgie said...

A "lust junket abroad", Timbo? Well you have got into the spirit of things right from the start, haven't you?

Timbo614 said...

@Budgie, well spotted sir "Lust Junket" I must copyright and market that!

Thanks all for the cheering, measured: New clothes will be in order but will have to be supplied free (nudge, nudge you will get a mention on channel 5 between 23:00 and midnight)

Oohh, ooohh! the "opportunities" :)

Mark Wadsworth said...

I was miles off, wasn't I? So thanks for the 2.

john in cheshire said...

The results, for both London and nationally, just show how difficult it is to wean people off their favourite party colours no matter how awful they perform. I think UKIP need to attend a few seminars on Human Behaviour and how to change peoples resistance to change.