Thursday 15 November 2012

Question Time Cor Blimey special

David Dimbleby presents Question Time from Corby as the polls close in the by-election. On the panel are justice secretary Chris Grayling MP, Labour's deputy leader and shadow culture secretary Harriet Harman, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, Liberal Democrat Tessa Munt and Moray MacLennan, chief executive of the advertising agency M&C Saatchi.

Semi heavy panel and another outing for UKIP. Unusual for the BBC. Maybe they are preparing for the Libs to be the 4th party after 2015?

It'll be all about the Corby by election. for those who haven't paid any attention to it, which is all of us who don't live there, you can back labour to win but only at 1:100. So whatever the spin its a certainty and always has been. it was amazing Mensch ever won it..

Enter your guess for what you believe the regional audience will ask of the panel. Maximum of 5 guesses allowed. Various special rules apply that are hidden even more cunningly than on your utility companies website.

BQ predicts.

1. Corby, is the end of the libcon alliance, the end of conservatives, the rise of the Mliband Tendency, UKIPs finest hour etc etc. {its none of these things}

2. Israel begins peace talks with an attack.  Not very peaceable. Possible invasion. That hasn't gone well in the recent past. Is there anything we can do? Should do? Or do we have enough to worry about doing nothing about Iran and Syria?

3. The EU general strike. Its almost unreported, yet there were huge numbers on the streets in Spain. Less in Italy and Greece. How long can this euro crash go on?

4. The BBC DG resigns on double pay? The rewards for failure have never been higher.

5. Tax tax tax. Stabucks/Google/Amazon/Ikea have killed off UK companies and aren't even paying any tax! {except all that vat and employer NI and business rates - } Even I, low taxation supporter, believe HMRC's light touch is softer than a roll of Baby Bum Cuddly Andrex Softy Soft.{tm}
 The unlevel playing field .


Malcolm Tucker said...

Hi all.

1. Middle East. Why is the place such a human rights disaster? Is it all Britain's fault?
2. Corby by election. Snore
3. Police commissioner elections, double snore.
4.EU budget and strikes. tell 'em to shove it Nigel.
5. Unemployment falls again but Mervyn thinks it a fluke and the triple dip is just a quarter's figures away.

Hopper said...

1. No more Corby for the Tory; does this show people are fed up with austerity, or just with chick lit?
2. Why are we wasting money on police commissioner elections?
3. BBC director resignation; was he right to go?
4. I fear BQ is spot on: time to make big companies pay their "fair share".
5. Is burning poppies really a human right?

measured said...

Evenin' all,

1. Is it time to hit the Bourbon? Cameron/economy/fuel tax in January/Corby

2. Is Nadine a stale digestive or a rather tasty hobnob?

3. No squashed flies on Abu Qatada.

4. Pink wafers in Gaza and broken golden creams in Syria. He that rules the skies can prise off the layers, scrape off the filling and crunch them up. A job for NATO?

5. Can't you guess? The BBC, the DG and the paedos. Yes, another chance for another apology to McAlpine ('although Newsnight did not mention him by name', don't you know). Scottish shortbread.

I'm cream crackered, BQ and I've just realised, hungry.

measured said...

Oh yes, as an aside, just remembered, journalists have been told that they are not allowed to ask how many will turn out for the Police Commissioners' elections. No, not in China, here. (It won't be mentioned though.)

Bill Quango MP said...

DtP said...

Highly apologetic but i'm off to the pub so can I chuck my QT answers down now, please?

1) A bit of Mensching and a veritable smorgasboard of Harman bashing Le femme Tories for being out of touch, useless, etc ad infinitum

2) Ave a bananna or indeed Abu Quatada

3) Unemployment - and how to generate growth specifically - don't know the Saatchi dude of the LibDummer

4) Europe in peril, in peril I tells thee

5) Wind farms, Le Dellingpole and various opportunities for whattaboutery.

Good luck


Nick Drew said...

1) AbuQ / rule-of-law
2) MacAlpine, should he now get big £££
3) corporation tax

now ... could we get a sensible energy discussion? well, obviously not. anyhow -

4) the Corby campaign windfarms tory traitor saga, segue into ...
5) energy market price-rigging

gsd said...

Hi all.

1) Politicization of the police through party police commissioners (try saying that quickly!). Bad move for the country & yet more jobs for the boys?

2) How badly will the Speaker be damaged by the fact that his wife is one of the alleged twitter libellers?

3) The Abu Qatada omnishambles (new word of the year apparently). What should May's next move be?

4) Israel & Gaza. How will the arab spring countries (& the major regional players) react?

5) Who should the next BBC DG be & why? Should Patten remain in-post?

Bill Quango MP said...

Even QT is doing this now. "Evening all. Couple of minutes to go. @BBCExtraGuest guesses for Qs tonight are "Gaza, PCC elections, windfarms and (groan) Europe." #bbcqt"

Bill Quango MP said...

BBC Question Time ‏@bbcquestiontime

And away we go. Welcome all. What questions do you think are going to come up? #bbcqt

Budgie said...

Honest, guv, fair cop, innit, I wuz only avin a larf? No, really, my little man, I do not possess one of those frightful televisual receiving apparatii. So late as I am, here goes:

1. BBC and Lord McAlpine: "I'll sue you all" (Is this right? Ed)??!?

2. Israel and Palestine - do they fight because they are so alike?

3. Did I Menschion Corby?

4. BP has £3billion nicked out of our pensions by creep O'Barmat?

5. Eurozone slides into recession, strikes, riots, suicides, misery. Said the BBC: "Na, na, na, nah, I'm not listening".

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1: The winning party in Corby has come out on top in every general election in past 30 years. Will today’s result continue trend?

Q2: Should we simply put Abu Qatada on a plane to Jordan?
{oh yeah.. should have spotted that one.}

Q3: Should we spend more time discussing how we can better protect children than worry about who’s running the BBC?

Q4: Should we be boycotting tax dodging companies?

Q5: Who is wrong – Israel or Hamas?

not a bad show.

Bill Quango MP said...


- BQ - 7 {yeah}
- Malcolm Tucker - 4 {nah}
- Hopper - 5 {fair}
- Measured - 6 +1 for taking the biscuit -7
- DTP - {not too bad for an early shout } -4
- Nick Drew - 5 {Ok}
Ian Hills - I'm not getting into it.
The entire region has been a disaster since at least 1948. Until the blood feud Sicilian Vendettas end it will just carry on.
- BBC EXTRA GUEST {she got 3 }
- Budgie 6 + 1 for Menschion. That's class.

Winners are BQ/Budgie and Measured on a turnout as low as one for a PPC.

Prize is to choose a tax rate for Amazon.

gsd said...

nill points then?

Bill Quango MP said...

gsd - Apologies. of course you shall score. - 7 + 1 for error and that makes you king of the hill and have choice a new capital gains tax.

gsd said...

Blimey - the "Various special rules apply that are hidden" must be extreme! I thing I would have given myself 3 - but I'm certainly not complaining.

Not wishing to waste my prize, I declare that CGT will be set at 5% for the next 2 years, to see what effect it has on "growth". The cost to the exchequer to be mitigated by removing the "profits on your main home is exempt from CGT" exemption.

measured said...

Whoop! Whoop! Oh.

I was going to go for a floating rate. Amazon. Gettit? OK, I'll lilo.

gsd, cgt on one's principal residence? Ouch.

Still, it would make the lefties squeal and Nick Clegg. :-)