Thursday 9 January 2014

'Consumer led recovery dangerous' fail for Labour

Another plank of Labour's economic claims is falling apart. Not only is "too far, too fast" a distant, dull memory, but now the chant of the 'wrong sort' of recovery is unravelling too. Post-Christmas, many of the major stores have not done well and were reduced to offering steep discounts to get product out of the door. Consumer spending was reined in.

By contrast, out today with news of expansion and good growth, is, err, Rolls Royce. That Housing Bubble talk is next in line too, as construction picks up and housebuilding will move to reach record levels (which it needs to if prices are to be controlled).

It does not bode well for very strong growth this year as a whole, much as I expect, more of the same from last year at best. But HM Opposition is going to be in a right mess on its economic policy and positioning if it can't analyses what is going on rather than wishing that its fantasies come true (see triple dip recession, RIP).

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Demetrius said...

There might be more money sculling around the system causing figures to indicate "growth" but there are far too many leakages and activities that yield no real return on investment.