Wednesday 21 May 2014

Prince Charles Knows His History, But ...

He may have poor control of his tongue and a shaky grasp of his constitutional position: but the heir to the throne certainly knows what he's talking about when comparing Russian actions in Ukraine with the pre-war behaviour of Germany.  In his many cross-border adventures, Adolph always liked to make sure there was a pretext - ideally a staged "border incident" of some kind - which would justify steaming in after a bit of Lebensraum.

But ...

... in letting fly with his A-level history to complete strangers, Price Charles is so far out of line it's not even worth asking the US Coastguard to find him.  If anything will see off the British Monarchy it's not Salmond or some Ozzie republican, it's the next monarch himself.  What does it take to shut him up ?

Our constitution is a grand, quirky thing.  Read this depressing essay to remind yourself what you get with a strutting politician as head of state.  But everyone needs to stick to the rules !



dearieme said...

I agree; he's got to learn to pipe down.

john miller said...

"Price Charles"

He's not renting himself out again, is he?

Electro-Kevin said...

Prince Charles is a likeable bloke but can be a right cock.

And that's someone like me saying so !

(Spike Milligan was more suitable for the job.)

Anonymous said...

He's never forgiven them for how they treated his cousins.

Elby the Beserk said...

Yes. The Prince should shut up and butt out.

The LRB article lays to rest any lasting fancies that the EU might be seen as some sort of representative democracy. Appalling - and utterly unsurprising. However unpatriotic it might be to say so, eh, Cleggy?

Blue Eyes said...

ND I agree.

I have long predicted that Charles will be the death of our careful constitution.

I have also long suggested that he announces, long before he becomes King, that he will pass the Crown straight down to William.

Although it would be somewhat ironic that a Charles would cause the final downfall of the British monarchy.