Thursday 15 May 2014

Quite Beyond The Pale, by Proko Harum

This 'charismatc' fellow is claiming he has converted the Nigerian schoolgirls.  Who are Proko Harum anyway, leading schoolgirls astray?  They've certainly made a few hits, most famously Quite Beyond The Pale ... but theirs is not necessarily a progressive sound

He said “I have my reasons 
And my troops are plain to see 
So I stole in through their playing-fields 
And would not let them be 
Just 200 happy schoolgirls 
Who were living as they chose 
And although their minds were open 
They might just as well be closed” 

And so it was that later 
As the Mullah told his tale 
That their fate at first just ghastly 
Turned to quite beyond the pale

1 comment:

andrew said...

Expect to see more of this (*) happening

(*) this being random people(**) doing what looks like completely random and nonsensical (to me) bad things to other random people in random places(***) for random reasons(***) - and I dont know why (****).

(**) sadly, usually young men

(***) sadly, all around the world and not necessarily religiously inspired
- Raoul Moat, Adebolajo, Holmes (oklahoma cinema), Anders Brevik (Utoya) - those are the ones I remember over the last 2 years and are in the english papers.
Back in the 20-30s there were a lot of serial killers in Germany.

I suspect it is because it is easy - you use what you have to hand.
You get to hear about it so that it becomes something that is not unthinkable.
You get to be famous.
You have nothing else to live for.