Thursday 2 October 2014

BBC Question Time - Willy Wonga edition

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Northampton. On the panel are Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps MP, Labour's shadow business minister Stella Creasy MP, Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert, Fleet Street Fox blogger and Mirror columnist Susie Boniface and the founder and chief executive of Pimlico Plumbers, Charlie Mullins.

Unusual panel. Fleet Street Fox is probably the leftiest of the lot. But with a sharp mind.

1 or 2 points for each correct question asked. Depending on how close to the actual wording.
5 points for guessing the colour/design of  the Dimbleby tie. 2 points for nearest match if no outright winner

1 point for each witty comment/excessive punning/ lampoon/mock/clever theme  that you put into the comments
1 point for the first entrant each week 
1 point for random other reasons

BQ suspects.

Will raising the minimum allowance for low paid workers make a difference to anything?
UKIP. Did a certain person's rude speech gift the kippers a million quid?
Is it right for a certain on this panel newspaper to entrap a minister citing a very suspect 'public interest' defence.
Who can spend the most on the NHS ? Are Tory NHS promises credible?
Wonga - Bowing to public pressure or writing off debt that was never going to be repaid.

Capitalists@Work BBC Question Time competition is proud to support Help for Politicians.
Sponsored by Powergen
Charity Shield Winner
Blue Eyes 

Winners List 2014

Hopper 1

Timbo615 1


Electro-Kevin said...

Now that Mr Cameron is a confirmed Tory (according to the Daily Mail) should John Redwood be moved to the front bench ?

Dimble-tie - Kippers

Nick Drew said...

(0) silver-white with an indecipherable motif, possibly a stain ...
(1) something with a whiff of Ebola: have we been complacent / failed to give enough foreign aid £££ / all our fault really ?
(2) something with a whiff of monosodium glutamate: what's going to happen in HK, has the People's Party learned better than to send in the heavy brigade ? (we don't want a whiff of grapeshot ...)
(3) something with a whiff of, errr, prurience: is the journalistic come-on sting ever justified ?
(4) something with a whiff of AVTUR - what's all this about female Tornado crews ?
(5) something that just smells bad: WTF is the BBC doing just making stuff up about Mary Seacole & Florence McNightingown ?

Electro-Kevin said...

Nick - I think they'll avoid Ebola like the plague.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Dimbletie - ISIS black flag

1. Tornados flew 6 sorties and bombed a lorry. Or possibly a cart. Whatever, its destroyed now - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

2. Ebola - Agree . is the cash strapped unfunded NHS under the coalition strangulation ready to save everyone from the virus once it gets going? {no}

3 UKIP defectors. Are the soft right worried?

4. Why no EU arrest warrant for Alice's killer. But hospital family in handcuffs?

5. Was it the church threatening credit unions that forced Wonga to mend their ways?

Hopper said...

1. Why is the Right removing all our Rights?
2. Were we right to leave Hong Kong to the tender mercies of a communist dictatorship?
3. With FSF present, does the end justify the means for modern journalism?
4. Gawd bless the NHS, but won't these Tory tax cuts come from the pay packets of neglected nurses?
5. Would you invest in Tesco?

Tie: Ebola dark purple.

Timbo614 said...

Pre-election panic
The government is frantic
Members jumping ship
and they all go to join UKIP!

People under a debt cosh
wonky Wonga, wastes its dosh
People they will celebrate
the ones that will regulate

Hong Kong in the rain
Hong Kong's students, in pain
Can we help this democracy
I think that is a fallacy!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
who's the dirtiest player of all!
Will this mirror rise or fall,
it would leave under a terrible pall.

Mirror, Mirror in Dimby's rooms
Shows a Tie of black with blooms!

DtP said...


Don't think i'v ever been to Northamton but...

1) Deficit - hmm
2) Kids 4 Isis
3) Think after my chum's 40th, I got a touch of the ebola - crikey!
4) Snoopers' charter and Mozzaam Begg - one lives in hope!
5) Wonga dot com as it's Stella's show dontcha know?

Newsnight has become a bit shite very quickly. Was watching Ch4 News with me mum on Wednesday and after Michael Crick finished, she said 'he was a bit rude'. Yeah, yeah he was.

It's gonna be a good, campaigning QT season. First time as an observer, quite looking forward to it.

Cheers Bill

measured said...

I turned up late to the party.

Bill Quango MP said...


Looks close enough for 2 points each for Timbo/hopper/Malc

Q1 - Will promise of tax cuts be enough to save the PM and get Conservative government elected?

Labour look a little worried about this one. They are banking on making people believe they are now responsible and fiscally mature. That's a mistake. The Tories did that in 2009 and it cost them the election.
Brown took his -20point polling and promised everything for everyone and managed to not quite lose as badly as he should have done.
Labour not looking comfortable being the nasty party.

Q2: Why do Tory MPs keep defecting to UKIP?

because labour ones expect to be in government so they are staying put? Clacton next week and possibly Carswell opening that second front very wide.

Q3: Does panel think that freedom of movement across EU borders should include convicted criminals?

Q4: Was the Daily Mirror’s “entrapment” of Brooks Newmark in the 'public interest'?
i thought it was pointless.
But watching a daytime program lots of the audience were all upset. What if it was GP? one woman asked. peronally..if my GP wanted to photo his bits and send them to a swinger site, what the hell do i care?
But i felt a minority view.

Q5: Where does Prime Minister expect to find the estimated 5,000 GPs necessary to staff seven-day access to surgeries?

Bill Quango MP said...

Stella 'Payday' Creasy on the panel Wonga repenting- and no Wonga question - its a fix! A fix!

BQ - 4
EK - 1 for first
ND - 3 +1 for a bit of whiff - 4
{When I did the Crimea for O level Seacole was never mentioned. Nightingale got a whole lesson. Although she was a difficult personality. And didn't she retire to bed for 20 years?}
MT - 4+2 [good though}-6
Hopper - 5 = 2 = 7
timbo - 4 + 1 for prose and 2 for tie = 7
DTP - out of politics now? Are you sure you won't 'just help out' come the crunch. - 3
{and Crick is rude- but he does actually break stories.}
Measured - next week then.

Winners are Timbo and Hopper
prize is to nominate one tax cut that the next government must honour.

Nick Drew said...

Crick is rude- but he does actually break stories

... and hs technique is revolutionary: he actually does research ! Y'know, goes and finds people in their homes & asks them things; rings people up, reads things in libraries - stuff like that

beats relying on spin-doctors whispering in your ear

Timbo614 said...

The increases in bands
would steady the tax in the lands.
Or methinks it would cause a terrible stink.


That's my first leader board entry for over a year!

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