Thursday 13 November 2014

BBC Question time game Nov 13, 2014

This week, Cardiff - ground zero for the next non-revolution in British politics.

The panel includes Conservative secretary of state for Wales Stephen  'Crabby' Crabb MP, Labour's first minister of Wales Carwyn 'Carping' Jones AM, the leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne 'Dense' Wood AM, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty 'not for long' Williams AM and the Spectator and Sun columnist Rod ' The mouth' Liddle.

BQ is with IPSA all this week, oops, probably was not supposed to say that, oh well, so traditional guesses from CU. Not that they have worked much, perhaps after 8 years of this I should change my strategy...

Dimbletie - Green Hillocks.
1. TORIES DESTROY THE NHS - Evil Tories, who do no even run the Welsh NHS, have wrecked the institution from the evil fortress Westminster in the far off land of dragons and magic, Engerulund.
2. DEBT - Those evil Tories again, not even capable of making the poor suffer sufficiently to get the debt down. Milliband is making a speech today so this will feature heavily with a slant on rich people not paying tax. I can personally submit my tax returns which are tear stained that shows the opposite...
3. INDEPENDENCE - Hahahaha, the Welsh are poor, but not stupid. The teet from evil Engerlund flows with sweet Sterling manna and will not really be rejected. Lots of Wind to pretend otherwise.

4. SPACE PROBE ON COMET - Bad news for UKIP. EU achieve something. Only cost a billion quid, cheap at twice the price. Appears to be made of household dust. Nobel prizes all round.
5. IRANIAN GIRL - Nasty foreign types lock up poor girl for protesting about watching volleyabll. Everyone predictably horrified all round. Very sad story really. Individuals standing up to theocratic dictatorships never seems to work out that well.

Your predictions in the comments please. Winner gets a chance to bid on EBAY for some of these LCD telly's BQ seems to be selling in a hurry....

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Charity Shield Winner
Blue Eyes

Winners List 2014

Timbo614 2
Hopper 1
Malcolm Tucker 1
Nick Drew 1
Measured 1
Dick the prick 1


Elby the Beserk said...

". SPACE PROBE ON COMET - Bad news for UKIP. EU achieve something."

Whoops. The ESA is nothing to do with the EU. Which is probably why the project worked.

Kynon said...

Might as well have a first pop at this new season.

Dimbletie - red dragon, black background, small bloke wearing armour.

1) Ejukayshun - spellin & numbaz getting worse - Coagulation cuts to blame.

2) Devolution - appeasement hand-downs from ye Wastemonster lords, or precursor to DevoMax & Welsh Secession? Broken Britain etc. (or point & laugh at the Scots)

3) Defend the NHS - attacks are ideologically motivated by the Tories, punishing the Welsh for coming up with the idea in the first place. (see also coal mines)

4) Welsh Gov settling pay disputes - tip of the iceberg for other sectors, emergency services, teachers, etc?

There is no #5. Number 6 can be found in Portmerion and on iPlayer for the next 7 days.

DtP said...

Evenin' boyos - there'll be a welcome in the halfway hostel...err..that's not right!

0) Dimbletie - a silver affair, with triangles

1) NHS - health tourism ain't what it used to be.

2) If we're in recovery, how come Wales is still not feeling it?

3) Mental Health provision and accidently eating someone's face and/or going on holiday and beheading grannies.

4) European Arrest Warrant - probly not, but.....

5) Welsh Devo Max - how dare those dastardly English gives them more money than they earn - takin' liberties innit?

(If Dylan Thomas comes up - well, i'll kick myself)


Nick Drew said...

(0) something that can be taken for a poppy theme
(1) space probes - should we be elevating our gaze to the heavens? or is it a fatuous waste of money? (and did we ever really need Teflon anyway?)
(2) yeah, OK, welsh NHS
(3) and welsh independence generally
(4) Miliband. Yup, I know it's partisan but the beeb is curiously willing to give airtime to how useless Mili is reckoned to be by, errr, everyone
(5) benefits for johnny foreigner, is it right to put on the squeeze?

Bill Quango MP said...

Back from the witch hunt.

Dimby poppy tie.

1. Miliband - is he the worst leader in the history of leaders? He's not even PM yet!

2. Welsh NHS - sadly has to be.

3. Ruling on no benefits for unemployed foreigners. Someone might say something about axing benefits for working foreigners but it won't go down well.

4. EU arrest warrant and the debacle that that was. DC seemed to get away with it. Even though he steered himself well into Lisbon Liar territory.

5. Could be soccer? Corruption in low places.

Timbo614 said...

Evenin' I keep missing weeks :(

Timbo was in Austria
doing what Austrians do
Out for a drink and food
and smoking at the bar too :)

Milliband took a whack
for not trying hard to win
Is he making a weak come back
or is he for the bin?

10 years in the journey,
and incredible engineering feat
We need more sun on Philae
or there'll be no comet TV :(

NHS we have to have
'coz Welsh staff need more wages
We don't care about Scots or English
Just give us more, we've been broke for ages

On NHS there's more
But will it just make us poor?
Will we do it all on-line
or burn 14 Billion more?

Payday's have been limited
to 292 percent Per A
That'll stop them in their tracks
or will pigs fly again today?

Dimby's tie is dark and mellow
like black with bits of yellow

measured said...

Evenin’ all,

1. Should Wales have a cancer fund as the NHS has such limited resources? There are pitfalls to being independent. *Look out for the more nurses placard*

2. Football v. Rugby. Rugby wins, of course, as we are in Wales and none of them are Nancy boys or convicted rapists. Oh wait, the ref.

3. Ruled by artificial intelligence. Landing on a comet, landing in your back garden. A.I. will needed us for menial work but as we breed so easily, we’ll be expendable. *Obey or get zapped*

4. We are no longer a two party state. Should we stay or should we go? Ed says leaving has never crossed his mind. Who believes that? Harriet likes operating behind line of fire, just like the generals in WW1.

5. Sheep (dazzling sky blue, they were in Dylan Thomas’s notebook). A question on Wales which anyone outside Wales and even some inside Wales is totally disinterested in. I’ll have nodded off, but well done strange looking man in the audience.

....all ignores events escalating in Ukraine.

Dimbletie: Lily the Pink, being Armistice Lest We Forget.

Malcolm Tucker said...

tie - golden syrup

1. Welsh independence. That big bung to Scotland to stay in the union. Welsh tax raising powers {god help them}

2. Ed the unready. Has there ever been an election where all the main parties look like losers?

3.Ched Evans rape case row.

4. Welsh NHS pay deal. regional pay deals in general. Big union topic.

5. Sugar regulation and welsh obesity crisis and the regiona'ls love of excessive regulation.

Hopper said...

Squeezing in under the wire.

1. If ESA can build a probe that (mostly) still works after 10 years in space, why can't my washing machine last for half of that?
2. Will there be any Welsh NHS left to treat all the porkers from the obesity epidemic?
3. Whence Welsh independence after the Scots said "nae"?
4. When do we overtime hogs get back all the holiday pay owed to us?
5. Something about benefits tourism that makes the viewers want to claw their eyes out.

Budgie said...

1. Welsh obesity - Welsh NHS to the rescue?

2. Cameron pledges no return for UK jihadists - is this another cast iron guarantee? Who would want to come back anyway when you've got your own beheader, Humvee, and 72 cornflakes?

3. Major split - is the EU afeared?

4. Welsh paper mill to shut - is Osborne's boom a myth?

5. When will Wales get wot Scotland got, innit?

Electro-Kevin said...

Dimbletie: A sheep being buggered by a farmer.

CityUnslicker said...

Dimbletie - horrific purple thing

Kynon 2, -1 for being picky
DtP 2
ND 3
BQ 3
Timbo 2
Measured 1
Malcolm Tucker 4
Hopper 1
Budgie 2
CU 3

The Winner is Malcolm Tucker, BQm send that man a plasma (althought there seems to be a shortage of this in Wales...)

Kynon said...

CU: Who's being picky, me or thee? ;-)

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