Wednesday 11 March 2015

Keeping Up With The Kalashnikovs

One definitely shouldn't laugh, but the unfolding tale of the London jihadi brides is a severe test of the straight face and sober countenance.
A handwritten list discovered in the bedroom of one of the three London schoolgirls feared to have fled to join Islamic State details the items they needed to buy as well as the travelling costs of getting to Syria. The items ranged from a mobile phone to underwear, makeup and an epilator*.
My sister was into normal teenage things. She used to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”
Well she's Keeping Up With The Kalashnikovs now - an easy mistake to make. As Abdurrahman Bilgic, Turkey’s ambassador to the UK, tactfully puts it: "our neighbourhood is not a rose garden”.  He may not have been to Bethnal Green.

One would be more inclined towards sympathy for these strange but fundamentally tragic goings-on if it wasn't for the relentless finger-pointing towards the authorities.  According to (inter alia) the pious Mr Vaz, the Met is to blame !  Another easy mistake, I think, because more reliable commentators are blaming the net.  That's net, Keith, you know, the interwebby thing where they find these silly videos and stuff.

*reminds one of the old joke about legionnaires rushing to meet the camel train: well you don't want an ugly one, do you?


JS said...

Absolutely. Trying to pin the blame on the authorities is hilarious. Also nice to hear the Foreign Secretary laying into the Jihadi John "apologists" yesterday.

Elby the Beserk said...

So - the parents weren't able to detect that the girls were about to go AWOL. Their school wasn't either. But the Met should have been.

Hmmm. How does that work?

Kynon said...

Elby - because if nutjobs like Phillip Hammond & Theresa May had their way, then the Met would be able to (legally) eavesdrop on everyone's communications (with the assistance of GCHQ) - something that the parents & the school wouldn't be able to do.

Jan said...

I reckon those girls were a bit fed up with their roles as "Grade A students" and just wanted a bit of excitement. School is a very boring and stressful place to be. Blame "the system" if anything. The tragedy is their naivity.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I find the Muslim 'victim' psychology very interesting. It reminds me of the stereotypical bullying, violent husband - "it's all your fault... If you didn't behave this way I wouldn't be forced to hit you". At the same time they manage to be self-pitying, self-justifying and self-righteous, all the while denying to others what they seek for themselves. It's like a mental illness.

The nice young Asian lad who serves us in the local curry house once whispered to me during Ramadam "the trouble with Islam is everything good is haram". First he had checked to see none of his co-workers could hear him, which seems to neatly sum the problem up.

Demetrius said...

If my understanding of the demographics of Mr. Vaz's constituency is correct then on his electoral roll there is likely to be more sympathy with ISIS than with feminism or human rights.

James Higham said...

Were they required to be virgins as well, in order to top up stocks in heaven?

Suffragent said...

“They won’t be treated as terrorists upon their return, we’ve cancelled their passports” there, fixed it for ya.

OT the rolling barrage continues
"Nothing to hide nothing to fear"
In response the public employee Valerie Vaz replied
This was a private meeting and I am disappointed a colleague has publicised their version of what was said

dearieme said...

"School is a very boring and stressful place to be." What a pity: it wasn't in my day. When did this unhappy turn of events begin?