Monday 20 April 2015

Nicola Sturgeon Coalition Blues

It’s here for you, Madame Nicola 
Mili loves you more than you will know, whoa ho ho 
We're here to please, Madame Nicola, 
Coalition beckons any day, hey hey hey 

We'd like to know a little bit about your tough red lines 
We know you’re keen to help yourself 
Look around you, all you see are panic-stricken eyes 
Stroll in Downing Street until you feel at home 
Coo-coo-ca-choo, Madame Nicola … 

On a TV sofa on a Sunday afternoon 
Being in the candidates' debate 
Lie about it, tease them with it 
When you get to choose 
Every way you look the English lose 

Where have you gone, Margaret Thatchio 
Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you, whoo hoo hoo
What's that you say, Madame Nicola 
Maggie T has left and gone away, hey hey hey 

© Nick Drew 2015


James Higham said...

Has anyone ever mentioned, Nick, yours and Bill Quango's particularly touching use of royal blue in the text?

Anonymous said...

The Gradutwat

Blue Eyes said...

Ed Miliband looking a bit Sean Connery there. The next Bond?

Nick Drew said...

James - err, I think you will find that Bill's colour code is a particuarly fetching shade of ...

Blue Eyes said...

Judging by some of the comments received by C@W, I wonder if the text shows up in white on some machines.

Jock McJock said...

All you C@W guys will know about reverse takeovers of larger moribund organisations where the idiot son (Dave) has been left in charge; the grasping uncle (Nige)is trying to mount a putsch; and the smarmy cousin (Nick) is just waiting in the wings to mount his proposals to the shareholders.

Usually these takeovers result in either a full blown merger or a shake-up. You should welcome the tartan horde(?) spilling over the border intending to capture the middle ground that everyone is abandoning in the hope of keeping a few nutters onside.

Anonymous said...

Ho ho ho.

Quite funny, actually.

Bill Quango MP said...

...err, I think you will find that Bill's colour code is a particuarly fetching shade of ..


I have just changed my ring tone to the communist party {+ still the Russian Federation} national anthem.
Recorded it on zine.

Mostly this is due to my increasing deafness and I needed the loudest ring tone I could find. Nothing louder than the soviet armed forces choir in full voice.

Da da ..da ..der ..da da da..

DJK said...

Have to hand it to the old Soviet Union, they did have the best national anthem.