Monday, 20 April 2015

Bill Quango's ring tone of choice.

For DJK.
It certainly does beat ours and the French. The Germans can give the Russians a run for their money..but can't beat this.

I guarantee if you have a phone and can't hear the damn thing ringing .. switch to this and even if you don't hear it, all the other passengers on your train staring at you will ensure you realise your phone is going.


Laban Tall said...

It is a cracking tune, though I think the Italian anthem, which seems to have several movements, just pips it. Obviously Wales has the very best.

What I've always found odd is how poor the Irish anthem is, for such a musical bunch.

Nick Drew said...

Bring yourself into C21, Bill, with the stirring and bang-up-to-date Gazprom Cuts Off All The Gas! song

DJK said...

Very good. The Red Army Choir do a nice version. But you should have chosen a Youtube link that has pictures of smiling tractor workers toiling beneath a poster of Lenin, interspersed with Gugarin and massed troops in Red Square. Somthing like this, perhaps.

DJK said...

Our own dirge is a poor thing besides the Soviet anthem, or even the French. Still, it's distinctively ours ("Our Country 'tis of Thee", apart) in a dull, British sort of way, and I wouldn't want it changed.

Nick Drew said...

The thing about ours is, it's short and can really be belted out (like the French, actually)

who'd be an Italian?

Bill Quango MP said...
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Bill Quango MP said...

The long french version has plenty of time for the players to get out of the tunnel and onto the pitch.


Demetrius said...

Lovely tune, used to have a vinyl record. It went on the record player when I was making phone calls. It guaranteed me instant service from the old GPO whenever the phone wasn't working so well.

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