Tuesday 10 November 2015

Brexit games commence

With the Prime Minister looking like he has finally decided to the the EU referendum out the way, the  Remain campaign has sort of launched. The pure power of the Remain campaign can be seen for the ease with which the Prime Minister can get Enda Kenny and Mark Rutte, Prime Minister's of Ireland and The Netherlands respectively, to row on his side.

Less effective is support from the useless CBI, but still, shilling for Europe is something that that organisation has been on doing for decades now; it is hardly going to change its tune now.

With the date now looking set for the middle of next year, the Remain campaign can put into play its two main strategies, Project FUD and the actual delay of negotiations to unbalance the Leave campaign.

These two strategies have a good chance of success. FUD worked well in the Scottish Referendum when it was deployed on real unknowns - such as what would the end state of leaving look like? Exactly the same strategy will be applied to the UK referendum - what will leaving the EU look like?

Of course, no one can know, particularly when the Government won't set it out and moreover will not even have the terms for staying in agreed until the end of the first quarter of next year at best. This leaves the field clear for 6 months to set in stone peoples' fears about what leaving the EU may do.

I really hope we do leave the EU as it staggers from one crisis to another of its own making. However, from a campaign perspective, Remain has the best hand by far.


Nick Drew said...

As North says, Cameron seems to have a strategy & no-one else does

Dick the Prick said...

It's a bit bloody scary the trolling from Vote Leave. The old false flag thing definitely has resonance. Hmmm.....I guess we knew they'd always have more money and resources than Leave but they've already staffed up with spotty teenagers.

Lord T said...

It isn't that remain has the best hand it is the people playing are dickheads and don't recognise a poor hand held by practiced liars and bullshitters, or should I simply say politicians.

Anonymous said...

If outright liars and charlatans, snake oil pedlars and evil men say "it's simply the best".

Surely, cutting through the 'stay in the EU' BS: most people can see through that?

If not [for the outers], we're done before we start.

Suff said...

I hope the full political spectrum get behind the remain campaign. The more they're on TV and radio spouting their lies the better. The public truly despise them and distrust anything they say. The cons played a blinder in the last election by not turning up.
Note holding out any hope though. The outs have no strategy and will get ripped apart by the media who won't let the truth get in the way of the fear message.

Bill Quango MP said...

North is very annoying. And his Starkey like outbursts infuriate many.
But his analysis of the politics there, is spot on.

Anonymous said...

Brexit is a game invented by the EU to have the UK tear itself apart with indecision. Meanwhile Germany is sewing up China - Merkel has been there 10 times. Spain which looked like a basket case a couple of years ago is vibrant from its links with the hispanic areas of North and South America. France is looking towards its arabic links in Africa and Middle East.

Cameron - clueless.

Jan said...

It's morphed into something completely different from what I signed up for all those years ago (1970s) when it was a sort of free trade thingy and I don't like it any more.