Tuesday 2 February 2016

Would the UK ever get a third referendum on EU membership ?

You run one time, you got yourself a set of chains....

Referendum 1975:  "Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?" Britons voted "Yes" in most of the 68 administrative counties, regions and Northern Ireland. Only Shetland and the Western Isles voted against the EEC. Home Secretary Roy Jenkins said: "It puts the uncertainty behind us. It commits Britain to Europe; it commits us to playing an active, constructive and enthusiastic role in it." 

You run twice you got yourself two sets....

 Mr Cameron's proposed four year ban on in-work benefits for EU migrant workers could come into force immediately if the UK votes to remain in the Union. It would have to be agreed by other EU nations and it would be "graduated", with more money from tax credits paid to migrants the longer they remain in the UK. Demands to exempt Britain from the EU principle of "ever closer union" between member states would be written into a future treaty. There are also measures relating to protection for non-euro countries in the EU, a new way for member states to club together to block some new EU laws and on business regulations.

 You ain't gonna need no third set.... 'cause you gonna get your mind right. 


Barnacle Bill said...

I think Cameroon's hurry to get the referendum out of the way by this summer is because he is scared we are going to have an even bigger row over the immigration crisis come the end of summer 2016.
We already know that when the good weather comes we will see an increase in the hordes trying to get into the EU.
However, I believe that our intelligence services are warning of the possibility of a Paris styled attack in the UK. Such an attack would blow wide open the question of remaining in the EU. Hence Cameroon's rush to get the vote out of the way before it all blows up in his face.

Nick Drew said...

goodenough weather arrives a lot earlier than the earliest possible referendum

mightn't peak migration actually be spring 2016? - before EU has really found ways of putting up the shutters

many a devious euro-politician is willing to maneouvre or abstain a little, temporarily, to keep UK in: but eager migrants have no such scruples

Raedwald said...

Cameron not only fears a terrorist atrocity in the UK from Brits returned from Syria, but surely also other stuff in the pipeline; what about big trials of Poles / Kosovans / Romanians on sex / slavery / drug charges in the autumn? Justice department stats on Poles, Moslems and Africans convicted and in prison, crowding out our own domestic offenders? Forthcoming bursting of the housing bubble, finanlcial failures, stagflation, services taking a hit and unemployment rising significantly? I'm sure he has a fully tabulated risk analysis that shows that 'right now' is the best time for a vote, but failing that then asap. Which is what he's doing.

The worry is just how much worse is everything going to get - what does he know that we don't?

dustybloke said...

Where is there left to run to?

America will choose, probably, between Trump, Cruz or Clinton.

We will choose to be governed by an unelected elite.

Thomas Sowell, at TownHall.com recommends Americans head for Australia or New Zealand. I can't bear to break it to the great man that Oz has become even more of a basket case than either the EU or America and that the economy is south of the U bend. And that New Zealand decided it was imperative that both their gays could get married at the same time Cameron forced the legislation through here, both under the orders of the UN.

I think I'd best ask Jeremy if he really means it about the Falklands...

Electro-Kevin said...

We will get a third, fourth, fifth referendum if we keep voting Out.

We will get no further referendums if we vote In.

You'd have to be utterly stupid to vote In. From a negotiating standpoint let alone any ideological reason. Out will not really mean Out.

We'll only be going Out, Out. Not Out.

Vote In and yer stayin' In.

dearieme said...

I agree. Even devoted inners should vote out so that they can be offered better terms for remaining in. Sobvious.

hovis said...

There is going to be no let off in the number coming through espcially as our "friend and ally" Turkey actively pushes large volumes of people* into the EU while their president has very real desires to re establish the Ottoman empire anew. . Tell me again which country Cameron was keen to support to join the EU a few years back...

* The majority of whom are young military age men rather than desparate families of the refugees - in the main those in need as ever throughout such times will be left to rot where they are.

James Higham said...

It's all too depressing. Even those who fell out in GE15 - the Tories v the conservatives - have pretty roundly condemned Call Me today.

Anonymous said...

The opposition decided they had no opposition to the proposals.

If anyone is going to emerge as the new leader to unite the anti-eu they had better hurry up.
It probably will all be over by Christmas.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"could" come into force, if the other EU members agree? Aye right.

Exemption from ever-closer union "would" be written into future treaties. Aye right.

A new way for EU members to club together to block "some" new EU laws (ie the ones that don't matter). Aye right.

Is this it?

Pathetic ain't in it.

I am surprised even Cameron is trying to present this as a success.

He's got some cheek, you have to admit.

Electro-Kevin said...

Raedwald said (rightly) "Cameron not only fears a terrorist atrocity in the UK from Brits returned from Syria, but surely also other stuff in the pipeline; what about big trials of Poles / Kosovans / Romanians on sex / slavery / drug charges in the autumn?"

He doesn't fear it because it harms us but because it harms the EU.

SamCam won't have to use a public swimming pool, nor his kids a bog standard comp, you see.

(Those who voted DaveCam elected SamCam and the Mum's Net consensus)

Anonymous said...

In response to Barnacle Bill and FAO everyone else, the threat of a Mumbai style attack has been terrifying the Met for a number of years now and I understand they really do believe it's on the cards.