Tuesday 5 July 2016

Fox, Crabb Gone - Hopefully Osborne Too

So CU called Fox right: he's gone, and Crabb too.  We're down to May, Leadsom and Gove, with the Fox and Crabb votes - now adrift - being directed at May.

Can we please hope this means May will feel sufficiently confident as not to need Osborne in any shape or form?



Steven_L said...

But he was just starting to get the hang of stoking up consumer debt and house prices some more. Just who do you think would do a better job of managing the national ponzi scheme?

Blue Eyes said...

Javid Javid Javid!

Dick the Prick said...

Andrew Tyrie's been awfully good.

Barnacle Bill said...

Like another former lodger at Number 11, Gay Gordon, how strong is the dirt in Osborne's own little black book to keep him in place?

May's continued tenure at the Home Office with all her failings on public view make one wonder if she is not the Establishment's "sleeper" puppet? Placed there to be readily available if the Quisling Cameroon failed and things went breasts up. She's probably already been programmed with her instructions for a snap general election next year tied to a second referendum.

They certainly know how to stitch us up!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree about getting rid of GO. Not only do we need to keep house prices stoked - to prevent the government-owned banks afloat, there is also his genius idea of a Living Wage.

Paying £9 or £10 or £11O per hour is good headlines if the relative value is a lesser proportion of costs than before i.e. lots of 70's style inflation. But if you have low inflation or deflation, then the Living Wage looks like commercial suicide.

When I were a lad, we could reconfigure a manufacturing plant in 24 months, or 12 months if the planning was in place. Faced with unaffordable wage costs rises in real terms, we'd be off to Hungary or Romania or somewhere where labour costs were affordable. So I'd keep an eye on the number of 90-day notices that are being prepared.

Seems his crown as a political and economic strategists is looking a bit tilted.