Tuesday 13 September 2016

is Hillary all better now?

Yesterday the global markets lost nearly 2% on fears that the US candidate Hillary Clinton had stumbled and was a bit ill.

Today the indexes have recovered.

It must have been a very nice get well soon card.

I do wonder about the autumn in the markets this year though, the ultra-low volatility has gone on most of this year at an unprecedented level...it can't last. Will it end with a bang?


Electro-Kevin said...

Can you imagine the field day the broadcast media would be having had Trump shown such convulsions and odd behaviour ?

Steven_L said...

All the crack and crystal meth will be starting to take its toll. Bill C looks a bit washed up too. I bet the both of them are kept animated by a concoction of pills and potions.

andrew said...

Good point and makes me think from the opposite sense:

What will happen if trump wins?!?
- that would be a good excuse for a flash crash.

Current betfair odds say 1.57 on clinton and 3.25 on trump

The trouble is Americans like healthy presidents and it gives people a good excuse to not vote Clinton.

The value in this market is laying all the others imo - but of course the odds are not great.

Nick Drew said...

everyone should read Scott 'Dilbert' Adam's highly original blog daily on this US election stuff (& why Hillary, IHHO, is toast)


if you haven't seen it before you will be gobsmacked

(you may need to track back a few posts, but he tends to repeat himself and give links to relevant back-posts, so it's easy to get the gist)

Anonymous said...

Hillary all better ?

I didn't know they made plasters big enough to heal apertures as great as that.

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

Nick - the Dilbert blog. He says this:

"But then Clinton collapsed with some sort of health problem – perhaps pneumonia – at the 9-11 anniversary event"

and goes on to say this is a bad thing, which it is; though it does take the flack off those chaps who took a rubber doll to the memorial site, which was blown up out of all proportion if you ask me.

PS, It's not the fainting. It's the videos of weird jerks and convulsions abounding on the internet which will put voters off - and the seeming cover-up involving the broadcast media including the BBC. What if Trump had been so afflicted ??? He'd have been toast by now.

Bill Quango MP said...

She just has a walking sickness.. It causes her to shuffle a little, become unfocused, her skin appears tight, especially around the face and she sometimes makes a groaning noise.. Her doctor said its just a virus and as long as she keeps taking the Zombrex it won't mutate into the full, rotten flesh, brain eating, Walking Dead, condition.

dustybloke said...

The very important thing to remember is that a lot of the movers and shakers make money as long as the market moves and they know which way that's going to happen.

So yes, expect a Trump victory, the market falls, then stages a magnificent recovery.

There's a few hundred million right there.


Steven_L said...

a lot of the movers and shakers make money as long as the market moves

Just get short these newfangled daily leveraged etf's and etn's, then you make money when it wobbles along sideways without really moving in any one direction much too.

andrew said...

... leveraging short efts???

I will report you to the newt police

Anna Schafer said...
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Anna Schafer said...

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