Wednesday 14 September 2016

Will anything, ever, make Nick Drew Vote UKIP?

OK, so UKIP are not in a very good state at the moment. As I wrote here a week or two ago, they are desperately in need of not just a new leader but a new brand and purpose too.

So it is no very auspicious to be cheering for them.

However, according to ITV, Hinkley is going ahead.

Clearly, PM May got a good hiding in Beijing and also by the French, being told all sorts of horrors if we did not commit - i.e. no investment and BREXIT impasse respectively.

But, it is , quite clearly lunacy, the most expensive white elephant since the NHS single IT system was conceived, in fact it will be worse.

All as renewables and battery storage, not to mention Fracking, have completely overtaken the need for nuclear power in its current form.

Let's face it, looking across at Flamanville we know the project does not even work and the technology is still unproven.

Despite all that PM May is going to wave it through. So, to our own Mr. Drew, how does that sit with you!


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Battery storage?

Seriously? It's got better to the point of being usable at scale?

Go on, do provide a link.

andrew said...

I'll bite

from brief googling

if you have the money
SMA Integrated Storage System SB 5000 SMART ENERGY INVERTER

other methods

Electro-Kevin said...

I notice that the fall in unemployment is because "the Brexit effect is yet to happen" according to the BBC.

I see. If unemployment had risen "Ah. It's the Brexit effect." if it falls then it's because the Brexit effect is yet to happen.

Is anyone in any doubt about their bias now ? And if so then why ?

Nick Drew said...

I am in France right now. I've seen all the predictions and have to assume they all have leak-sources, so probs true.


Actually (see reports on PMQs) it seems to be turning out that May is really quite dense ...

Anonymous said...


Hmm... £5K for the battery and inverter plus another £3K for the PV array. max output 2kW, battery capacity 2kWH, so running flat-out it'll last for 1 hour. Boil a kettle half-a-dozen times and put the oven on for 30 minutes and you're sitting in the dark. It would keep a clutch of LED lights going for a while, but if you have pumps on your central heating you're going to be sitting in the dark AND the cold.

Might be vaguely feasible if you live on the equator... "North of Luton", forget it. :-)


andrew said...

Anon, dont worry, May has green-lit the Nukes.
Now you will effectively be paying for the batteries, but not own them!

James Higham said...


... but they can be built well, just not by this lot. But whatever it was - renewables to coal, if it was done today, it would be done badly.

Electro-Kevin said...

Never mind about voting UKIP.

Will anyone admit what a disaster Britain-for-sale has been ?

Laban Tall said...

EK - you don't surely mean "Britain-for-sale"?

Surely what you mean is "much-needed foreign investment" "Britain open for business" and "a vote of confidence in UK Plc".

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