Thursday 4 May 2017

I saw The Prime Minister's speech yesterday and thought only of this

Perhaps a fellow Tory MP could give her a watch engraved with "Don't let the buggers get you down" to remind her of the hard times ahead.


Electro-Kevin said...

She certainly sounds up for it.

I would *luv it* absolutely *luv it* if she grew to detest the Europhile position (not the EU) as I do.

This is not the Battle of Britain but the Battle IN Britain.

They made a mistake throughout the EU. They started slapping around the working class everywhere *before* they took away their right to vote. The EU is what it is - a body designed to stop Germany invading France; to deal with a trait that is not a British problem. In many ways I understand their anger with us.

For our own EU collaborators there is no moral excuse - their motivation is a visceral hatred the English and that's why they love everything EU, loathe everything British.

The 'buggers' grinding her down speak with Celtic and English accents. That's so long as she's not playing games with us and is a true convert to the cause.

Electro-Kevin said...

BTW - Where did Keegan's rant get him that season ?

CityUnslicker said...

2nd E-K. I have it down in the lovable loser box.

I thought May was poor yesterday, her initial response of not commenting on tattle was better. She could have let slip Juncker was three sheets to the wind when he left so not to worry too much about what he recalled, would have been like for like personal attack.

this "they all have it infamy" routine was not really necessary, showed weakness when steeliness is needed.

Fed up already said...

More Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Like La Hughes, simply an empty vessels into which Lynton Crosby's words are poured. Can't believe so-called intelligent and capable woman has allowed this snake oil salesman free reign. What happened to policies and beliefs

Thought "Brexit means Brexit" was bad but FFS.

Think I'll go to France until its all over.

Anonymous said...

"What happened to policies and beliefs"

Come on - we're talking St Teresa here. Think yourself lucky we didn't get Boris.

You want policies and beliefs, try Tony Blair ('I believe in impoverishing the European working classes in the interests of global capitalists')

DJK said...

Re Anon (5:47). I don't disagree. What I find interesting is how mainstream the view has become that there is a conspiracy of stateless capitalists, hell-bent on enriching themselves and impoverishing the working classes, destroying and subverting democracy in the process. You even find this view as a given in the FT (or at least FT Alphaville), or sometimes in the Economist. Maybe the revolution of the proletarian is actually at hand. Perhaps we should be listening to Paul Mason, rather than mocking him.

Nick Drew said...

"Maybe the revolution of the proletarian is actually at hand" - and you can see why he might think that. Recall what Marx said: the revolution comes when the working class intuitively grasps that things are so bad, and automated productivity is creating such surpluses (in the hands of the capitalists), that any political change whatsoever must result in a better outcome for them

not hard to see the attraction of saying: that's why people voted for Brexit. Any change ...

I only mock him Mason bit, DJK - but mostly I admire his eventual empiricism, which drives him to acknowledge (when he finally must) the gaps between his would-be 21st Century New Marxist theory, and cold reality