Sunday 10 December 2017

Peanuts. The Brexit deal.

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The European Union


Electro-Kevin said...

v good.

No-one saw the Good Friday Agreement as the surrender of British home rule forever - not even Blair, one shouldn't think.

What a mighty victory for the IRA that's turned out to be.

(We still have terror - via a different border and people.)

Anonymous said...

Well time to organise boycott of Republic food in UK.

No more Kerry Gold, Irish beef or spuds.

Last time Irish nobs tried to support Germans was Casement!

miker22 said...

I immediately saw the Good Friday Agreement as a surrender.

Lord Blagger said...

Just like in Northern Island, the deal should be put to the UK public.

Clean or messy brexit, let the public decide

Anonymous said...

Marcie as amber crudd?!!#!oi!

But Marcie is a very bright girl, honestly I'm not aving it.

btw Woodstock is well hard and Snoopy's best mate.

Anonymous said...

The UK/EU agreement of Friday 8th December ought to be re-titled as the Bad Friday Agreement, as far as the UK is concerned.

Under this agreement, the UK will pay the EU a further £40 billion after our withdrawal in March 2019. That is more than four years' worth of our current annual contributions. In return, the EU will kindly allow us access to their "internal market" for two years, during which time the UK will have to obey all EU rules, and will not be able to conclude any trade deals with the rest of the world. The EU will continue to have a trading surplus with us of £70 billion per year.

Following that period, the whole of the UK will continue to observe "regulatory alignment" with the EU for as long as the Irish Republic orders us to, which means permanently.

Our best hope now is that the other 27 EU nations decide that the Bad Friday Agreement is still not good enough for them. We can then leave under WTO rules, and the UK will be a sovereign nation once again.

Bill Quango MP said...

I think we did about as poorly as we could have, whilst still essentially leaving
Any softer and it would have been better to have remained.

But, at least we will be out.

Hopefully, eventually, someone good will rise up to make the most of the opportunity.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

We're not "essentially leaving". We are committed to regulatory alignment & obeying the ECJ & continuing payments, seemingly in perpetuity. We have given them a veto on our future trade arrangements. This is the all pay-no say arrangement, the worst of both worlds.

I voted to take back control of our borders, our laws & our money and these useless fucking quislings in the Tory party have sold us out. Again. We can add Treason May to Traitor Heath in the inner circles of hell as far as I'm concerned.

The Tory party is finished. We need a fresh start.

James Higham said...

Always better to regress to childhood. Safer. :)

Anonymous said...

I do admire May's infallible political instinct for always doing the wrong thing. I thought her enquiry into how well various ethnic groups do in the UK, and why, was an insane move (because the answer to "why" i.e. average IQ, is unacceptable/not PC, and because it will not generate a single minority vote for her). But she's on a roll now..

"Theresa May today made a grand overture to urge EU nationals living in Britain not leave after Brexit by telling them directly 'I want you to stay'.

The PM scrambled to try to win over Europeans who have moved to the UK by sayings she understands their 'underlying anxiety' at their future when we quit the bloc.

Mrs May said she is 'delighted' to have come back from Brussels with a pledge to guarantee the rights of EU nationals living in Britain.

In an open letter to EU nationals, she said she was 'proud' they had chosen to live in the UK and that she wanted them to stay after Brexit on the terms agreed in Brussels. The missive is a follow-up to one sent by the Prime Minister in October when she told the 3.3 million Europeans living in Britain they would be allowed to stay regardless of the outcome of talks."

Flaming fish. Talk about sawing off the branch you're sitting on. Has she any idea how this will go down in Stoke on Trent or Boston?

Electro-Kevin said...

"well various ethnic groups do in the UK, and why, was an insane move (because the answer to "why" i.e. average IQ, is unacceptable/not PC"

I disagree. I think the issue is a cultural one - absent fathers. Alas the only conclusion from such an inquiry can be that racial discrimination causes it and further positive action is needed.

Besides. The richest people are now crooks - washing their ill gotten profits through bitcoin and getting richer still. The role models are all the wrong ones.

Anonymous said...

"I think the issue is a cultural one - absent fathers"

Certainly doesn't help, but absent fathers aren't usually a problem if you're Bengali, Sikh or Mirpuri. An absent father will damage your life but not your IQ (or only marginally).

"the richest people are now crooks"

That's one of the side effects of running an economy on debt. But they're well connected crooks, with plenty of connections in both major parties.

Anonymous said...

PS - I notice how quiet Guido is on Mrs May's "we want you all to stay", and indeed on the whole deal.

Nick Drew said...

Yes, as noted before, Guido is waiting for a Line to emerge

(from Rupe, I assume)

Anonymous said...

Ethnic groups issues are cultural.

A lot of Muslim families prefer to get their kids married off rather than educated. Most of the Indians I've worked with have been clever, but unable to handle complexities due to subservience to authority.

Having spent an hour explaining to one lad what he'd done wrong, and asking if he was okay and understood, rather than asking for more information he just smiled, nodded and went and did it wrong in a different way. Knew his stuff, but didn't want to disappoint by not appearing to not understand.

The Arabs and Jews I've worked with have all been great, but brought their own issues to the table, and have ranged from average to brilliant.

As for my fellow white Brits, been a wide spectrum, from the thickest bastards I've ever seen, regardless of colour or creed, to some of the brightest.

If it was down to genetics you'd never have seen the various feats that African empires managed in the past, nor the Islamic Golden Age when they were far ahead of their European equivalents.

You only need to compare Moorish Spain, with its willingness to educate, to the remainder of Europe at the time, where it was regarded as Church policy to keep the people as uneducated as possible in order to more easily control them.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say IQ was everything, or the Chinese wouldn't have been starving in the 1950s while we were building nuclear power stations. Culture - and political institutions - play a role. China banned foreign trade for several hundred years, when prior to that they'd sent large fleets to Africa. Japan banned firearms because commoners could kill noblemen with them - so they were helpless when an American fleet arrived.

(I've worked with many Indian people and you are right that there's a tendency not to want to give you bad news such as "I don't know". Not an iron rule though, or I'd never use their airlines)

IQ beats culture/upbringing in a socially mobile society - and in the long run even in a static one.

Occam's Razor - look at average IQ for groups and the world looks remarkably congruent with the figures - even more so in a society like the UK where everyone gets educated. Broad brush, but ...

Ashkenazi Jews
Far East (China/Japan/Korea)
South Asians (though complicated by caste/religion - I bet the Parsis score higher)
Africans (again some outliers like Igbo/Ibo)

Not that it affects my main point, that May's inquiry can do her nothing but harm - I suppose it's slightly less offensive to say that you don't succeed because of your culture and the way you raise your kids, but not much less.

Electro-Kevin said...

"The danger though is that bitcoin is now worth some $270 billion"

I disagree that bitcoin is now worth 270bn dollars.

Individual coins may be worth 17k dollars but that is all you can say with any accuracy.

If they all came to market simultaneously to realise that 270bn the price would crash.

Ergo bitcoin is worth nothing like 270bn in entirety.

It is people not selling it that is making it so pricey.

Hardly any bitcoin can be spent relative to its issuance. In that sense it is a false commodity.

Electro-Kevin said...

I'd be interested if anyone can borrow against their ownership of bitcoin because of its off grid nature.

And if they do is this more printing of fiat by commercial banks out of thin air. (This in addition to people buying it on credit)