Monday 31 December 2018

Andrew - Futurologist of the year

 A reminder to all of our annual predictions quiz. As always, first up the result from last year. In a close race Andrew has edged it - really all coming down to question six in the end. Here were our questions:

1. Brexit - will the current deal stick or will we move back to a no-deal scenario?
2. Remain - will the continual campaign to have a re-vote finally work, via the House of Lords, Judiciary or some other contrived nonsense?
3. Election - A 2017 election was a shock, but with the Tories in disarray is it out of the question to consider there could well be a 2018 election?
4. Trump - Again, for many reasons, will he see out the year at President of the USA
5. North Korea, could 2018 be the year, with the Winter Olympics in Seoul and sanction biting, the year things turn really nasty?
6. It's World Cup year, with Russia in charge could they win it all themselves or will Germany finally win in Moscow?
7. Economy - very goldilocks 2017, will 2018 prove to be a continuation? 

And Andrew's highly predictive answers:

1.  It will stick. There will be much moaning on both sides.

2. No

3. No

4.  Again, for many reasons, will he see out the year at President of the USA. Yes, but ever fewer people will be pleased about that.

5. No.

Neither, Spain will.

As so many expect something bad, something bad won't happen.

A very close finish though with David Morris - bad luck David you even had France as winners but just oo pessimistic on the economy!


Bill Quango MP said...

Watched the World Cup highlights again.
Easy now to forget how in the earliest matches nothing at all was expected from either England, Croatia or Russia.
Looking at the odds for semi finalists shows Germany. France. Spain and Brazil.

andrew said...

I also made some good stock predictions

But in cassandra mode completely failed to act on them.

This year i will take myself seriously and so will obvs be completely wrong.

Unknown said...

Well done Andrew and Happy New Year all.

I don't get the "fewer people being pleased about Trump in power" bit though. He has not been the disastrous war monger that Bush/Blair, Obama/Cameron were.

CityUnslicker said...

Unknown - his ratings have fallen to lows and he lost congress to the Dems - so Andrew was right.