Sunday 24 March 2019

Brexit Never Dies

Let's see if bringing back the exact same post, after a historic defeat at the hands of Youtube and Red Bull, has any greater success.

007 tries to defeat the foreign agents, traitors and world domination types.

With {even more} limited success.


Can't test this on blogger.
Might be just another blank post.


Anonymous said...

@BQ - The forces of darkness have succeeded. It's dark....

BlokeInBrum said...

Worked for me.
Excellent stuff BQ.
We'll look back on these events in a couple of years time and be astonished how ineptly the whole thing was handled.
The problems first started by inaugurating someone who was entirely unsuited to the role and then not getting rid of her when it was plainly obvious how useless and deceitful she was.
You need to do a version now with the Maybot as Mr.Bean.

Dick the Prick said...

Jolly good stuff :-)

Roderick said...

Unless I'm in a karaoke joint with friends I personally don't much like reading captions to an instrumental backing tune.

Nice idea for a video though. It would also have made its point if you had ended it on a freeze frame of Roger Moore's (stunt double's) Union Flag parachute, just after it had opened up to facilitate his escape.

dearieme said...

Looking at the odious collection of codgers, crooks, and calamities jockeying for the Democrat nomination for President, an idea occurred to me. Obama's friends in the FBI or CIA should furnish May with a birth certificate proving that she was a US citizen from birth, and she should be handed over to the Democrats as their 36th (or whatever) contender.

Learn to say "ass" rather than "arse", Theresa, and you're halfway there.

E-K said...
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andrew said...

Do not forget that you can bring it back again later if you say it has changed

E-K said...

Bond was abroad fighting men in caves in far away lands and shagging girls on beaches and in life boats.

The enemy was in the British establishment all along.

May was just a useful idiot. Not brave or stoical - just obdurate with a full (and unseen) support team behind her.

WA gets through. Second referendum win for Remain (rigged) job done.

THREE YEARS since we voted Leave.

Shurely shome mishtake.

andrew said...


May was a top down managerialist who wanted to define a problem in such a manner that she new she could deliver. Then deliver. Then declare victory and run away.

I work with people like that. I have hired them. They are clever and hard working and always get very upset when their hard work gets 'put on a shelf'.

Their approach is fine when the inputs and outputs are well defined or under their control.

In the case of brexit there was (and arguably is) no generally understood definition.
The whole thing is nothing but messy externalities.
She never had a chance.

E-K said...

The fact is what caused Brexit was Bondish interventions against men in caves in the Middle East by elected Prime Ministers Blair and Cameron.

The destabilisation of Iraq, Libya and Syria.

We had already endured an unexpected 10 million swell in our population and the sight of the refugee exodus tipped many into voting Leave.

We have no-one else to blame but ourselves. We voted for these odious people.

Our civilisation is in the end days simply because we do not deserve to live in a prosperous or peaceful country. And if you can become inured to a three year delay on what you voted for in urgency then you can become inured to knife gang culture and drugs taken in the streets and litter and broken windows and on ... and this is just the beginning.

E-K said...


I've never said that May is clever, but the people who are working her most definitely are. She was reassuringly English and looked kind, womanly-strong (in keeping with modern drama trends) and trustworthy. Perfect for the job.

Just as Gina Miller has been placed as the front person for Remain. She is bait for gammon.

Remain have played blinder after blinder. But then they have the whole system set up in their favour to start with.

Trumps' love child said...

Then declare victory and run away.

Would also apply to Farage and to Boris.

If you want to solve a problem we all know it has to be defined. All we got was "Brexit means Brexit"

She self-described a "strong and stable" and then blamed everyone else in the HoP for the failures.

You can, of course, assume that everything she said she actually believed ... but why has the penny not dropped with the rest of the party and the coup de grĂ¢ce not delivered.

There has been a failure in the party's mechanisms and it may even be that this is the death throes of our established parliamentary system which to all intents is medieval. In a global and connected world, we need dealmakers not party appointments.

Where is our Trump?