Wednesday 10 April 2019

Justice for May

(While we are still allowed to pass political comment)



CityUnslicker said...

I know I am right now. May has been literally begging the EU only for a short extension - such will fail and she gets to pas a revoke motion.

A long extension and it will create more opportunity both for an election (she wont want that) or a referendum (nobody outside of hardcore remainers wants this) and a new Tory leader.

She had a choice in the end between no deal Brexit and Revoke - she has gone for revoke. Canny remainer.

DJK said...

You may be right but how does revoke protect her more than a long extension?

Anonymous said...

She’s going for short extension, to be refused, to make the EU be the one saying long extension.

So she can say “ Ho hum..that’s the way it must be..not my fault...but if you pass my turd deal, all this humiliation and uncertainty will end.

Nick Drew said...

Anon +1

The latest in a long line of feeble strategies

It wobbles a few Tories but not enough - and it fools not a single Lab

DJK said...

But that's the point. Nobody will be fooled.

andrew said...

So odd how dislike of one person and their approach to selling their deal manages to push remainers into considering that a no deal exit may be preferable and exiters into considering that remaining may be preferable.

E-K said...

"While we are still able to pass political comment"

I heard my first "Don't feed the beast" advert on radio today.


Truly, this is Orwellian and it is oppression which came under a Tory PM. So what has The Beast delivered, exactly, eh ? Insurrection ?

No. Merely a choice - a choice that the establishment offered but that the establishment disliked and refuses to uphold, so now we must be controlled instead.

They are determined to apply the Thomas Mair case to us. A single nutter and a 'wrong' choice means that we must be oppressed.

They apply to us something which they would never dare to apply to Muslims. Who would dare say "Most terrorists are Muslims so all Muslims must be controlled." ?

Nor should they be allowed to but do you spot the difference here ?

When oh when will you get it that May is an evil bitch and has played you all for fools ?

Forget the sad-clown face act.

The woman is an out and out leftist and anti-democrat. The only prison she faces is a gilded EU cage to protect her and her string-puller hubby in, and her civil service kitchen table squad.

E-K said...

Forget having to wear grey clothes - they'll give her the Kohinoor diamond to wear if she delivers.