Monday 22 July 2019

Singing & Dancing in Downing Street

Yes, it's that time of the political cycle. Bring on the dancing girls! With apologies to Warren & Dublin & 42nd Street 

     In the heart of old Westminster, you’ll find a Georgian mall 
     It’s the part of old Westminster that runs into Whitehall 
     A crazy pad that’s full of spads; if you’ve got a little time to spare, 
     I want to take you there ... 

See them tweet, “May’s in retreat!” 
Down the avenue I’m taking you to - 
Quitting Downing Street 

In defeat, she’s luncheon meat 
It’s the old No Deal that’s making ‘em squeal! 
In old Downing Street 

      Hunts and BoJos, and whips and journos, trading in deceit 
    DUP-ers and ERG-ers, plotting trick-or-treat 

Fratricide!   Undignified! 
Yes, the mad and bad are now the elite 
Circling Downing Street 

See her tears, it’s kinda sweet 
It’s a cul de sac, you gotta turn back 
That's old Downing Street!



Anonymous said...

I needed that on a Monday morning.

dearieme said...

Golly, is it Monday? I hadn't noticed. Just had a stroll down the garden to the compost bin. That's much of the day's work completed, then.

dustybloke said...

I wish I had a compost bin. It seems to be the best place to celebrate the victory of a woman, who hates populism and will fight it wherever she finds it, by gaining more votes than her opponent to lead a political party, in order to defeat democracy.

Boy, do I need a drink...

andrew said...

there was an old lady called may
who tried to do brexit her way
she worked out a plan satisfying neither woman nor man
and so thew her legacy away

Anonymous said...

About the only thing May's supporters ever said of her, with real affection, was that she always put the party first. It was in her blood. She believed in the Tory party above all else. She had been a member for forty five years as she struggled through the ranks.
Putting the party first.

May has spent Johnson’s election war chest on her “ legacy.” She has given bounties without need. To people who won’t thank her.
On top of everything else she has ruined, she has squandered even the difficult to amass election splurging cash.

If she really cared for the party she wouldn’t have done everything she could possibly think of to make it unelectable for a generation or more.

Anonymous said...

I thought that by backpedalling on Brexit she did the party incredible damage (and emboldened those who wanted to ignore the vote).

She was very lucky to be opposed by Corbyn just at a time when he was being assailed by a small but powerful minority over his foreign policy (though it's depressing to consider that such a small minority have an effective power of veto over a UK party leader for reasons that have nothing to do with Britain).

Anonymous said...

We should erect a statue to celebrate her achievements. Like this one

Anonymous said...

It's a personal tragedy for her - as I said, her family tree is pretty humble. But she rose to the top by indentifying where power lay and sucking up to it. Pity, Andrea Leadsom was right.

As Chinese patriot Weihan Zhang would say, broken branch not bear fruit, ancestor cry.