Wednesday 4 September 2019

Is Anyone Surprised?

Yesterday evening's events must surely have been entirely predictable to those in the know - particularly since the vote wasn't even close.  So, the Plan is unfolding.

I trust ...  



Bill Quango MP said...

We will know soon enough if this Boris plan is a Blackadder or a Baldrick plan.

Probably a bit of both.

Timbo614 said...

Hopefully, Corbyn is the prince who is forever fooled!

DJK said...

It may have been predictable, but I'm still not convinced there is a plan, let alone a strategic genius directing events.

Charlie said...

Anyone catch Richard Burgon on the telly last night? He explained that Labour's plan is to win a general election that they will vote against holding, negotiate a better deal with the EU, which has said no new deal will be negotiated, then hold a referendum on their new deal, but campaign against it.

Even the Sky News bloke was struggling to keep his jaw off the floor.

Raedwald said...

I expect somewhere deep in Downing street is one of those Carole Cadwalladr drawings with loads of arrows and dotted lines. Except instead of 'proving' spurious connections between the Pope, Arron Banks and Freemasons Hall, it will actually reflect some semblance of recognisable reality.

And don't forget that once the remoaners and their tame Speaker decided it was fine to break the rules, they opened a Pandora's Box and the government has many more resources and options than the saboteurs do.

I hope I live another ten yeas to read the inside story of these events ...

andrew said...

Every fule kno that from 1/11 even if brexit is a success, and there is a 'friendly' deal, it is complex, something, somewhere will go wrong. Things that go wrong are news. The news will be full of that.

I suspect that on an unfriendly no-deal exit you will see lorries full of rotting veg on the M20 and some continentally - owned business pulling back = job losses

do you
a) have an election before things go wrong
b) have an election after things go wrong

Boris hopes for (a) - funny that.

BlokeInBrum said...

Re, what Charlie said;

"My fellow Americans. As a young boy, I dreamed of being a baseball. But tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!"

E-K said...

I think I've called Boris wrong. I really thought he was going for WA lite.

The Conservative Party has been ruined by Liberals posing as Tories. They need to be kicked out, voted out, deselected.

Boris is getting on with this. It's sending a message to Farage "We can work together on this."

Don't fuck it up (again), Nigel.

E-K said...

He is going for broke. That's his plan. Split the party and get it back to basics... which should have been done in 2010.

Trump is behind this "It's really very simple. Do what it says on the side of your damn tin !"

Thud said...

EK, I havnt the foggiest whats happening nor where it will lead but I do hope you are right.

CityUnslicker said...

Well, my bet has been since March that the Remainers will cancel Brexit. This is also an optimal outcome for Boris and we should not forget this.

But I must say, my amaze-level is majorly tweaked by the ultra high risk strategy he is following. Even the iron lady was not so bold.

BlokeInBrum said...

Boris has little choice in what line to pursuit.
He can't assume the mantel from Theresa then imediately follow her failing policies of kick the can down the road and/or appeasement.
He has the Brexit Party nipping at his heels and the Spartans in his own party to deal with.
At least he has recognized the situation he finds himself in and has the cojones to commit fully to the only realistic path of action.
10 out of 10 for entertainment value so far!

dearieme said...

Which items of EU business require unanimous approval by the national heads of government?

In this way and others, how much can we bugger up the EU?

dearieme said...

Tell me, is there an obvious reason why the Lords hasn't already been packed with Brexiteers?

Anonymous said...

Sort of, but not very, OT.

ProQuest search results, national newspaper articles mentioning 'Corbyn' and 'anti-semitism':

August 2018 = 1,700

July 2019 = 1,086

August 2019 = 167

Hmm. Stop Brexit first, then normal service can be resumed.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Tories appear to be allowing the Surrender Bill to pass the Lords. I hope they know what they're doing because I don't.

If BoJo goes for an election on the grounds of "Give Me A Mandate To Give You Brexit" I think the three million non-voters ('what difference does it make') who turned out in the Referendum will stay at home, having been proved right, and British politics will have been fatally poisoned.

Does anyone know who the 100 "One Nation" MPs who asked Johnson to reinstate the Traitorous Thirty are? Is there a list. They seem to be Sinn Fein to the traitors' IRA.

Anonymous said...

I didn't bother reading it, but this is what the Osborne-Oligarch Standard is puking today. And they say Cummings plays dirty.

Matt said...

Not much sign of the Cummings masterplan as yet. Perhaps dramatic twist coming at the end?

BlokeInBrum said...

Yarp, general consensus among the folk I associate with is a mixture of disgust, anger and contempt at the recent events.
If Boris , Cummings and Co. have some cunning masterplan then they're keeping it well hidden. On the face of it, it looks like they have been thoroughly
outmanoeuvred and Brexit is about to die in a ditch.

However, all the people who voted leave haven't gone anywhere. I think they, and the Brexit Party have seen just how low the opposition will stoop to get their way.
Whether people will start to punish the execrable miscreants in the polling booth is yet to be seen. But the turkeys are not stupid and unwilling to put that to the test.

I wonder what Brenda is thinking?

Anonymous said...

If Luciana's a trend-setter, we may see the Blairites abandoning Labour and moving their moderate policy portfolio (EU uberalles, invade the world/invite the world, bomb the middle east, bank bailouts, open borders) wholesale to the Lib Dems - where they'd be a pretty good fit. The days of the 'nonconformist vote' are long long gone.

A couple of electoral pacts and they can dream of their first administration for a century.

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