Tuesday 31 December 2019

2019 prediction result

For the first time in 13 years of this competition I have reviewed the answers and no one was even close. My cat could have done better.

I guess this anecdotally suggests that 2019 was the most crazy year yet - even weirder than the 2010 and 2009 years of the financial crash.

Only gridbot predicted an election but it produced a hard brexit and a hung parliament. Nick Drew did well to suggest there would be a centrist party but it did not even survive the year out to qualify for the final.

My own predictions of May to survive and the remainders to win was fortunately 100% wrong.

Maybe 2020 will see the beginning of a return to normality and some more predictable events unfolding. Or perhaps the zeitgeist of the end of the decade will continue with unknown terrors to some.

A new prediction competition will be coming up next...

Happy New Year one and all!


James Higham said...

Can’t wait for the new questionnaire.

dearieme said...


I predict we've seen peak Boris. After his ludicrously successful six months or so he's about to go into decline.

The first evidence is already here - the award of a gong to that horrible woman who ran political persecution "rape" trials for the CPS. Yugh!

DJK said...

I predicted FTSE 100 ending the year at 7600. Fairly close there, I think. All other predictions way out, except perhaps "Tony Blair’s personal accounts hacked, revealing multiple payments from some very unpleasant sources." Well, we did learn the other day that he'd applied for funds from the EU.

E-K said...

Happy New Year.

An unbelievable ending.

It's still May's deal by the looks of things.

Voucher Codes said...
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DiscountsCode UK said...
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GridBot said...

Having reviewed my prediction from last year, pretty thrilled it was wrong! happy NY to one and all. Looking forward to another great year of business and money focused blogs posts, hopefully with the occasional war story thrown in from Nick!

andrew said...

I got a football manager to mark my answers.
She said I was 110% correct.