Saturday 7 March 2020

Weekend Reading: They Want Your Pension

In a couple of posts over the past few months (e.g here, here, and here) I've been banging on about how the Entire [Western] World is now effectively locked into "net zero carbon" policy mode; and how in turn the warring forces of (a) capitalism; (b) the Left; (c) the 'green' (but actually world-governmentist) NGOs; (d) the developing world; (e) chancers and kleptocrats of many shades; (f) organised crime ... all see this as a glorious opportunity to engage with / emerge-from-behind-the-smokescreen-of this prospective bonanza of activity to seize the reins of power - and of course the world's pension funds.

Here's an interesting Left specimen for our edification: see "Repurposing asset management and democratising pensions", for example.

Have a nice weekend!  And frustration to the Welsh ...


UPDATE:  right on cue - Will Hutton, arch NGO-ist, world-governmentist and all-round failure, now wants to jump on the Coronavirus bandwagon for his nasty political ends


Lord Blagger said...

The Green deal article is all bollocks. It's fantasy economics.
Until everyone gets their bill from the state for its pension debts, their share in an annual statement nothing will change.
They just complain about the symptoms of the debts.
The complain about the results of the very policies they want.

Matt said...

I looked at a thesaurus and I couldn't find any link between democratising and theft. Let's face it, this is what it is - they realise the obvious tax increases to fund this green fantasy is not going to fly but stealing your future income by stealth might just (for a while at least). Pretending that the government can back this is like believing that the state pension is fully funded out of NI contributions and not paid for from current tax receipts (the past NI contributions having long since been spunked away).

E-K said...

Looks like communism to me.

Having read the news from China when the CV news broke I watched and saw that toilet roll was going to be in demand. So I bought a box of 24 rolls, before any media hysteria - this was about four weeks ago.

I asked Mrs E-K where the toilet roll was in her latest shopping. "Oh. We don't need it. You bought a load, remember ?"

D'oh !

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks that fifty years ago, when mothers tended to be at home with their kids, the authorities would have closed the schools weeks ago?

(Alternatively, it's quite possible that nobody would be panicking at all in 1970, there being no Internet -- it's possible nobody would have even noticed its existence...)

DJK said...

Anon: Fifty years ago was Hong Kong flu in 1968. According to Craig Murray there was no panic or special measures, even though 30% of the population got it and 0.5% died.

E-K said...

Like sitting on a drawing pin, I expect it'll be a bit unpleasant but I'd rather not know it's coming.

E-K said...

An excellent link there, DJK.