Thursday 23 July 2020

Victory for Ambulance-Chaser vs Labour Party

A few months ago we reported on the gleeful pronouncements of lawyer Mark Lewis as he contemplated an orgy of litigation within the Labour Party over the ramifications of the anti-semitism row, the Panorama programme thereupon, and the famous "leaked report". 
There are lots and lots of claims.  There are claims under the Data Protection Act, there are claims for breach of confidence or invasion of privacy and there are claims for libel.  It is a very lengthy report that mentions a lot of people.  I’ve been contacted by 15 people.  Each one of them could well have several claims.  What is going on is phenomenal ...  There are actions against the party, actions against individuals, actions against commentators.  People need to be careful about statements that have been made.  If this bankrupts the Labour party or individuals, so be it ...”
Well, his ship has come in and now he's started to coin it - reportedly taking the lion's share of the Labour Party's large pay-out.  And not just 15 people: he now reckons to be in touch with more than 30 potential litigants!  Further lawsuits are already flying, from several different directions, in a mighty Mexican stand-off.  Mr Lewis doubtless claims royalties on every aspect: he's seemingly cornered the market, Don King-style.

You have to believe Starmer saw this coming and is playing the game as cleanly as he knows (and not cheaply, either, with other people's money) so that at least he's guaranteed to be among the last men standing, and with no shit on his shoes either.  Guaranteed?  There are some on the left who fulminate furiously at his actions in settling what we must think of as the "Phase One action".  Can he personally be sued for that?  These lefties' writ no longer runs much beyond the tweets they twitter: but a canny lawyer might think of something ...

What riches for Lewis!  What sport! 



Anonymous said...

It looks as if the Blairite/globalist wing is prepared to near-bankrupt the party to rub the Corbynista noses in it as a warning of the consequences of "anti-semitism".

Boris is a lucky, lucky boy. To have a chunk of the PLP and a larger chunk of the media silently rooting for him at the GE, purely for Corbyn-related reasons, now, in the midst of a crisis he's not handled terribly well, Blairite Labour are looting the party baggage train and bayoneting the Corbynista wounded.

Was it Napoleon who demanded lucky generals?

Elby the Beserk said...

Telegraph says this could bankrupt Labour. Serve 'em right for appointing one of the most unpleasant politicians in our history is their leader. And still he turns his face to the wall and says - nothing to do with me guv'.

His attendance at the funeral of the leader of the Munich terrorists , and then lying that he was there tells all one needs to know about this shyster. What the blue bloody blazes were Labour thinking? Still. Their problem, tho' we could do with an opposition that was vaguely functional, now that the Lib Dems and Greens are laughing stocks, and the SNP are the Toy Town political party, so on the ball they were still demanding an extension to the Brexit transition end date after that date had passed. Lucky Boris in his time of need to be faced by faceless nonentities.

Anon - imagine how Corbyn would have handled COVID? Remember, this is a man who has done nothing in politics for 40 years bar get elected leader of Labour, only to bury them. Sweet eh?

andrew said...


Someone in the party would have claimed that COVID-19 was engineered by a 'shadowy cabal of bankers who stand to benefit from a lack of palestinians' and have a substantial dossier that is nearly 1 sentence long to back the claim.

Corbyn would hand it over to a prominent civil rights lawyer for review.

Then move on to call for a 1 day general strike against COVID-19 and suggest that we gather a million people together in trafalgar sq and march on Parliament

After a tiring day of opposition, time for tea and a zoom chat with Maduro to get tips on good governance.

Nick Drew said...

I find it extremely comical that the Corbinista's defence of their hero is: "obviously, he had no control whatsoever over the Party he was elected to lead - a wicked tragedy, because he would have been a brilliant PM"

andrew said...

reminds me of the old proverb

poachers can become gamekeepers but goats cannot become goat herders why is anyone surprised

Anonymous said...

"obviously, he had no control whatsoever over the Party he was elected to lead"

To be fair, you could have said the same about BoJo in 2019. Corbyn's megablunder was being worn down by the relentless campaign against him into agreeing to a second referendum. Goodbye Red Wall.

"continual dropping will wear away a Stone--ay, more--a Diamond!", not that I'd put him in the diamond category, more of a half-housebrick.

Slight but related digression - when I think of the promise of Candidate Trump, and the actual weakness of what President Trump's delivered (although a halving of legal immigration levels is better than anything Cameron or May managed), I have to remind myself that he was elected despite his party, not because of them, and that pretty much every state functionary has been against him from day one.

dearieme said...

I've always hoped for the utter destruction of the trade unions and the Labour Party. Half is a decent start.

Then we can get back to the politics God intended, Whigs vs Tories.

Though obviously somebody would have to found a Tory Party.

Elby the Beserk said...

@Anon 2:34pm. Corbyn's megablunder is that he is barely human. As most voters recognised.

@Andrew 11:27am. An inquiry would also be held, absolving everyone of everything. And the leader of the inquiry promoted to the Lords