Sunday 17 January 2021

Desert Storm: 30 Years On

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the conclusion of Op Desert Shield in Kuwait / Saudi / Iraq (etc) and the start of Desert Storm.

I haven't forgotten that I said I'd write about the fighting phase, too.  Am a bit tied up at the moment, but it's on the list ... watch this space.



Thud said...

Get on with it!

dearieme said...

I don't get all my political predictions right but by God I was right about the catastrophe that Desert Storm unleashed.

I would have been marching with the protestors if only I'd had the stomach to spend time among Mad Mullahs and Bolsheviks.

Elby the Beserk said...


Kicked off just before a large family wedding; speaking to a cousin, and hubby of a cousin, they were both sure it was the right thing to do. I said we had opened Pandora's Box.

I was right. As they later acknowledged. Not that that made me feel any better about it. And now we're destroying Syria with sanctions as we did with Iraw before splattering them.

Anonymous said...

@E the B: I agree about Syria. Bloody Obama's actions there were vile. Nobel Peace Prize indeed. Spit!

dearieme said...

I withdraw my statement about Desert Storm: I had confused it with W's madcap invasion of Iraq.

Desert Storm was Bush the Elder's successful driving of the Iraqi army out of Kuwait. I remember I was impressed by Bush's diplomacy in putting his huge coalition together. Otherwise I didn't have strong opinions either way.

After the shooting was over I thought he was quite right not to push on to Baghdad.

His reward for this successful military adventure, with his Bismarck-like identification of a limited purpose, was to be defeat at the polls by the execrable scumbag Slick Willie.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Elby was making the same assumption as Dearieme??? Coz I don't recall any Mullah-Marches in 1990.