Wednesday 26 May 2021

Not sure this Cummings character has too much time for Boris?

 Seems a bit rum, guy gives you the top job to be the key adviser running the Country. Has your back when you make some screw ups, eventually boots you under pressure and now you act like the most petulant ex-partner ever revealing all the sordid details and likely making some up too. 

Not sure he would be someone I would employ, big brain yes, emotional intelligence, not so much. You just can't trust Dominic's these days!


Don Cox said...

There's no fool like an intelligent fool.

Don Cox

Jan said...

Most of them save it all up for a book. Why is he so hell-bent on revealing all now? Is he really that bitter or does he feel the need to tell people what really goes on at the heart of government? If the latter, I doubt whether the back-stabbing/muddle/general mayhem is any worse in this government than any previos ones.

He is in danger of making himself unemployable.

PushingTheBoundaries said...

Suspect that he is on the Aspergers spectrum hence the consistent lines of transparency and being honest in accepting blame/ culpability to what's happened previous.

Do you honestly think any politician or current Civil Service secretary is going to do that?!

Will be interesting to see the texts, notes et al that he has agreed to reproduce. I'd be 5hitt1ng my breeks if I were Hancock right now.

It's great popcorn viewing btw!

Bill Quango said...

His blog was very interesting, but very hard going, this was back before he was in No10. His wisdom did not really attempt to convince or to explain in a simpler form.

He would make a point and show his evidence. But no attempt was made to simplify or to give examples that had a less intellectual basis.j
So, if you didn’t know about the ins and outs of the Manhattan Project, particularly the much less well known way in which it was resourced, financed, project managed and secured, it would be hard to understand what the Dom was suggesting,

On topics where my own knowledge is close to zero, his blog was too hard to fathom. History being taught by the chemistry teacher came to mind. Dry, empirical and making no attempt to dumb down for the thickos.

Thud said...

Just another Turd trying to hurt us when we need most to move forward, more ammo for the beeb,guardian and associated commies.

E-K said...

+1 Thud.

Boris even more likely to bottle Freedom Day now.

Scrobs. said...

Isn't all this similar to the charades run by Blair, Comical Ali and Mandy over Kelly, Iraq etc?

Same old script, this time poked with a sharp stick by the BBC and their 'house' mag, the Guardiabachter.

Nick Drew said...

It all has the Ring of Truth about it, ultra damning in principle, and maybe Boris can't take the abuse any more and will stomp off: but

(a) in one sense these are not revelations, just anecdotes: we all knew there was genuine panic in the air (in every country in the world) and no plan - as, we must imagine, was the case in 1940 (maybe a general shat his trousers during a session of Chamberlain's War Cabinet ... but hey ho, we won anyway)

(b) Cummings ain't the person to make max political impact from this: proven liar, already discredited; deeply unattractive personality; veering wildly off into bitter personal insults ... politicians find it quite easy to shrug this stuff off. The wilder he got, the more the No.10 spinners would have been relaxing and settling back into their chairs - they'll play the man as much as the ball. Even the Grauniad doesn't immediately know what to make of it: and the Beeb isn't well placed to go apeshit with it just now ..!

Yet again, Boris may have been lucky in his enemies

Nick Drew said...

Another thought: none of this tells us how the panic-brigade slowly worked their way out of this mess - which, more or less, they did IMHO

(OK Kev, you'll tell us they never have ...)

Who are the wise heads who eventually prevailed? Gove? (not for my money) A couple of key civil servants? Everyone else getting a good night's sleep while Boris was on oxygen in hospital? Good old British muddling through?

lilith said...

Good old British muddling through, Nick.

Just look at this guy and ask yourself "Is he alright?"
"Would I give him my baby to hold for a second?"

E-K said...

Ferguson comes out of his hidey hole to tell us that Freedom Day is in the balance.

Coincidence ?

No vaccine will satisfy SAGE and the communists. CV-19 is their wet dream come true.

E-K said...

Lilith - Why now though ? Just as we are about to escape !

Elby the Beserk said...

I'd like to know why Ferguson is still a burden on us taxpayers, given his immense record of cock ups. He's incompetent, and a positive menace. His hysteria over Swine Flu resulted in a vaccine which gave many recipients, including kids, narcolepsy. He should be nowhere NEAR public health.

Meanwhile, this pastor is my new hero.

A Polish pastor at a church in Canada went viral after his blunt response to cops showing up at his church on Easter weekend, presumably to crack down on Covid restrictions.

The pastor, Artur Pawlowski, yelled at the police to "get out" and told them not to come back to Cave of Adullam Church unless they have a warrant.

“Police came to disrupt Church gathering! Gestapo came again to intimidate the Church parishioners during the Passover Celebration!!! Unbelievable.”

Elby the Beserk said...

Hancock looked truly weird in the interview Lils linked to above. He talks directly at the camera, not the interviewer, and never blinks. Creepy. And lying? More to the point, who has not been lying on high of late?

Nick Drew said...

MSM is just reeling from all this, don't know what to say.

Team Starmer has no ability at killer one-liner summings-up. (Early reactions are utterly feeble)

Boris = rogue is already priced in.

Boris = thick-skinned is well proven.

I think he gets off almost free from this, at least short-term.

(Longer-term, you never know. E.g. a comedian might randomly come up with a killer line that really sticks with the public)

Anomalous Cowshed said...

Just have to agree with Bill and Nick. Wading through Cummings' blog was bloody hard work - if he tried to express himself in the same way during meetings, then you could imagine how the tensions build up. Cummings thinking everyone else is an idiot, and everyone else feeling they're being lectured to by an arrogant twat.

He's almost bound to lash out once he's given the elbow.

E-K said...

If we don't get Freedom Day I think we'll see Boris' undoing.

His recent wins were based on light at the end of the tunnel. That's all.

E-K said...

Then there's the greencrap which is going to hit us harder and sooner than anyone thinks.

Bill Quango MP said...

ND. On the known WW2 bombing of Britain, the government response was woeful.
Considering the bomber threat was the panic of the age and the imminent crisis had been very, very serious since Munich, the initial response se, sandbag provision, to availability of nurses, to looking at how slum housing without outdoor space, could be protected. The Anderson committee, him of air raid shelter fame, was one of the more sensible and effective set up to deal with imminent war with Germany. And even they were not without considerable for the fiasco that followed.

“ The government began to publicise its plan through the local authorities in summer 1939. The government had overestimated demand: only half of all school-aged children were moved from the urban areas instead of the expected 80%. There was enormous regional variation: as few as 15% of the children were evacuated from some urban areas, while over 60% of children were evacuated from Manchester, Belfast and Liverpool. The refusal of the central government to spend large sums on preparation also reduced the effectiveness of the plan. In the event, over 3,000,000 people were evacuated.”

Air raid precautions and air raid construction was very poor. 55,000 deaths during the entire blitz. Iirc 3/4 in the 39-42 period.
Contrast this with the 850 German civilian deaths during the same period. The RAF raided most nights with about half the strength of the Luftwaffe, and with greater handicaps in range and navigation.

Even so, a very damning statistic. The civil administration just wasn’t set up, wasn’t ready, hadn’t prepared and had made unrealistic assumptions on how to deal with a threat they had been very worried about for years. Many, any civilians died as a result.

That isn’t to say the Churchill government didn’t eventually get it right. By November 1941 the air raid attack provision and response was functioning as it should have. People behaved as they should have.

Experience teaches much. No country had been under long term, sustained, air attack before. Many pre war assumptions were wrong. Some people in charge were not capable. Some measures taken were ineffective. Some, such as gas masks, were efficiently sourced, manufactured, distributed, yet never really needed.

The same happenings were true in most nations that had not been seriously preparing for war.

The situation seems very familiar. Including the decade of austerity, (1929-1938) that preceded. And led to many cut price, low cost, priority, non priority decisions being taken.

In France, the same, and far worse decisions taken, and the constant changing of their leaders, and ideology, pre war, was why that nation, the victors of WW1, become defeated in essentially seven days in May 1940.

lilith said...

I'm quite shocked Dom is a lockdown believer. With the full moon, and Harry Windsor doing his thing we shouldn't be surprised to see Cummins go full career suicide.

dearieme said...

I want a simile for Cummings. The best I can manage is that he's like halal pork.

Don Cox said...

What plans do the Government have for dealing with a big solar flare ?

Don Cox

PushingTheBoundaries said...

@Nick Drew
"Another thought: none of this tells us how the panic-brigade slowly worked their way out of this mess - which, more or less, they did IMHO"

That was in the later session. Essentially, the only successful parts of the whole pandemic response have been where specific projects/unit have been setup outside of the usual Govt processes. The ost visilbe being the vaccine program. The grey suits running PHE, Health and CO were all massively behind the game and slowed by following established and outdated practices.

The last session - dealing with the last lockdown has some decent points in this area.

E-K said...

Well that's easy... just don't tell them it's pork... in the same way that they don't tell us it's halal.

And thus we have the Blue Team winning all the votes and the Red Team getting it all their own way.

Never has the UK looked so communist.

(How the hell did a spin doctor get a press conference of his own in the garden of Number 10 - WTF ?)

E-K said...

That was in response to Dearieme.

Anyway. The blonde jelly has buckled again.

Freedom Day to be 'delayed'.

And for all the reasons I predicted on here that it would be.

Now there is nothing to redeem the worst Prime Minister in British history. He hasn't got a single thing right.

Anonymous said...

Electric kev reaches full whine yet again

E-K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
E-K said...

We are now wearing masks to save the Tory Party and the Prime Minister.

They are political. They are a prop. The figures show that you are more likely to kill someone (or yourself) driving your car than by going around without a mask.

Stop driving your car.

You are now being forced to wear a mask to save the Tory Party and the Prime Minister from the BBC and from SAGE and both organisations are packed with communists.

As you can gather masks are affecting my mental health so mine comes off on Saturday after my second jab (I've done my bit.)

You can keep wearing yours, sucker.

Nick Drew said...

Kev, that is like someone in the latter half of WW2, living in a small village miles from the nearest town, saying that the blackout is stupid and unnecessary.

Broadly true, but not really the point.

Bill Quango MP said...


More American civilians died from their blackout than from any Japanese bombing. Including the Japanese invasion and attack on Alaska.

At home, the king's surgeon, Wilfred Trotter, wrote an article for the British Medical Journal where he pointed out that by "frightening the nation into blackout regulations, the Luftwaffe was able to kill 600 British citizens a month without ever taking to the air, at a cost to itself of exactly nothing."

It took a while to discover a balance. There are plenty of WW2 cases like those Karen cases of searching for Easter eggs or arresting a congregation.

“lighting restrictions were enforced with improbable severity. On 22nd November 1940, a Naval Reserve officer was fined at Yarmouth for striking matches in a telephone kiosk so that a woman could see the dial. Ernest Walls from Eastbourne was fined for striking a match to light his pipe. In another case a man was arrested because his cigar glowed alternately brighter and dimmer.”

Eventually hand torches were permitted. Dipped headlights on cars. Illuminated signs permitted. Some lights at a station or bus depot, etc.
What occurred was a practice of total blackout during air raid warnings. Restrictions when not.

Like local lockdowns will be.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Dom fan for all the reasons the Guardianistas hate him - he is an effective operator, highly intelligent (the two don't often go together) who played a major role behind the scenes in getting the Brexit vote. Tragedy for the UK he's no longer in harness.

So he's a very bright boy - see his 2019 blog post predicting a global pandemic caused by a leak from a gain-of-function virus research lab.

He's also a marked man by the Guardian/BBC/academia axis of evil - they hate and fear him. So when you're a marked man, you act accordingly and don't give any ammunition to your enemies - like a trip to Durham. Note that Robert Jenrick did something very similar and got away with it - because he's just another modern Tory politician, with all that implies about competence and corruptibility. He's no threat. Dom was different.

So you're Dom, Boris has forgiven you although doubtless furious at the embarrassment you've caused him. But Boris is good at fronting up, his brass neck is a yard in diameter. The storm passes, despite the best efforts of Radio 4 'comedians' and Guardian columnists.

But there's someone else furious at the embarrassment Boris has suffered - Boris's fancy-woman, live-in lover, his mort, his doxy, mother of his latest heir - a woman determined that any embarrassment caused to Boris will be by HER, thank you very much, over important things like sofas and wallpapers, not nerd stuff like education and governance.

"The woman tempted me, and I did things which undercut Dom and caused his departure".

So Dom is out, and probably pretty cross that peanut brain/lizard hindbrain, when accompanied by the right genital set and relative youth, is more than a match for galaxy brain.

Now at that point he really needs to think where what remains of his power base lies. There are still plenty of issues where a bright guy who gets things done and doesn't care whose toes get bruised could be useful and do a good job.

Nah! The Left Establishment already hate me, let's add the Tories to them!

For a very clever boy Dom is pretty naive about some things. We KNOW Boris is a dodgy chap, pretty light in the principles department. We know that and we still voted for his as better than the other set of dishonest bastards. We know a lot of his ministers are dodgy too, like that chap with the huge expenses claims. Others are incompetent, some are both.

We KNOW they're a dodgy lot of liars, Dom - how come you're so shocked?

And because you are so shocked, you'll saw off the branch you're sitting on. Brilliant. Just brilliant. There must be some third, hitherto unknown force in UK politics where Dom thinks he can find a job, some political equivalent of dark matter.

So he's alienated the Tories, and the left hate him.

And, for the reasons outlined above, his revelations won't be the bombshells he hopes. We KNOW they were considering herd immunity before the Gold Cup experiment, some of us raised it with our MP. We KNOW they should have closed the borders in February 20 when the Guardian was telling us that would be racist. We KNOW about the Mayor from Jaws who kept the beaches open.

And ... the enemies of Boris have been calling Dom a bigoted madman for the last two years. You can tell from the Guardian/BBC coverage that the 180 degree swivel from "heartless mad data scientist" to "principled whistleblower" is actually pretty hard to swallow even for them.

Were I Boris's research crew I'd be selecting all the worst things Labour/Guardian/BBC people have said about Dom and throwing them back at them the moment they say his name.

Bill Quango MP said...

“ We KNOW about the Mayor from Jaws who kept the beaches open.”

The mayor who kept the beaches open was re-elected. He’s in Jaws 2.

E-K said...

Nick at 1.56

Thanks for your response.

A truer analogy would be that the people in the sticks abided by the blackout while the city dwellers drove around with full beams on and put warden Hodges away for racism when he tried to exert his authority.

Indeed the city dwellers blamed the government for racism when the Luftwaffe bombed them.

They blamed the air raid shelter builders for racism too. (Refusing the vaccines.)

And now the government are so intimidated that they are locking down people like me who have not just taken one for the team but two for the team and all the crap in between.

Besides, this is not war. Indeed it is the very sort of oppression nations go to war against and rightly so. God help us if we DO end up in a real war !

How about this for an idea ?

You want to wear a mask, you want to lock yourself down be our guest, but let the rest of us live like normal free human beings once more. Because thicko Anonymous at 11.23 clearly doesn't know what's at stake here.

The issue of variants is not new. In fact I pointed to the Indian variant on this site months ago and told you all that SAGE would use this as an excuse to keep us locked down. Our way of life and our freedom is about to be sacrificed on the alter of political correctness.

E-K said...

BQ @ 9.50

Infection rates are no longer a good measure - it's like using radar after satellites have been invented.

If infection rates are the measure then we'll never be freed.

And that's the reason why some are so keen to use them.

hovis said...

Why the WW2 refs - this isn't WW2, this isn't the blitz, the only existential threat here is in fact govt./state aperatus lead by the medico-fascists and zero covid cultists.

So many thins shown not to be fit for purpose, whether the Tory party, Parliament itself as well as the clueless and corrupt MHRA and the JCVI.

Interesting to see Cummings essentially cheerlead for harsher lockdowns de facto - watch for the noise to be ramped up as "indian" or what other pathetic variant crap
is used to scare the children for the next lockdown excuse.

It will be intersting to see the number of completeley useless PCR-tests undertaken over the next few weeks as hysteria is whipped up. (More tests essentially will always equal more "cases".

E-k yes I agree masks are more superstitious nonsense, always have been, its to show how weak minded people are.

It is interesting to see that the same vomit worthy "you do it for others" rationale was normalised with masks and is now deployed for the experimental gene therapy
which has only been given emergency approval, and then rolled out countrywide. Thanks Behaviour Insights team.

And it is wondered why critical thinkers despise Johnson, Hancock and their mob of self interested psychopaths.