Thursday 9 December 2021

Not a very merry Xmas in Downing Street..or the Country

 A new baby, no money, no friends....attacked for a party he did not even go to. 

Boris won't be full of Christmas cheer. 

He has a lot of mouths to feed on his PM salary. Even more now but his happy day is not so much for Boris Johnson. 

I won't be surprised to see him quit in January. He always wanted to be Prime Minister and he has been. Because of Brexit it will always be remembered and Covid would have ruined anyone at the helm, there was just now way to come out of it looking good. Even the Goddess of the Left in New Zealand or Princess Nicola in Scotland have started to come unstuck. 

More worryingly, who will take over. I fear Rishi has not the 'common touch' of Boris. Raab is an idiot who doesn't know where Dover is and Liz Truss is more likely to be another May than a Thatcher. None of us could stand Gove, although  his streetwise and intellectual heft means he is probably the best of the cabinet. 

Luckily for them, they only have to face Sir Kneel of Lockdown and have a stonking majority to defend in any election. 

More widely, in times of Crisis we have typically had more PM's and also in the new media age, I wonder if over-exposure to politicians is reducing their sell-by dates even further. Even Thatcher may have found the endless well of hate emitting from Twitter difficult to live with. 


DJK said...

Is this the new normal, that prime minsters only last two to three years before Tory MPs get in a tizzy and have them replaced? Doesn't seem much of a way to run a country.

There are plenty of good reasons to be angry with Boris, but be careful what you wish for. Does anybody seriously think that several months of party bloodletting, followed by the appointment of Sunak or Truss would lead to a fresh general election victory?

FWIW, my choice would be Gove, but I would really hope for everybody in the Westminster village to take the opportunity of Boris's absence, and Christmas, to calm the f down.

Bill Quango MP said...

For myself, I still think he was the best choice to follow May. Break the log jam and the Remoaner Parliament.
Which he did, spectacularly.

Would have been even better if he had come before May.
A dullard careful-Karen, like May is just what is needed for Covid misery. Endless Restraint, obsessive caution and complicated tiers of lockdowns. Who would ever invite stick insect Tess of the Doubters to a party?

An optimist, brighter future, blagger and bluster, cad of the county, is what Brexit needed.

We said here, all along, he is the Alan Sugar, TV style, business/ politics leader. In urgent need of those two, very solid, sure and practical, legal/managerial/ logistics people sat some considerable way off to the side of him.

Centre Stage BoJo. Crayoning a sketch for the media and public, of the build-back-better, near future, spaceports. A.I. Robot servants and cargo teleportation hubs.
While the unassuming professionals, figure a way to make even a tenth of the rhetoric a viable proposal.

( and no. Dominic Cummings was not the right fit. Wrong job in the wrong place. He might have WANTED to reform the civil service. But science and technology special adviser czar, not actually in government, would have been enough.)

Don Cox said...

Cummings was trained as a historian: he is not a scientist or a technologist, so would be useless as an adviser on those topics.

I fear he is too arrogant to be useful.

Don Cox

DJK said...

Cummings is interested in the difference between organisations have been hugely successful (The Manhattan Project, the Frauenhofer institutes) and what have not (most of Whitehall). He didn't need to have a deep knowledge of science to recognize disfunction when he saw it. In fact, most scientists and engineers (I speak as one) are too myopic to make good advisors.

E-K said...

Boris (the worst PM in our history*) has to go.

He cannot be trusted. And he cannot be expected to take any more - the fact that his personal life is such a mess at his age (or any age for that matter) says all you need to know about him.

*Not for the covid issue but because of all the other policies he's forcing on us - and for appointing a beeboid/guardianista/Blairist like Stratton as well as choosing an out and out leftie bed partner.

E-K said...


Election victory.

Because party politics is all that matters, isn't it !

Anonymous said...

"he is not a scientist or a technologist, so would be useless as an adviser on those topics"

But he's a very bright guy who's always learning, and he actually talks to scientists and technologists - he had Steve Hsu over at Downing Street, a physicist polymath who is involved with IT security, genomics and genetic testing, who advised the BGI in Beijing in their research on the genetic basis of intelligence.

His blog was always worth a read, and so is his Substack if you can afford it.

I am a scientist and a technologist, and I endorse his message.

Anonymous said...

E-K - he is NOT worse than Blair, who was both malevolent and competent.

I must say I can't see anyone in the Tory Party who gives me hope, save perhaps Peter Bone or Philip Davies, natural backbenchers both. Even David Davis has started saying no one should be able to be anonymous on the Web - this the guy who fought against identity cards (which I am at last in favour of - but only if we first build the infrastructure, physical, legal, and scientific, to expel the probably 15 million plus illegals which such a scheme would reveal).

Anyone with the root of the matter in him would never get selected in the beginning these days. I still remember (in the Blair years) a prospective candidate in the Black Country who was dropped on CCO instructions for making a favourable reference to Enoch Powell. How many Tube victims make a river, I wonder?

DJK said...

E-K: Fair point about the unimportance of party politics, but in saying that Boris must go you really have to say who would be better. And also understand that the winner of the contest for leader may not be who you would want. In fact just throwing all the balls in the air creates a lot of uncertain outcomes both in the next couple of years and after the next election.

Don Cox said...

I think Boris is a great improvement on Cameron and May. And one day when people look back on the Covid crisis, it will be seen that every government in the world has made mistakes.

Better the Boris we know than any of the other obvious current candidates.


dearieme said...

It's slightly odd that after Blair we don't look on all our PMs as giants of success, even old Gordo. Dear God Blair was the pits.

Arrest, charge, try, convict, sentence, hang!

Don Cox said...

I think the job of being the top manager of a modern high-tech democratic country is too difficult for anyone to succeed at completely. But that's why we have a cabinet and a parliament, to at least keep the PM more or less in line.


Anonymous said...

Gove? He's an absolute snake.

I think this picture sums up how Gove compares to other tories when it comes to covid:

His approach would make Jacinda Arden look libertarian in comparison.

Anonymous said...

".. and Covid would have ruined anyone at the helm, there was just now way to come out of it looking good."

Sweden hasn't done that badly.

James Higham said...

I view Boris at this moment in terms of 'is he still useful or is he not'. And the only critical issue for me right now is mandatory jab or not. On this, Boris has not come down pro, he's gone wishy-washy, which is useful. Let's just say he's a headstrong Jim Hacker. He is the ONLY 'leader', therefore, to not be gung-ho autocrat on the matter. Therefore, I'd be careful what I wished for, were I a CP MP.

Old Git Carlisle said...

I must agree with Bill Quango.

I did expect Bojo would appoint competent support and just do the bullshit . I don't think anyone expected anything else than showmanship but not his actual incompetence not being moderated by a Willy!

I always look to Supermac as the example of what is leaded as PM.

The story is the good fairy that found Kennedy , Krovsroft ? (Sp), and Mac

Jack says big 50 Mg ton bomb - Russia pouff! in a
boat and offered three wishes

K... says 150 Mg bomb US pouff!

Mac says large brandy and soda - and serve these two first

andrew said...

For me opposition to Johnson goes deeper than party loyalty.

You cannot do business with a liar
You cannot plan anything where the plans get made up and then change
You cannot enforce a contract where the rules do not apply equally to both parties

The capitalist system runs on rules, is lubricated by trust and fuelled by honesty.

Johnson is not really a conservative and does not have capitalist principles.

What he has been doing is basically undermining respect for the law in this country.
His cheerleaders are amplifying the damage.
That damage will be seen throughout this country for some years to come.

andrew said...

... and in attacking the judicial system and adding to the powers he is giving the govt / executive, he is also attacking the foundation of the law.

When did it become normal for one branch of govt to attack the others (civil service / judiciary) whenever pesky laws / reality gets in the way.

Sooner or later there will be a different govt in power and you wont like it when they use those shiny powers to 'get things done'.

Neither will I.

Suff said...

“Centre Stage BoJo. Crayoning a sketch for the media and public, of the build-back-better, near future, spaceports. A.I. Robot servants and cargo teleportation hubs.
While the unassuming professionals, figure a way to make even a tenth of the rhetoric a viable proposal.”

please start writing posts again Bill.I miss your comedy and history posts

E-K said...

Major was worse than Blair. He made Tory voters do the unthinkable and vote Labour.

The ERM fiasco,the sleaze and (of course) Maastricht - virtually the day after signing it the squeegie gangs appeared, intimidating commuters at traffic lights... and the wailing folk singers patrolling tube carriages... it's as though the Tory Govt of that day had more loyalty and dialogue with Eastern European gangstas than the British people. And then, when the treaty had been signed an agreed covert signal (almost a nod and a wink) "The deed is done. C'mon over lads !" The appearance of these dirtbags was instant.

But why is Johnson the worst ?

He's the worst because he was given an 80 seat majority NOT to do what he is doing. The disastrous unilateral greenism, the surrender to woke, soon to be the surrender to drugs, the surrender to the border abolitionists, the chaos, the corruption and sleaze and now this...

The surrender to the Covid Marxists.

It is no wonder that Plan B was triggered so soon after the dirt (which has been sat on for nearly a year) was dished on Stratton (who shouldn't have been anywhere near Tory power anyway) and there's much more to come.

"I have been *assured* that there was no party" is not denial. It is evasion.

The man is clearly butt naked, strapped over a barrel face forwards with his schlong through the glory hole - the Left shafting him and massaging his cock at the same time... depending on what he does or doesn't do for them. The old Good Slut Bad Slut routine that pervs just love (it takes one to know.)

Boris' love of being loved by those closest is what caused the blind eye to partying and the overspend on decor. The man is controlled by his penis - he is chained to a raving sex maniac at the groin.

He, himself, is a filthy sleaze bag lacking self control and discipline - kids everywhere like some council house chav, a car full of parking tickets like some delinquent stay-at-home. A life that would be a tragedy were he not a privileged Bullingdon Johnson clone.

And here we are. Boris has been penetrated by the Left yet again.

Plan B. Masks forever. Lockdown every Christmas - and why not ?

Not even Blair dreamed of muzzling you yet you'll don your stupid masks to save the Greased Pig, because that's all Plan B is. Exercise Save Boris (Conservative perspective.) In fact it's worse than that. It's Exercise Make Boris Behave (The Blob's perspective.)

Not even Blair came close to ID cards, telling me (yet again) I couldn't see Mum let alone consider strapping Lilith to a bed to inject her with a substance she didn't want in her.

But the Blue Team wins and that's all that matters.


I wouldn't count on it. Britain is going to look utterly bleak and miserable by the next General Election - with the prospect of bicycles, rice, blackouts and lukewarm heat pumps. On recent records the Tory Scum will ignore their own advice on those measures too.

The Moronic variant.

If you don't get what I'm saying now after two years then you never will.

So I'm voting Labour at the next GE.

I refuse to be a good Tory Boy and would sooner be stabbed in the front than the back as Boris has done. And if the Red Wall can fall you ain't seen nothing yet.

When you out Labour Labour the snag is that "Keep Labour Out" no longer works as an election slogan - and that was the unofficial slogan that got the Tories in last time, believe it or not. "Get Brexit Done" didn't swing it for them, Corbyn did. And Boris just isn't funny anymore.

So what's the USP, guys ?

Jan said...

That's quite some rant E-K!

I see no-one has come up with an alternative to Boris which just goes to show what a dire state we and the Tory party are in.

I would like Neil Oliver but he's not an MP. He's saying a lot of what most of us are thinking on GB news. Maybe Nigel Farage but again not an MP. However I did actually sit up and take notice of Wes somebody on the Today programme this morning. Aparently he's a Labour MP who must have been hiding his light under a bushel as I'd never heard of him before. I know not what his policies are but he defo has leadership qualities. Move over Kier and I might even vote Labour for the first time in my life if we get an election.

Thud said...

I have no clue at all as to who should go, if Boris is worse the x or y I just know I'll never vote for the traitors and apologists for murderers that masquerade as the labour party.

E-K said...

The Tories under Major brought us the surrender (I mean) GFA with the IRA. Not a weapon surrendered ... sangars brought down pronto, crown removed from police badges.

I'd sooner a Lefty than a snake.

Anonymous said...

EK:" The ERM fiasco,the sleaze and (of course) Maastricht"

Don't forget that silly bint Edwina Currie and her 'salmonella in eggs' fiasco.

The destruction of a perfectly good food and slaughter of millions of chickens, for want of three minutes cooking.

Morons the lost of 'em.