Thursday 19 January 2023

Jacinda Ardern: not a record to be proud of

Let's assume Jacinda Ardern's drawing stumps is to be taken at face value: gotta admire a politico who resigns because they reckon they've had enough.  Most of them have never had enough - of power - and make spectacles of themselves (or worse) as they cling on.

That's just about as far as my charity towards her extends.  

So what has her 5-year rule encompassed?  Two truly shocking developments have worsened noticeably on her watch.

The first, and most strategic, is NZ's handing itself over to the Chinese.  You can readily research this for yourself.  Yeah yeah, we understand the geography: and plenty of others have taken the Chinese billion-shilling.  But NZ has completely sunk itself.  Is it recoverable?  I dunno: the revived combo of USA/UK/Oz might be able to offer an escape strategy, perhaps with Japan and a few other Asian countries that also don't enjoy Xi's ever-expanding colonial outreach.  I hope so.

The second is more subtle but, in its way, equally pernicious: the thoroughgoing intellectual surrender to government-enforced woke nonsense - possibly the worst in the western world (though somebody may have another candidate for that).  This includes the crazy business of insisting (and we do mean insisting, particularly in the education system) that "Maori science" is "true science", infecting even the NZ Royal Society.   In the spirit of open-minded curiosity, I'm all for obtaining the best available insights from traditional wisdom and holistic metaphorical world-views, which often give deeply worthwhile perspectives: but "true"?  In the context of science, only on the basis of successfully coming through the usual "western" intellectual scrutiny.  Not so many creation myths (etc) will pass that test.  Determined war needs to be waged on this rubbish.

Ardern herself may only have presided over these dreadful developments: maybe she bemoans them privately, I don't know.  But - it has still been on her watch.

An interesting insight comes from one of her responses to questions

Asked how she would like New Zealanders to remember her leadership, Ardern said “as someone who always tried to be kind”.

I often think that the only vaguely creditworthy sentiment associated with the mindless pandering to the more extreme demands of, e.g. "trans rights", is a well-meaning, if ill-considered desire to "be kind".  He thinks he's a girl - let's not upset him.  Well, kindness and consideration have their important place in human affairs.   Always worth revisiting Monty Python's Life of Brian on this: the way Reg's anti-Roman groupuscule tries to accommodate Stan's wish to be called Loretta - and have babies.  They're trying to be kind.  (And it's bloody funny.)

But kindness is sometimes not enough (and Reg's last word is still the last word).  Let's see if something better can follow at the hands of new leadership.



Anonymous said...

Her handling of COVID was pretty poor and her quotes

"We [The Government]will continue to be your single source of truth," and, "Unless you hear it from us it is not the truth."

shows she obviously lacks a certain intellect.

Jan said...

Thank the Lord.....she was more authoritarian than the Chinese(almost) during the plandemic. One of the WEF plants has gone but let's hope there's no-one even worse to come.

lilith said...

Jabcinda made me realise I will never go home again. I am no longer proud of my heritage, a nation that cheats in sport (sending a man in the women's class to the Olympics) and thinks it's ok to put people into solitary confinement/destroy lives and livelihoods over a virus that her vitamin D rich outdoorsy type population were never at high risk from...she went from financial interests of @$800,000 to $24million between 2020 and 2021....not sure how she managed that....? Horrid little fascist. She should lay off the cocaine. (Could be why she looks 52 rather than 42)

djm said...

As Anon has said.........Jacinda (an alma mater of WEF) did us all a favour of revealing her inner fascist.....

"I want to send a clear message to the New Zealand public: We will share with you the most up to date information (on Covid) daily. You can trust us as a source of that information.”

You can also trust the Director-General of Health and the Ministry of Health. For that information, do feel free to visit at any time to clarify any rumour you may hear, otherwise dismiss anything else.

“We will continue to be your single source of truth,”


E-K said...

She looks like a horse. The product of generations exposed to sunshine. She looks like a horse but was mistaken for the sunshine girl (aka a winner) and that's the only reason she became PM.

Of trans rights for kids (a bit off topic but she is into it) You can't be trusted to buy party poppers or a penknife but you can(according to lefties) reassign your own sex and they want you to have the vote too.

Bill Quango MP said...

The BBC, largest reach, biggest budget, most staff, of any news broadcaster on the planet, didn’t find the story until long, long after every other major and minor organisation had reported on it.

Were they in shock? Deep despair that their favourite PM had quit? Deep mourning? Denial?

Today they have the story, front and centre. And it’s far less complimentary than could be expected from them. They seem to have had trouble finding anyone in NZ, outside the gay-Māoris-for China groups, who wasn’t pleased she was off.

Nick Drew said...

The Beeb gave Sturgeon a hard time over her faux fury on being thwarted by Whitehall on the trans thing, too.

But they are only using the law as it stands, aren't they?

But maybe it isn't just constitutional warfare, as you assert - maybe it's an honest disagreement on the substantive issue?

To which, all she could splutter was

Well it isn't, trust me.

The Beeb! What's going on?!

Jeremy Poynton said...

The smirk on her face when she announced that NZ was becoming a two tier society. The vaccinated, and the Jews. Sorry, the unvaccinated. Unbelievable. She was enjoying the mass stigmatization of those who had chosen as was their right, not to be jabbed.

Evil witch. Not as bad as Trudeau, but same model. WEF clones.

E-K said...

The Beeb has just offed Ken Bruce. They've turned R2 into a squealing hen party and/or bastion of Snowflake vacuity and formulated kids' music. Very early AM broadcasts are now pre-recorded repeats or playbacks of uninterrupted concerts in what the BBC 20-something producers think oldies take to be nostalgia.

A bit like me taking a Vera Lynn record into a care home and putting it on loop in the corner.

Do they not realise that very early morning commuters need human contact more than anyone ???

Fear not.

The BBC is as woke as hell.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the US put pressure on her to quit? After all, China is next on the list after Russia.

OTOH, there are a LOT of Chinese in Australia (the quiet zones in Melbourne Library are 95% Chinese students) and IIRC in Canada they have driven Vancouver prices through the roof.

I see traitor Boris is enjoying himself at Davos encouraging WW3, and Blair has a bright idea about using NHS records for vaxx status/certification "in future pandemics. Starting to think the tin foil brigade have a point.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I liked her stuff about only the government being a source of truth about covid.

Still, they voted for her, just like we voted for Blair.

Bill Quango MP said...

Ken Bruce was my least favourite DJ. Would turn him off, when I used to listen to radio 2.

Early morning human contact?
Steve Allen on LBC is like taking your campest friend on a drive. He doesn’t pause for breath. just rattles on and on.

It’s strangely compelling.

Don Cox said...

Radio3 is OK in the mornings, except on Saturday.


dustybloke said...

I thought Sturgeon was just being divisive, but reading what Jacinda was up to makes me wonder if she’s got eyes on Davos.
JA was obviously following the path determined by the WEF and perhaps Nic wants to join in with her newfound wealth.

Sobers said...

The irony is that NZ under Arden ran the sort of immigration policy that would have the BBC et al in apoplectic fits were anyone to even suggest it, let alone implement it in the UK. Strict skills based policy, must have job offer, no-one over 55, no unhealthy people, no criminals, able to speak English (incl family members, or be able to pay for language classes for them if not).

Can we have that here please?

Anonymous said...

Did St Jacinta actually introduce that immigration policy, or did she merely inherit it and leave it untouched?

dearieme said...

My immediate reaction was "It's not often that fascist leaders resign".

Don Cox said...

I define "fascist" as believing that the best solution to any problem is violence. Mussolini thought violence was a good thing in itself.

I don't think this noxious woman is really a Fascist.


BlokeInBrum said...

Define 'violence'.
Forcing people to be vaccinated or lose their freedoms and livelihoods seems pretty violent to me.
Pretty much what a fascist dictator would do in fact.

What about the Kiwi's who were caught abroad when Covid hit? Many were unable to return, with some waiting more than 2 years to be able to get back into their Country of birth.

If some rando politician can simply suspend your rights on a whim, then you don't have rights.
No wonder the Yanks are so rabid about protecting their 2nd amendment.

Nick Drew said...

@ If some rando politician can simply suspend your rights on a whim, then you don't have rights

Not sure that you'll find a government anywhere that doesn't ultimately (if silently) reserve the right to do this, BiB.

Sometimes it's not even subtle. Here's EU Charter of Human Rights, Article 17, Right to Property

"Everyone has the right to own, use, dispose of and bequeath his or her lawfully acquired possessions. No one may be deprived of his or her possessions, except in the public interest..."

BlokeInBrum said...

You're quite correct ND. But the Yanks and us lot and the Euros make a big deal of the pretense that we have fundamental rights and are democratically governed etc. etc.
Of course those rights are meaningless without the means and motivation to enforce them. Hence my comment on the 2nd amendment.
"The price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance", and so on.

AndrewZ said...

I suspect that Ardern's resignation will turn out to be a case of her party's equivalent of "the men in grey suits" privately informing her that she is an electoral liability and that it would be best to go quietly.

Old Git Carlisle said...

Exactly is how bad the Chinese potential hold on NZ and would it not be in 'five eyes ' interest to bail them out??

BlokeInBrum said...

Just had the Chinese New Year celebrations here in Brum. I reckon that the Chinese population here has trebled in the last five years or so, not counting all the Chinese student transients. My local pub on the edge of Chinatown was bought out a couple of years ago by a chinese investor, and there seems no shortage of money from that sector. I don't think many of them are all that bothered about integrating either, nor do they have to.
Another can of worms for future generations to deal with.

DJK said...

BiB: The Chinese make nearly ideal immigrants, as can be seen in many other countries with longstanding Chinese communities. Much rather them than --- well, take your pick.

The late Auberon Waugh, back in the eighties, used to advocated importing several hundred thousand HK Chinese to solve the problems of Liverpool. Perhaps Boris was a Waugh fan?

BlokeInBrum said...

Sure, and I remember when I lived in Munich they had a series of massive riots by the Turkish community.
The Germans imported the Turks en masse after the war when they were short of manpower with the expectation that they would head back after a while to be with their families.
Instead they stayed put and imported their families into Germany to be with them.
Now, over 70 years later, there is still a massive schism between German-Germans and Turkish-Germans with young Turks still clinging on to a Turkish-Muslim heritage and not properly assimilating.
But it's a problem with a solution in sight - rich Germans aren't having any kids. Pretty soon Turkish will be the lingua franca in all the Länder.

Caeser Hēméra said...

Can't say I was fond of her, however with a few of her detractors I know, her authoritarian behaviour wasn't the issue really, just what she elected to be authoritarian *about*.

They'd have cheerfully engaged in a multi-tier society, just so long as they had entry passes to the top tier. Very much human behaviour though.

Suff said...

Ding Dong the witch is dead. She wants to be remembered for being Kind? The shear glee with which she said she was going to make the unvaccinated life intolerable may put a spoiler on that memory. An Evil piece of the core. When she lied through her teeth she REALLY lied. She didn’t resign out of choice. Someone dragged her aside at Davos and had a word. The knives are out for Biden and hopefully Turdo will be next, while someone? is cleaning shop

Anonymous said...

OT, but I'd not realised Nadhim Zahawi was paid 30k a month by Gulf Keystone, long time C&W favourites?

Don Cox said...

It seems that once you're in the right circles, you get paid by all kinds of people.


Sobers said...

"It seems that once you're in the right circles, you get paid by all kinds of people"

The Devil mainly, for your soul.........