Thursday 21 May 2009

I'm a celebrity.. to get you out of here.

Margaret Moran is back in trouble again today. The F/T has the scoop. It seems Mrs Moran has used her Commons staff to work for Equality Networks (EQN), a non-profit group of which she is the non-remunerated chair. Michael Booker, her fiancĂ©, is one of two company directors. The Financial Times goes on to say they have seen hundreds of documents dated from 2006 to 2008 show that Ms Moran used her parliamentary staff to write funding bids for EQN, telling one that the salary the individual received was tied to working for EQN. Her constituency office also helped organise “great networking opportunities” at EQN conferences with ministers personally invited by Ms Moran.

Recently the home flipping, dry rot claiming, scandal hit MP has received an endorsement from the local Luton Labour Party who are very happy with her. They are happy for her to stand and would not consider deselection. It seems that the sea change in politics has not penetrated Luton yet. We fully expected Gordon Brown was preparing to over rule the local party and find a method of removing a damaged candidates, with Ms Moran featuring top of his list. That was before these new allegations.

The reason for wanting Maggie gone immediately is obvious. A well known media celebrity, Esther Rantzen, has threatened to stand to oust Marge if she runs again. This would be hugely damaging to the government. It matters not whether Esther is a good candidate, or what her policies are on European farming subsidies, or her views on Luton transportation schemes. It only matters what her views are on Margaret Moran. These are what will fill the news columns and airwaves. With every breath she reminds the voters of Luton and the voters of the UK, about Labour sleaze. Never mind that Andrew Mackay of the Tories has been claiming double bubble with his wife Julie Kirkbride, a Tory MP, and both have also just received the full and insane backing of the Conservative Association. As yet they don't have a celebrity standing against them.

Mrs Rantzen can appear on Television or radio just by calling a few old friends. She has a media platform. She knows how to operate. Politically she may come unstuck. But the first attack by Margaret of "What does she know about politics? What skills does she have to represent the people?" will be countered by her Childline charity work.

The expese claimer of the year MP who charges £22,500 for her lovers house to be repaired versus the nice lady who knows that dog that says sausages. Its media Gold!

The actress Joanna Lumley appears to be coming out today to announce a hard fought victory and a total government U-Turn over its policy towards ex-servicemen. The government has discovered that it didn't matter what it said or how it presented its case. Joanna had a perfectly clear message. She pushed it and the hapless Phil Woolass has been forced to cave in.
Esther will just bring more of the same to Luton, Lab majority 5500. Iwouldn't think that would be enough of a bulwark to stop an Esther victory.
And even if it was, why risk all the negative publicity, the repeating of excessive expense claims, charges of corruption etc, when a new shining light, fourth way candidate, can be found within weeks, so ending the story.

So we expect Margaret Moran, and some over toxic tainted MPs to be packing up from at least one of their houses soon.
Ah well...That's Life.

reselectd full support etc.


Richard Elliot said...

Go Esther!

Met her when I was aged seven and on Hearts of Gold. Lovely lady.

Old BE said...

Cameron must sack Andrew Mackay and Julie Kirkbride. That would surely put the heat on the Balls as well.

Cameron could come out of all this very well if he is seen to be cleaning up comprehensively while Brown dithers and moans about his moral compass.

Mick said...

Dunno about Esther Rantzen, but I'd certainly vote for Joanna Lumley. We could have a real return to the 70's

Felicity Kendal would make a great agriculture minister, Jenny Agutter has political experience from playing Alan Clark's wife, John Cleese would make a slightly saner PM than we have now, and Michael Palin would be perfect for foreign secretary.

All we need now is a chancellor and a defence secretary.

Bill Quango MP said...

Richard Elliot: I didn't like that's life but in the 3 channel days it was all there was, so it grew on me.

BE: I agree. He has less MPs so there will be fewer to dismiss. brown has compromised cabinet chums he cannot dismiss. If Dave boots out the worst troughers then the focus would turn back onto GB leaving him a poor choice of sacking his allies or appearing unwilling to be tough on crime, tough on the causers of crime.

Houdini: Exactly. But if they are too blinkered to see the terrible damage a populist, untainted, admired and well known celebrity would do to their voter base they deserve the inevitable defeat.

Mick: I like this 70's theme.
Capt Mainwarring for speaker
Patrick MacNee for the Home Office
John Nettles for Met Commissioner
Geoffrey Palmer for Defence..
We might have enough for a whole post here!

Anonymous said...

Jim Hacker at the Department for Administrative Affairs, of course...

Monty P said...

Cleese would have to be the Minister for Silly Walks, shurrrley??

Or maybe the Minister of Housinj (as it said on the van).

Anonymous said...

How about Ken Dodd as Chancellor and Ozzy Osbourne for Defence Secretary?


Cllr Brody, J

Anonymous said...

Oh for God's sake.

If there's one thing even worse than a bunch of politicians on the make, it's probably a bunch of has-been C-list celebs trying to attract attention to themselves.

If the next parliament's going to be full of Ms. Rantzen and her like, we really might as well roll over and let the EU commission get on with the business of governing Britain.

Surely there must be someone serious and competent out there who can the job properly? Not, please not, some load of luvvies.

Simon Fawthrop said...

So, Bill, as a good capitalist can we take it you are shorting Ms Moran?

Surely Jenny Agutter should be at Transport to sort out the mess that we call a railway system?

Lester Piggot could be Chief Sec to the treasury as Doddy has already been appointed.

Houdini said...

Where were all the concerned old bags like Rantzen and Lumley over the past twelve years while Brown and Co were destroying the UK and armed forces? This isn't new, just the scale of the headlines.