Saturday, 26 September 2009

Final Cabaret

After the can't make up their minds if they are sinister or dexter mess of the Liberal Democrat conference comes the Labour Conference. Here's a video preview of what to expect next week from the old Variety, end of the pier show. Or after Shriti Vadera took one of the early Saigon helicopters maybe its the end of the Peers show?

Having been 'modernised' by Tony Blair there are unlikely to be any internal splits or dodgy policy announcements here. A stage managed circus, Managed by the greatest Master of Ceremonies of them all, rather than the church fete feeling of the Dems.
Everyone back on message here.

"Where are your troubles now.
Forgotten!....... I told you so.
We have no troubles here.
Here life is beautiful - the girls are beautiful - even the orchestra is beautiful. Leave your troubles outside! Life is disappointing? Forget it!

"Willkomenn" to the new "Money"
"Maybe this time?"


Houdini said...

Great vid. Ironically some of the allegedly non-political people on there are mongishly Labour obsessed and would bow down on the evil altar of Labour even if it was used for sacrificing babies to Stalins ghost, like Jo Brand and Ricky Tomlinson.

Anonymous said...

The BBC remains Labour almost to a woman - amazing. By the way I just joined the tory party cost me fucking 30 quid! I am aiming to get my vid on that weird board thing...

Anonymous said...

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