Friday 3 February 2012

Huhne: Put Out More Flags!

Not one of this blog's, er, favourite politicians ...

"Most greens think he has done well" - apparently.

But he has not. Can this please be taken as an opportunity to review energy policy comprehensively?

OK, I know, but let me dream. A decent start to the weekend, anyhow.


This is nicely put !

PPS Maximum sentence of life, eh ?


CityUnslicker said...


Mr Ecks said...

One less piece of green garbage.

Piss on 'em all.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I haven't got any flags handy, so I'll repost a caricature of him looking particularly glum.

hatfield girl said...

Doing a Nabarro might become part of the language of politics.

Nick Drew said...

this seems to have put everyone in a good mood !

MW I like the Vicky

(actually you have been a bit kind to her ... but that's fine, we should all be nice to her !)

Pogo said...

No point getting too excited though. He'll be replaced by another warmist eco-fascist, hell-bent on increasing energy costs.

Bill Quango MP said...

Ed Davey, minister for shadowing Vince & selling post offices to John lewis, becomes the new minister for wind-chimes,sunbeams and waterfalls.

Notice how I've been overlooked yet again!

Steven_L said...

For guidance on sentencing see:

R v Tunney [2006]

In our judgment the sentence which is appropriate for offences of this nature depends effectively on three matters. The particular factors which the court must have regard to are:

First, the seriousness of the substantive offence to which the perverting of the course of justice relates.

Second matter which the court must have regard to is the degree of persistence in the conduct in question by the offender.

Thirdly, one must consider the effect of the attempt to pervert the course of justice on the course of justice itself.

Isn't it the LibDems that want non-violent offenders to do community service in bright orange jackets?

Sounds good enough to me, he should get 250 hours community service.

alan said...

The DECC should return back to the Department of Energy, and drop the Climate Change title.

Second, government policy is largely based on the book by David McKay "Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air".

The book is very well researched, but extremely political as the "only" solution advocated is essentially going Amish & total destruction of the UK economy.

I dont hold any faith that much will change with the invasion of the Watermelons. (Green on the outside, pink in the centre)

The shameful aspect is that the Tory party is so completely politically clueless that they dont understand that "green" energy policy is not about climate change. Climate change is being used as an excuse to try and turn the UK into a communist agrarian society.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that there will be a lot of fracking in the south east, how nice. Wimbledon common with its own fracking station, what a gas

Budgie said...

Thoroughly unpleasant character though he is, Huhne has not been found guilty yet. However we can say that either Chris or Vicky is a liar (or both I suppose).

roym said...

17K Severence pay? WTF!

Anonymous said...

I'd *love* to believe this and the recent annulment of Mr Fred will mean the elite fools are no longer untouchable.

Sadly, I think it's just the nomenklaturu throwing their weak and injured to the hyaenas as a bit of 'steam-control'.

While the 'little people' they despise are sated, the inner core only accelerate their plans to suspend free speech, implement the database-State and steal all the wealth of the middle-classes by taxation of assets AND income.

Nick Drew said...

anon@7:57, you never spoke a truer word, I fear

Pay up, pay up, and pay again !

Anonymous said...

ND@8.26 I've never been so pessimistic. I've had 12+ months of experience of the end-game of a 'quango' and it's been a shambles from the start as the politicos seek to make good on sound-bites while every SCS seeks ways of lining their own pockets in a repeat of the Qinetiq boondoggle. The trough has been well and truly emptied by the consultants, EO and HEO staff are forgotten about and cynical opportunism is rampant.

Nick Drew said...

anon, the writing was on the wall in '08 (I'd even say '07) when the scale of the financial crisis became evident to anyone who wasn't in total denial

so where were the bankers & politicians to go for their next trick ?

inflation + a long-drawn-out 'Maxwell' raid, that's where

it's always the middle classes that get hit when the reset button is pressed

Nick Drew said...

... still, let's enjoy the Huhne thing, just for one weekend, eh ?