Thursday 26 June 2014

BBC Question Time : Red Top edition

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Wolverhampton, with Conservative defence minister Anna Soubry MP, Labour's former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott, deputy leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall MEP, anti-extremism campaigner and Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Maajid Nawaz and the former executive editor of the News of the World, Neil Wallis.

Tricky one this week as there's two weeks of much news, so could be anything. But does look like BBC, with that panel, have given the audience a big nudge on what they'd like to be asked .

BQ Guesses 5 questions

1. Is there still a need for Leveson's reforms after the guilty{ish} verdict against Andy Coulson - PM's judgement, Criminals in parliament..Yada Yada Yada.

2.Zero hours contracts. Ending the exclusivity clause. And rightly so.

3. And the other demon of the moment, Wonga. Should we all send out fake legal letters to our creditors. Sounds like a good idea. If only it weren't illegal.

4. Britons fighting in Syria. Are they just International Brigade type idealists or lunatic fundamentalists? And is there any difference anyway?

5. Cameron about to be ignored by Europe, once again. How will the QT audience be able to pile on the bile for UKIP, whilst admitting that Europe long ago stopped paying any real attention to the UK?

David's Dimbletie - Owls theme
Winners of 2014

Hopper -2

Measured - 2
Malcolm Tucker - 2

Dick the Prick - 2 
 Nick Drew - 2

DJK - 1

BQ - 1
CU - 1
Steven_L - 1

charity shield winner - DJK 


Malcolm Tucker said...


1. Red heads are dangerous. Everyone knows that. Crazy like a snake. Should newspapers and blogs be closed down to stop red heads doing something or other?

2. Muslims going off to fight for our allies, or possibly our enemies, no one really sure..Arrest them when they come back.

3. Hot tea at Wimbledon. We let Jihadists go off to war but can't have a thermos at a tennis match. What a stupid country we are.

4. Assisted dying. no you can't die..why not? people die all the time?

5. Smoking ban/Kat ban / some such ban.

Tie - Dutch orange.

Nick Drew said...

0. silver to match hair
1. footie - aren't we glad to be out of it, what with all that biting and such?
2. cooling the housing market, blah blah
2. something relating Leveson / Coulson / Al-Jazeera (however spuroiusly)
3. how long can the UK population go on growing at the fastest rate in Europe? (actually there are some countries that envy us on this one - and how do you do it so peacefully?)
4. where did it say on the ballo paper we were voting for Junker?
5. now we know Jordan doesn't just torture its detainees, can we deport some more?

CityUnslicker said...

red and yellow stripes

1 - Coulson/Leveson - Cameron is guilty etc
2 - Cameron poor handling of Junker
3 - Terrorists from Birmingham via Syria?
4 - Owls and how bad are labour...
5 - World cup exit

Hopper said...

Hmm, Wolverhampton...

1. Is it wise for politicians to be commenting on ongoing criminal cases?
2. ND is spot on: seems that fears of torture in Jordan are overblown, when can we deport people there?
3. NHS, wonder of the world; pity about the Savile factor? Why wasn't anyone sacked?
4. Is the tide turning in the false rape cases, now Ms. Brooker is heading for chokey?
5. Should the England footie team try eating its opponents? Playing football doesn't seem to work.

measured said...

Evenin’ all,

1. Highspeed link to Wuulverhamtun.

2. Choose your friends carefully. Not media moguls, not newspaper journalists, not ragsheet editors and not police officers in the Met.

3. If we make our borders tight enough, they will have to go and attack fellow muslims. There are extremist madrasahs in so many countries now.

“Nooo, I don’t know where he has gone but he asked for his passport and I forgot to ask. Nooo, I don’t know where he goes to pray. His mother is missing him.” Given women’s views in strict Islam don’t count for much, this is just pandering.

4. Army cuts. Who do we think we are kidding, Mr Putin?

5. Farage unveiled the new name in the EU Parliament this week: ‘The Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group’ was rebranded ‘The Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy’. Another 400,000 mouths to feed here.

Dimbletie: Cadbury’s purple

Dick the Prick said...


0) Browny, earthy thing (I have no idea)

1) FFS Coulson and fucking Soubry and Prescott - meh, meh ,meh. The Liberal guy's had some shit if he's the Highgate lad Cohen's been writing about in the Observer, which I suspect he is.

2) Probably a tag to 1 unfortunately.

3) Jimmy Savile blah blah. Anna Racoon has done wonderful work - amazing.

4) Junker probs

5) Fat tax or Suarez - go for Suarez

Cheers Bill

Budgie said...

1. Should Andy Coulson be the new President of the EU Commission, enquires the Grauniad newspaper the BBC says?

2. Was it really Jimmy Saville - we don't believe so, the Grauniad reports the BBC saying, it was really Andy Coulson in a white wig.

3. Did Andy Coulson put a hex on England's chances in the World Cup in Brazil: an in depth insight team from the Grauniad newspaper discusses the biting implications in a special program on the BBC tonight.

4. Was Boris influenced by Andy Coulson in buying the water cannons for London? questions the Grauniad - the BBC thinks so.

5. Andy Coulson responsible for the HS2 train wreck reports the BBC - exclusive to the Grauniad!!

Steven_L said...

You see, BQ, frogs! Just like I told you two weeks ago.

Bill Quango MP said...

Blue frogs .. well I never .. Steven_L has the BBC wardrobe schedule.

Only saw the last bit - school play.
A sci-fi musical. Whatever happened to french Windows and maiden aunts and handbags?

1. Does hiring Andy Coulson show @David_Cameron has bad judgement?

2.How fearful should be of British combatants returning from Syria?

3. Does @David_Cameron’s “lost battle” over next EC president indicate future failure to renegotiate UK's relationship with EU

Q4: Does Suarez’s four-month ban suggest football is soft on violent behavior?

Not much there. Croydon next week Nick - home turf.

Bill Quango MP said...


BQ - 6
MT -4+1 first =5
ND - 6
CU - 6
Hopper - 3
Measured - 5
Dtp - 4
budgie - 2 {but like it=1} 3
Steven_L wow! Tie accuracy - 5 +1 as you said so 2 weeks ago.

Winners C@W luv-in - BQ/ND/CU/S_L

DJK said...

In London yesterday, gawping --- country bumpkin style --- at the crowds and all the wealth. On holiday next week in internet-free angleterre profonde, where they're still awaiting the 1980s. Bliss.

Enjoy QT.

Bill Quango MP said...

angleterre profonde ? Where are you off to?
No internet ..backwards..Limousin?
Or Norfolk?