Monday 13 November 2017

Murdoch on Maneouvres - Again

Since our subversive old friend Guido Fawkes became a wholly-owned subsidiary of NewsCorp (or whichever it is of Murdoch's vehicles), Order-Order has become a reliable one-stop shop for picking up on whatever is Rupe's latest diktat to all his organs.  Fawkes, you see, is nothing if not loyal to his masters overseas (yes, the parallels with 1605 are all there), and so there are compliant links to Times, Sun and Sky etc whenever a new 'line-to-take' is being promulgated by the proprietor.
And Rupert is nothing if not the owner of a fan of Michael Gove.   Right now it's pretty clear the word has gone out: Gove for PM !   Even Trevor Kavanagh in the Sun, who clearly resents being given these instructions, is dutifully puffing Rupe's man, for pity's sake.  Still, if the alternative is Amber Rudd (who has apparently raised a veritable war-chest and instructed Lynton Crosby to manage her own leadership campaign) we aren't exactly spoiled for Aussie-promoted choice.  Why is it always Australians - whose own domestic politics are such an utter shambles - who come over here sticking their fingers in everything?

Flashback 2011 (for fans of the doggerel) - to a time when Rupe was dodging serious controversy, seeking once again to restructure his empire, and furiously wooing the Chinese ... (the usual apologies, this time to Cole Porter)

Who wants to spend a year in gaol ? 
Who wants their bid for Sky to fail ? 
Who wants the bother of a big public fuss ? 
A big public fuss is no good for us ! 
Who wants bad headlines ev’ry day ? 
When Chinese markets are in play ? 
Who wants shame and opprobrium too ? 
And I don’t, cos all I want is Hu 

Who wants the wretched BBC ? 
Who wants his stuff online for free ? 
Who wants to burden Fox with neutrality ? 
What, neutrality ? that’s no use to me ! 
Who wants to bother with the facts ? 
Who wants to pay out any tax ? 
Who cares for human rights, or for Liu ? 
And I don’t, cos all I want is Hu



Dick the Prick said...

I sometimes go to Hebden Bridge Trades' Club for usually God awful folk music and stuff (incredibly nouveau riche socialists!) but I suspect I may hear one of these poems set to music one of these days! Cheers ND - Gove for PM? Geez - we really are here, aren't we.....

dearieme said...

"Guido Fawkes became a wholly-owned subsidiary of NewsCorp": I hadn't known. Should I delete him from my bookmark list? Or should I leave the bookmark in place as giving me a route to Murdocheology that isn't behind a paywall?

andrew said...

what dearieme said.

DD for PM!

andrew said...

... sorry my dyslexia

DD for MP!

- because I cannot stand the thought that liam fox represents me.

Anonymous said...

Back to basics ... all that politicians do is to set the regulatory framework (and penalties for breaching that framework) so that businesses can operate. After all if we don't work (for a business) we starve.

So what better for your business than to buy these people, and get them to promote your interests within that framework.

So since there is no downside to being a sleazy backstabbing prick, apart from opprobrium in the national newspapers, you have the perfect situation to corrupt those that are corruptible. See Lord Barker qv