Friday 29 March 2019

Brexit Compo: RESULTS !

Your predictions, please, for the state of play on Brexit Day 29 March 2019:
1. who will be PM?
2. has there been a GE? If so, what headline outcome?
3. has a 2nd referendum happened? If happened - question? result?
4. in broad terms, on what basis is the UK / EU relationship set for the immediate 12 months following that date?
5. has Gove disappeared up his own fundament?
6. do the LibDems still exist?
7. tie-breaker: any other colourful details concerning British politics you care to append?
So now we know.  Sort of.  There were 16 valid entries, which is just a few more varieties than MPs voted on the other night.  Most people inevitably got 1, 2 & 3 correct; though the left-field players were anon#3, Hopper, CU and anon#4 who went for Corbs (and had thus also given the GE & result wrongly, too); Jan (Jacobus) and GridBot (Sadiq, & thus GE wrong also).  But a special mention to Andrew, who said "TM will announce resignation on 29/3/19", which is pretty damned close.  Kev reckoned R2 would have been scheduled, but not yet taken place.

So 4 becomes the main battleground, but let's look first at 5&6.  BQ had Govey for Foreign Sec by now; DJK had him as ultra-loyal, and Bogotol as beavering away on enviro-stuff (both pretty close); AndrewZ had him as "head down" (is that the same as head-up-bum?).  Anon#4 reckoned him as facing Sadiq across the Despatch Box as Tory leader; and I had him as "positioning" (is that the same as ...?)   I also had Cable as having gone by now, which I'd like to think is almost right ...  Otherwise the Libs didn't feature much - which is only fair and proportionate.

I direct y'all to the original post for the tie-breaker contributions

Now for 4.  We had 2 x Hard Brexit (Jan, anon#3); 4 x Remain (with more or less bitterness expressed - Kev, CU, GridBot and anon#4) and DJK with "indistinguishable from today";  7 x leaving, or leaving-ish (BQ, Charlie, AndrewZ, Andrew, ND, Bogotol; and Hopper saying "trade war" which I take to be in the Leaving camp).  Two got closest: anon-newbie with "status quo - can kicked down the road" and TBHall with extension of A50.

As for today's rider, we have the following: DJK closest on margin (70) with Jan runner-up at 40.  And Radders had a good stab at the absolutes: 299 plays 335.  CU reckons everything's coming his way, and he's the proprietor ...

So - with the one special mention for Andrew, and a couple of other creditable near-misses, in the spirit of the Indicative Votes I declare ... nobody wins!  Ain't that a fact.

But (assuming we are all spared, as they say) - I'll buy anyone a drink at the next C@W gathering.   That's a solemn & binding manifesto promise ...



Bill Quango MP said...

So what happens now?

Long, long,long extension to Remain, I suspect.

I wonder if Tess realises every time she tries to engage with the enemy, be they Libs or Tigs , Grieves or Benns, they immediately ring up Blair to tell him the plan. And he passes it right along to Barnier?

An astute, modern thinking, fast response, bold general would realise that and use it to their own advantage.
Sadly....we have General May. The very image of a World War One Attritional plodder.

Donald T (the other one) said...

If you are going to have a pub crawl, I can thoroughly recommend starting at Exki in the Rue de Trèves in Brussels. Just outside the Planetarium.,4.3734331,3a,75y,299.27h,81.52t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s8kTY-TKQlixJ_-Hsv0Gzag!2e0!7i13312!8i6656.

After that it is a quick walk to the EU visitors unit through the arch.

Guide is here.

Bring a UKIP banner or some other innocuous item.

E-K said...

I shan't be coming to the pub, I'm afraid. I think it's a mistake to meet your heroes.

I wouldn't want to disappoint you all.

andrew said...

I would just like to say that even though i did not win i should have because
- i am the clever sensible one
- the opponents cheated by running an efficient campaign
- some of the ofher entrants are older than me and so should not have been allowed to enter

The compo should be re run at least 3 times or until i win whichever comes first.

Nick Drew said...

That's the spirit!

DJK said...

Peston seems to think that Mrs. May will ask the EU for an extension and then call a general election, with the WA as the basis of the manifesto. If she does, then "none of the above" would be the obvious candidate to vote for.

Jan said...

.....but according to the beeb she wants to bring back the WA for a fourth time. She's not giving up and won't go without a big fight.

Interesting that Dominic Grieves constituency party (Beaconsfield) have brought a vote of no confidence in him. Maybe we need a few more rebellions in the ranks outside of parliament. The current MPs are not representative of the people. Too many were indoctrinated by messiah Bliar and his pernicious influence is still everywhere in the establishment.

E-K said...

She doesn't want to bring back the WA. The (unelected) Magnificent 7 who run her office and the government do.