Friday 29 March 2019

Brexit Compo Revisited

Well here we are on Brexit Day, commmemorative coins minted, *ahem*; bunting and Union Flags (*ahem ahem*) being flown all over the land. Back in November with the WA hot off the press we set a compo, the questions being as follows:
Your predictions, please, for the state of play on Brexit Day 29 March 2019:
1. who will be PM?
2. has there been a GE? If so, what headline outcome?
3. has a 2nd referendum happened? If happened - question? result?
4. in broad terms, on what basis is the UK / EU relationship set for the immediate 12 months following that date?
5. has Gove disappeared up his own fundament?
6. do the LibDems still exist?
7. tie-breaker: any other colourful details concerning British politics you care to append?
But now we must wait for another roll of the die!  Talk about brinkmanship.  So - for the next few hours the compo is re-opened.  Any of the 16 stalwart playahs who submitted valid entries back then, plus anyone else who'd care to join in, can add a final rider - what'll be the numbers in today's Parliamentary vote??

We'll close the book at 2pm.



Sackerson said...

Sackerson said...

5. In orifice but not in power.

Nick Drew said...

Mail's headline yesterday was ... PM's on verge of breakthrough


E-K said...

I still have a feeling that the ghastly WA is going to get through. Then a second referendum.

Gove, LibDems etc still existing ?

The point is that Parliament is a club for itself not for country. The same old faces stick around whether elected or not, whatever the stuff ups and scandals.

Nick Clegg still seems to be a public figure for goodness sakes.

Raedwald said...

OK I'll have a punt

For the motion (approve the WA) - 299
Against - 335

May loses by 36

andrew said...

About 250 for.
Less than ken clarke, more than corbyn

GridBot said...

WA to Pass on a single digit majority with a significant number of abstains both from Lab and Con.

TM reneges on resignation promise.

Vote of no confidence in Government called shortly after.

Cons loose the vote.

bun fight to ensue.

DJK said...

I'll take lose by 70. Crash out of the EU in two weeks time.

Bill Quango MP said...

I will go with WA to fail. Probably by 20 or so.

Simply because TM is decidely not, a lucky Prime Minister.

hovis said...

WA agreement to fail (just)
TM remains PM
Political gridlock, no resolution by 12th April
EU extend further 6 months, but demand a GE - supine Parliament agrees.

Jan said...

WA to fail by around 40 votes

TM will stay on as PM (she said she will go when we achieve Brexit and Brexit will not have been achieved if the WA doesn't get through. Even if it did get through she won't leave without a fuss whatever she says.

I'm beginning to think we need a general election as the present parliament doesn't represent the will of the people........they only represent themselves.

Many of the present shower would lose their seats and more leavers would be voted in.

TM won't call an election unless really pushed ie a vote of no confidence in the government is needed.

Raedwald said...

How can we have a GE before the parties have re-formed? What would they commit to in their manifestos about Brexit? people won't buy "We'll action Brexit" a second time from parties whose MPs are 74% Remain and are doing everything in their power to cancel Brexit.

My bet is a long extension and our masters in Brussels requiring R2. From which the Establishment will exclude a Leave option, natch.

CityUnslicker said...

I am sticking to my Monday prediction...sadly all coming to pass.

E-K said...

This man always has had good sources. We should base any predictions on this information.

E-K said...

I always said that May was a puppet and that - far from being stoical - she was in an office of 'friends' propping her up with succour and solace, and probably Citalopram too.

Anonymous said...

That was a spooky response to a third loss - the limit of what the House can do.

Time for martial law and a lifetime presidency. It's what she wants.

CityUnslicker said...

Well, as I said, it has come to pass. Can't see May lasting the weekend but she does love No10, so maybe she will.

Next there are 2 things.

1) A mssive volte face on Monday where May accepts a customs union amendment to fuck the ERG good and proper. Voting with Labour, TIG, SNP and Tory remainers....could squeak through and be a sort of Brexit.

2) No clear path monday, massive delay, maybe a year or more with and election to boot and Corbyn nailed on PM.

At least the weather is nice.