Monday 20 December 2021

Frost In The Bleak Midwinter

 ... with the usual apologies 



In the bleak mid-winter 
Windy Frost made moan 
Johnson’s cred is falling, 
Falling like a stone” 
Shropshire North had fallen, 
Polls were running low
 In the bleak midwinter 
Time to go 

How can we persuade him?
Fall upon your sword!
You have f*****d up mightily 
Right across the board. 
If you are a wise man, 
(“King of everything!”) 
Drink the hemlock now, man 
Do the decent thing



andrew said...

If only he would. Trouble is he will not return to obscurity like pretty much every other living ex PM. Like blair - the other exception - he will be an enduring and recurring puss filled lump on the groin of the uk body politic.

DJK said...

All very well saying Boris must go, but I have yet to see a convincing explanation of who would be actually better, given a fractious country and Conservative party. It may be that an unknown hero emerges during a contest but I think it's more likely that a year or two of squabbling Tories would lead to a Labour government, propped up with SNP support.

Anonymous said...

If the conservatives are going to govern exactly like a Blairite Labour party, then let the squabbling lead to a Labour government - maybe then the Tories can be utterly destroyed so they can be rebuilt from the ground up and create an actual conservative party.

Something isn't working as each new tory leader seems to be less conservative than the previous one, something different needs to be done.

There's too many milquetoast tories who say all the right things when they have no skin in the game but when they actually get some responsibility and become accountable for delivering conservative policy always crumble - it's like they bring a feather to a knife fight and wonder why they keep getting stabbed.

DJK said...

Anon: You sound like those Labourites who want the Labour party, and Blairites like Corbyn, destroyed so that a Proper Socialist Party can be formed to take its place.

For many years now, Peter Hitchens has been banging the drum for destroying the Conservative Party and rebuilding from ground zero. I sympathise but recognize that the best is very much enemy of the good here. Still, it's undoubtedly the case that a spell in opposition would do the present Tory party no end of good.

E-K said...

That there is no-one to replace Boris does not mean he should stay.

The sooner we can see what a Shit Creek we are up the better. Like the Queen, the Tory Party give a veneer of normality and stability but neither are anything of the sort.

They are cover for the Marxist Blob and Boris is up to his neck in Blob, I can assure you. Especially in his bedroom.

Umpteen families and loose kids and - on arriving in office - immediately starts another in early old age.


Thud said...

DJK, for many its easy and entertaining to write about tearing things down but in reality these things never happen. We fight with what we have got and imperfect though the Tory party is the alternative ruling party or coalition if you include the scot nazi/commie party is truly frightening.

E-K said...

This government frightens me, Thud.

Things have ALREADY been torn down.

The Tories are jabbing you because they're too shit scared to take the commies on.

So how many jabs are you prepared to take a year to keep the Blue team in pay and pensions ? Because they're certainly not in Government.

hovis said...

Very good ND, are you sure the words wisdom and decent belong in the same sentence as Boris ?

hovis said...

Indeed suggesting Labour and SNP are worse is rather like asking which flavour of diarrhoea you'd like your sandwich to be.

BlokeInBrum said...

It`s very similar to the situation in the USA.

The Rino's talk a good talk, but every time they had a chance to either conserve something or turn the tide back on the avalanch of Socialist legislation, they chose to do nothing.

Trump made a stand and tried vainly to go against the tide of Socialism, but ultimately failed to achieve much. He did at least hammer home the point to the normies that the deep state and the media are a thing and ought to be mistrusted if not outright ignored.

Here in Britain, we had Farage nipping at the heels of the Tories - which kept them somewhat in line with what conservative voters wanted. Now that he has gone, there is no-one around to focus the minds of Conservative ministers and exert pressure to keep them from tacking left.

andrew said...

I think bib has it.

The natural thing you do when in power is to use it (otherwise why be in power).
Only the great do less (my dads mate, larry wall, hayek, salisbury).
And the truely exceptional remove categories (whoever repealed the corn laws and thatcher) of power.

E-K said...

I'll have mine on brown, Hovis.

Or is that brown Hovis ?

Anonymous said...

"Windy Frost" is neat!